Drita D’Avanzo, Karen Gravano engage in epic Mob Wives Instagram war


Drita D’Avanzo isn’t holding back her hatred for Mob Wives costar Karen Gravano ahead of the show’s 6th and final season premiere.

In an Instagram post from today, Drita accused Karen of trying to get a blog to write a story about her husband, Lee D’Avanzo, getting arrested recently–which Drita claims isn’t true:


This Rat called a blog n asked them 2 post a story that my husband was arrested. It’s not true so it wasn’t posted but u got caught being a lying sneaky rat. U don’t exist in my home u irrelevant D**do. N 4 some 1 that’s blocked u sure respond quick. Stop stalking n Go back into hiding in the witness protection program where u belong. The attention u give me n Lee should go towards ur mustache.


Drita included the following mugshot, stemming from a 2000 ecstasy ring arrest, along with the caption “Karen ‘Rat’ Gravano.”

Mob Wives Karen Gravano's actual mugshotphoto from her 2000 arrest in Arizona

Drita has previously tweeted about this alleged indiscretion: “Found out that Karen that #RAT called Gangland blog asked them 2 make up a story about my husband getting arrested. Cant wait 4 the reunion!”

So, did Karen let all this go without replying? Of course not! She fired off an expletive-laden tirade worthy of one of the most bleeped-out casts in reality TV history. Her return fire was so lengthy we’ve actually broken it down into three parts:

Karen’s reply part 1:

First off this is the corny s**t a b**ch would do to try and shield the TRUTH LMFAOOOO. Takes my mugshot n post on a case that I told on no1. @dritadavanzoladyboss I never told on anyone in my life but I don’t think your husband can say the same because we all know he did a proffer in his case to take less time ?☕️ & the whole STATEN island heard the same thing about him being arrested So why you trying to make this s**t up on me…

Karen’s reply part 2:

I stand behind anything I say I state facts b**ch I don’t make up stories unlike yourself who went to VH1 and said that you couldn’t work with me because you and your husband were scared of my father some corny s**t your b**ch ass did to try and block my money but it didn’t work because we all had to get in the room & yet again you backpedaled and changed your story ???I never ever resorted to blogs in my life.That’s what you and your corny as* friends do on the low You have always been infatuated with my life and being gangsta so you want to make up a story about me blogging b4 The truth comes out!!!! I blogged gangland ?????? Please b**ch ??????????

Hey, blogs ain’t so bad! Anyways…

Karen’s reply part 3:

Y would I contact gangland ???? And if that’s what you think let’s contact gangland together b**ch or whatever blog you’re saying I made the story up to…That’s a joke but like I said anything to be gangsta. I brought this WACK b**ch around because she was introduced by a friend that I truly respect n still have love 4 but didn’t know she was a Single white female b**ch !!! You TALKIN about go back 2 witness protection do you even know your husband was out there visiting my father in the witness protection program lol listen at the end of the day b**ch if you got a problem and think I call blogs come see me you know where to find me!!! Other than that save the drama For TV b**ch cause you’re just a made up TV personality “lady boss” ??f***ing green screen gangsta!!!!

Holy smokes–these Staten Island fairies ain’t messing around! Or are they? Is this all a ruse to fire up attention for the upcoming final season? Could be, but it’s still good stuff. When you get a retort of “green screen gangsta” after someone posts your mugshot and shades your mustache, well, we’re in!

NYDN reported that things got so heated during the filming of season 6, bodyguards had to be hired: “There has been security hired while they film, and they’ve had to hold Drita back multiple times,” their source reported. “They are trying to push her off the show and she is aware of what’s going on. At the beginning of filming there was a concerted effort to not film with her. Then, it turned to fighting.”

If all of that hasn’t convinced you that the final season of Mob Wives, premiering Wednesday, January 13 at 8/7, is going out with a bang, this supertrailer should seal the deal: