Ariel Winter and Nash Grier escalate feud over ‘super homophobic and ignorant’ comments

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If Ariel Winter and Nash Grier weren’t fans of each other’s work before this weekend, they certainly aren’t now. The two teen stars clashed over social media thanks to a handful of Grier’s comments, which, according to Winter, are downright unacceptable.

Of course, Nash Grier, all of 18, has been in trouble for similar things before. At least once a year since 2013, Grier has received widespread criticism for disparaging, “sexist, racist, and homophobic” remarks in and aimed at directed at detractors of his online videos, most notably on Vine. Grier has rarely responded to criticisms of his language, though, in early 2015, he told disappointed fans that he was “young, ignorant, stupid and in a bad place” for a series of remarks at the expense of gay prople. “I’ve moved on,” said Grier, in a tweet, “and learned from my mistakes and I am so truly sorry to anyone I have offended.”

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If the still-brewing feud between Ariel Winter and Nash Grier is any indication, though, the Modern Family star doesn’t believe that Grier learned a single thing from past criticisms. Yesterday, Winter took it upon herself to call out Grier with the following Instagram post:


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The Grier Brothers–Nash and his scrappy young sibiling Hayes, 15–did not respond directly to Ariel Winter’s challenge, but did take to Twitter to talk around it:

Winter, though, wasn’t done. She returned to Instagram with a lengthy rebuttal, this time taking both Grier brothers to task for their incorrigible ways. Nash’s apologies, in Ariel Winter’s view, are completely insincere:

In response to @nashgrier from my last post…

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While Nash has yet to respond publicly to the feud, Hayes once again took to Twitter to defend his brother’s honor, following Ariel’s essay:

And he couldn’t resist dropping a final-final word tweet, which, so far, has provoked no response from the Modern Family star and teen icon:

  (Photo credits: Ariel Winter and Nash Grier via Instagram)

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