VIDEO Charlamagne and Chanel West Coast have epic clash on Ridiculousness

Charlamagne and Chanel West Coast

WHOA! Things took an unexpected turn on last night’s episode of Ridiculousness when an apparent beef between guest Charlamagne Tha God and show co-host Chanel Coast was rekindled — BIG TIME!

Here’s the clip:

The blow up started when Charlamagne explained that that his only strategy is to tell the truth. “Whatever I said about you, I’m going to say to you. And I’m going to continue to say it to you regardless of how mad you get.”

Chanel starts her response before Charlamagne even finishes his sentence. “But just because you say something doesn’t make it true,” she says.

“That’s true,” Charlamagne concedes. “That’s my opinion.” He points at Chanel then explains to Rob Dyrdek: “She’s saying that because I told her she was wack rapping one time, that’s all.”

“I’m just saying though,” Chanel continues, “You can have opinions — that doesn’t mean you’re right though.”

Steelo and Rob are in total freak-out mode at this point as Steelo laughingly exclaims: “I never knew! When was this?!”

“She is right, though,” Charlamagne says. “It is just my opinion.” He looks to the audience and asks “Have y’all ever heard her rap?” After the crowd responds he adds “Oh OK. Good for the good people that said ‘no.'”

Rob and Steelo continue to have astonishment seizures, while Chanel, who is infamously always a bit chilly on the Ridiculousness set, COMPLETELY overheats!

“Lil Wayne, who co-signed Drake and Nicki Minaj, is the same person who co-signed me!” Chanel exclaims, as Charlamagne rolls his eyes. “I’ve won a BET award with Young Money, I got songs with French Montana, YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Snoop Dogg…” Chanel stands up and tries to silence the crowd. “Hold up! Mind you, I did a song with Snoop Dogg after getting into a verbal argument with him because he respected me so much after I spoke my mind to him, he still came back and did a song with me.”

Chanel West Coast and Charlamagne Tha God on Ridiculousness

Charlamagne went back to the funny and asked Chanel “Why you talkin’ witcher hands though?!”

But, by this point, Chanel is not about the humor. “You don’t know my musical track record bro!” She says it again as she gestures for Charlamagne to speak to her hand. “Sorry. I can’t be **BLEEP** funny today because he doesn’t know my motherf**king musical track record! So get familiar!” she adds as she snaps her fingers above her head.

“Let the record show,” Charlamagne tells the audience, “people always like to say Wayne found Nicki and Drake, but they always leave out Lil Twist and Tyga.”

Everyone is laughing at this point, except Chanel — who is still in defensive mode. “You don’t even know all the politics,” she tells Charlamagne above the crowd, “because you ain’t even in the music industry! You are so on the other side of the music industry!”

Rob Dyrdek interupts as he describes the recent events as an “unexpected turn.” He then confesses: “Look, never in my f**king life of doing 220 episodes of this show have I ever been at the point where I had to reel it in!” Everyone is laughing even harder now — except Chanel, who remains cross-legged and bolt upright on the couch.

“This is completely unexpected,” Rob continues. “Chanel, I am sorry you’re heated.”

“It’s OK,” says Chanel. “You know my struggle, so you know why I’m extra mad. You already know.”

Charlamagne interjects, “You need to pay her more Rob, so she don’t struggle.”

“No,” says Chanel as her temperature seems to be rising once again, “I get paid plenty!”

Hey! Hey! Hey! Reel it in!” Rob yells over Chanel.

Chanel says to Charlamagne, “I used to like you until you came at me. You were funny as sh!t until you started making wrong opinions about me!”

Charlamagne fakes a funny face and exclaims, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?!”

Even that didn’t make Chanel lighten up. Rob is then able to laughingly segue into the next clip segment as the video ends.

If you’re like us (and Steelo), then you’re probably wondering about the origins of the feud between Charlamagne Tha God and Chanel West Coast, so we tracked it down for you! The beef began on Twitter back in October of 2015. I can’t find Charlamagne’s original comment, in which he apparently said Chanel’s music was garbage. (I am guessing perhaps he said it somewhere other than Twitter and Chanel merely started the Twitter beef by responding there.)

Regardless, here’s the Charlamagne vs. Chanel Twitter beef that started it all:

Charlamagne Tha God Chanel West Coast feud on Twitter, he calls her wack

After the Ridiculousness episode aired, Charlamagne and Chanel played nice on Twitter, but I’m still getting some “situation unresolved” vibes:

And Chanel remained on the defensive against those who came at her musical career:

For those of you who don’t yet have an opinion on Chanel’s music, I believe that both Chanel and Charlamagne would encourage you to listen and make up your own mind. In that spirit, here’s Chanel’s song “Looking Forward,” which she recommended to Charlamagne back during their original beef because it is “dedicated to people like you:”

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