VIDEO Claudia Jordan told Omarosa she’s “squatting” in deceased fiance Michael’s house before BET red carpet incident

Claudia Jordan BET red carpet Omarosa fight interview

More details are emerging about the headline-grabbing squabble between Celebrity Apprentice alumni Claudia Jordan and Omarosa Manigault that occurred on the red carpet of last night’s BET Awards. Initial reports indicated that there was a verbal exchange between Omarosa and Claudia that eventually led to Omarosa’s 65-year-old mother Theresa Manigault punching Claudia on the arm. Other than Omarosa allegedly calling Claudia a “stupid b*tch,” we didn’t know much about what was said that led to the punch — until now!

Baller Alert interviewed Claudia Jordan on the red carpet soon after the incident took place, and she admitted that she told Omarosa “she should get out of Michael’s house – she’s squatting.” This is, of course, in reference to Omarosa living in her deceased fiance Michael Clarke Duncan’s home. Here is the video followed by a transcript of what was said:

BALLER ALERT: Alright Claudia, you have a lot going on don’t you? Give us the scoop!

CLAUDIA JORDAN: Um, you know, I just had an interview about sisterhood, how we need to stop looking at each other as people that gotta step on the next person to get to the next level, and be more embracing of each other and, I don’t know, supportive. And I had an incident shortly before that. I see Omarosa — we were on Celebrity Apprentice together — and she walked by and called me ‘b*tch’ and then her mother punched me in the arm.”

BA: ***GASP*** On the carpet?!?

CJ: On the carpet her mom punched me in the arm. In front of people. There were witnesses. You have the exclusive! You’re the first people I’ve told.

BA: Oh wow.

CJ: [laughs] It was not much. It was like a little weak old lady kind of punch, you know? But it was still crazy disrespectful, like, who does that?

BA: What did you say? Like, after that?

CJ: I told her that she should probably get out of Michael’s house. She’s squatting in it.

BA: I know that’s right. I know that’s right.

CJ: I’ve seen the docs. But anyways, we’re not here for Omarosa tonight. We’re here for the BET Awards. All the amazing stars we’re gonna see perform — real stars who have resumes, not just reality shows and get fired from them. But anyways, I’m excited to be here! I cannot believe that happened. It did throw me off, because you guys know I’m usually very, very positive, but when someone’s mom –

BA: Punches you in the arm!

CJ: – assaults you on the carpet of the BET Awards, it kind of throws you off a little bit.

BA: Girl, well don’t let it sweat you because you look gorgeous today. you look fabulous.

CJ: I won’t. [laughing]

So Starcasm readers, whose side are you on in all this? Punching someone on the red carpet (or anywhere for that matter) is usually not a good idea, but neither is telling someone she’s a s a squatter in her deceased fiance’s home — especially if her mother is present!