Rob Kardashian is going through a tough time


Rob Kardashian doesn’t seem to be doing very well this season onKeeping Up With the Kardashians. He’s complained before about gaining weight, his ex-girlfriend Rita Ora won’t admit to dating him, and his family complain about his constant complaining, his anger, and his lying on the show. Then, to top things off, a warrant is issued for his arrest over an alleged assault of a photographer who took shirtless photos of Rob.

During an awkward conversation between Kris Jenner, Kim and Kourtney, they express concern for Rob’s emotional state and decide the solution is for Kris to explain everything to a therapist. Last time the family had some televised therapy for Rob, he broke down on camera and it didn’t seem like much got done.

Kris meets with therapist Thomas Carouso who told her that she basically can’t control her children’s pain, and that the best thing she could do for him is have faith that he can change his life.

When Kris confronts her son about his emotional health on camera, he gets defensive, which is understandable. “You think I need help, that’s your opinion,” he says. “I don’t buy any of that shit. I’m smart enough to know what’s going on. Whatever you’re trying to do and say and bring up isn’t going to happen.”

Last year during a televised family therapy session, Kim made Rob cry by confronting him about not doing anything. “You say you want something … well, no-one ever gave me anything,” Kim said to Rob. “I worked. I want something – I make it happen. Kourtney wants something, she makes it happen. Khloe wants something, she makes it happen.”

Rob later told Ryan Seacrest: “Kim brings out my negative energy. . . . I didn’t even expect the therapist to get emotions out of me. I didn’t want to cry in front of my whole family. Kourtney gets emotional when she sees me cry. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad, but I just had to get out of there. It was needed. I’m a Pisces — emotional.”

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