Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers charged with a felony hours before marrying

Courtland Roger and Jenelle Evans pose together

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans (Rogers?) is no stranger to eventful and dramatic days, but today just about has to take the cake! Shortly before Jenelle Evans wed her fiance Courtland Rogers in a courthouse wedding earlier today, Courtland was in court for something different — to be charged with a felony!

“Courtland Rogers was charged with a felony in North Carolina on Tuesday for obtaining property by false pretenses,” a source tells Radar Online. “Straight after that court hearing was finished Jenelle and Courtland got married at the magistrate’s office.” I suppose the couple should be commended for making efficient use of their time — talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Courtland Roger and Jenelle Evans at the Olive Garden following their courthouse wedding

According to the source, Jenelle’s new husband was looking a bit worse for wear and was exhibiting some odd behavior. “Courtland was picking scabs on his face while he was in the court and his face was starting to bleed.”

Another source close to Jenelle claimed that she has everyone worried that she may have started using drugs again. “Everyone is worried about Jenelle,” the source said. “And her appearance and actions on Tuesday did nothing to quell the concerns.”

A third source close to Jenelle expressed concern that she may have gotten married for the wrong reasons. “Jenelle might be stupid enough to think that if she is married to Courtland then she won’t have to testify against him in his upcoming trial, but since the incident happened before they got married that isn’t the case,” the source said.

Interestingly enough, Jenelle had previously claimed that there was a good reason for her getting engaged to and marrying Courtland so quickly. Could this be what she was referring to?

Courtland is due back in court on January 3, 2013.

UPDATE – Courtland has responded to the charges in a looooooong blog entry posted on Jenelle Evans’ web site moments ago. In the post, included in its entirety below, Courtland writes, “check my records i have not been in any trouble for the past 7 years until recently i have had somebody take false charges out on me but thats ok because i am innocent so i will be okay.”

Here’s the full entry:

Baby Momma Drama
December 5, 2012

To clear things up….I am definitely not on ANY type of drugs !!! i have been there done that and its in the past…i am currently working for a roofing company and bring in about $700.00 a week which is not a lot i know but its honest and gives me something to be grateful for….taylor lewis..a.k.a my baby momma has recently out of nowhere realized that she can be heard now since i date jenelle and thinks that its cool to try and get fame by putting me down on being a father or what she calls a ‘DeadBeat” father…i am a great father for the record…i love my daughter with all my heart and taylor honestly knows that she has even said it to me before…these past 6 months i have only gotten to see jaja (Jordan) 4 times…and all were brief visits by getting lucky at the right place at the right time…i am up to date on all child support and always have. to clear this issue up as well i never stole any card from taylor and never took money from my daughter…omg i would never …i pay child support every month and still manage to buy diapers and food and diaper rash cream etc….because taylor is always broke and never can do it herself so i am steadily having to give my sister money to run out to wherever it is that taylor lives because she wont tell me…she keeps jaja away from me…changes her phone number every 5 days and is M.I.A….i started dating jenelle and i guess taylor thinks she can get money or something from making me look bad…if yall only knew taylor…the real taylor….she meets mexicans at wal-mart with her sister kristen and gets there phone numbers…then she meets them at this motel on long beach called captains cove or a few other random hotels and gets them to set money on the dresser then she proceeds to take her clothes off but grabs the money off the table and runs out the door and jumps in the car that her sister, kristen, is operating and they go get pills. you can check kristens record, taylors grandma’s house in ocean isle beach recently got raided for a pill bust..her own grandma is strung out…and they took kristen..her boyfriend JR and Taylors dad all to jail where kristen stayed for like 4 months and where there dad still stays..he is actually in prison..all for selling pills, CPS has been notified by me i am so worried because now i have just been notified that taylor is living back there with jaja and her sister and grand ma and i am so scared that jaja is going to pick a pill up off the floor and eat it or that something tragic is going to happen to my innocent daughter. check my records i have not been in any trouble for the past 7 years until recently i have had somebody take false charges out on me but thats ok because i am innocent so i will be okay in the end it is just so disrespectful this whole situation with taylor…she has now even gone to extremes as recording phone calls and bringing my sister into this…i have NEVER hurt my daughter and i have equal rights and she wont let me ever see her…the other night taylor called my sister at 2 am and had her come get jaja from this house taylor was at because taylor told my sister and i quote ” carson…u have to come get jaja …i am to messed up and got kicked out my house and where i am is not good for jana”. so my sister went and got her…i was just getting in from NYC and my sister called me and told me the story about taylor so i drove to my sisters house and got my daughter and then the next day when taylor got sober…she found out i had jaja and tried to get me for kidnapping !! really??? anyway no matter what kristen or taylor say about me and my personal life…they are lying…i have only known taylor for a week when she got pregnant..she does not know me…anything about me besides the fact that i am jana”s father…she is trying to get fame and noticed and thinks she is going to get rich or that some magazine will do stories on her…this is sad and it is so bad for jana…she is so innocent and its not at all fair !! I WANT MY DAUGHTER SAFE ! and i need help with this …i am noting this for the record that all this information is true and i will stand by it through court if needed…..check public records and see kristen has been strung out on pills forever now..and taylors dad is jimmy lewis!!!….please help me with information on how to handle this properly and dont feed to her bs !!! thank you !!! jenelle and i appreciate this tremendously and hopefully i will be back in jaja”s life as soon as possible.

50 thoughts on “Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers charged with a felony hours before marrying

  1. That’s all fine and well dude, whatever you say, but I know for a fact that you got busted 2 Yeats ago for selling drugs when they did a big sweep out that way.

  2. He has a meth mouth.

    And I definitely did not read that entire blog entry, but I did unfortunately make it to the part where he writes of Taylor and her sister meeting Mexicans at Wal-Mart to get their phone numbers… words, no words at all. Just shaking my head.

  3. That is the ramblings of a dude on drugs.. He must have repeated himself ten times and NOT making a bit of sense. Get over yourself dude.

  4. 7 years since he’s been in trouble? Yeah, okay Courtland that’s why the mugshot from your 2010 arrest from the $65,000 drug bust just surfaced online. Also, he was arrested in 2008 and if my math is correct, that’s also not 7 years.

  5. She meets Mexicans at Walmart?!!! What the? He sounds like an idiot. He claims his ex wants fame, but it seems he’s the one who enjoys being all over the Internet.

    1. He also got “Almost Famous” tattooed on himself and Jenelle’s name. These two get inked up all the time but have no money for Jenelle to “get Jace” back? Please. She doesn’t even want him back, its such a farce.

  6. I feel sorry for jace he deserve some much better. I don’t even watch teen mom anymore to depression. But I saw the preview of jace crying stay with me. And that just broke my heart he is so cute and I don’t understand how jenelle can act like that. I hope MTV would kick her off the show. She is a train wreck and she is definitely not a mother. And this court land guy is trouble and I doubt he even care. To see his daughter intill now that he has this weird teen mom fame.

  7. The comment he made about “meeting Mexicans” is racist. Also, he calls his daughter by 3 different names JaJa, Jordan then Jana by the end of the blog post? what?

    1. How is it “racist” to simply point out that the guys she is supposedly stealing money from are Mexican?

  8. He was arrested in 2010 on those drug charges? There was a mug shot and everything. Were those charges dropped?

  9. Also, to be fair, maybe Courtland didn’t want to have to remember two different dates. He just wanted his wedding day and the day he was charged with a felony to be the same.

  10. I’m so happy Babs has custody of Jace. Each guy Janelle is with is worse than the last. If I was Barbara I’d make sure that Janelle has to pass drug tests to see her son and that she can’t bring trash like Courtland around him at all. But who am I kidding, she couldn’t stay off drugs long enough to get through her probation, why would she quit to see her son? People like Janelle disgust me, of all the women in the world who are desperate to the point of cashing in their life savings to have them, and then there’s pathetic excuses for mother’s like her. Just makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. I really wish Barbara would not let her see Jace at all until she has actually sorted her life out for a decent period of time, and actually puts Jace before anyone else, including herself. I still don’t think that would push her to be a good person though, but at least Jace wouldn’t be so confused and Jenelle doesn’t deserve to see him and call herself a ‘mother’.

      1. Well that’s exactly it. Its to the point where Jace is old enough, all the conflict that happens between Barbara and Janelle is really going to affect him. At least Amber realized she was sick and wasn’t getting better and did what she had to do to fix her life. Even if that meant jail. Janelle seems to just think that she can do whatever she wants and there are no consequences. Poor Jace’s life has no stability if Janelle remains in it.

          1. Who cares? The point is she couldn’t get off drugs for her probation, so there’s no chance she would ever get off the drugs for her son.

  11. Jenelle is not trying to get Jace back she’s just saying that. If she wanted to get jace back she could but she isn’t even trying and ever since courtland came into the picture I don’t think she’s been seeing much of jace at all. Courtland is clearly using her for fame no doubt. And this wedding wont last long at all. She is blowing all her money and now she married him so he’s set. Even if taylor is doing those things he doesn’t have much room to talk for himself I very seriously doubt he had anything to do with Jordan at all. They are all asking for the fame Taylor Kristen courtland jenelle and her sister ashleigh I’m supprised Andrew didn’t stick for the show :/ he was obviously smart enough to drop jenelle and get the hell out! It obviously wasn’t worth mtvs money to stick around. Poor jace and Jordan. MTV needs to get rid of jenelle heck MTV needs to drop teen mom period its gone to far maybe a few more seasons of 16 & pregnant then some specials a year or so later but teen mom needs to stop its not even about being a teen mom anymore its just relationship drama and child custody and kesha and dierks Bentley concerts come on now… these girls don’t have money struggles we all know it. Fake.

  12. They sound like the perfect match. A waste of life, and have nothing to do with their children. Natural selection will be along soon.

  13. Has anyone else noticed the glass of wine right by Jenelle? I don’t think she’s 21 yet, but then again considering what all she abuses, a glass of wine is probably the least of her worries. She looks horrible.

    1. She just turned 21 so the red wine is fine now. Not defending her by any means. I’m sure that’s not the first….

  14. What the…..who thought we’d ever miss Kiefer (sp?) lol. Why is he airing this dirty laundry mess for all to read? This is so embarassing and I have nothing to do with these people! I cringe when they over share every aspect of their latest dramas. No “innocent” person pleads their case to strangers on the web. And wtf…scratching his meth scabs? Ugh! Gross gross gross.

  15. Courtland has a Misdemeanor SHOPLIFTING CONCEALMENT GOODS charge… How can that be a false accusation? It is tied in with the obtaining property false pretense charge.

  16. So I think Jenelle has alot more mental problems than what we know about, her mum can’t say she can’t see Jace unless she’s clean ‘coz Jenelle will freak out or leave, and after everything we all know babz loves her andn will always let her back in a soon as she’s single, Jenelle needs proper help, there is obviously some connection issues that’s why she always has to be with a man, they’re both constantly in trouble, last 7 years my arse, you’ve mentioned on here more time’s, there’s mug shots from y’all!

  17. They’re both LOSERS! These two are so ignorant.They “try” to sound educated when “talking” and they sound like the fools they are!!!!!!!
    He says he hasn’t been in trouble in 7 yrs,then who was arrested in the drug sting? He also spent a few months in the pokey,not too long ago.
    He says he does roofing…..
    when?????? Theyre always together!
    My heart breaks for Jace & Barbara.

  18. These two are so full of sh*t that all of the port-a-potty drainers in the country couldn’t clean empty them out. Thinking about start a petition asking MTV to remove her from Teen Mom 2 until she gets into rehab and changes her life. They are aiding her in drug use, child neglect and being an all-around Grade A a**hole. I am honestly thinking about giving up this show because I refuse to support this waste of air.

  19. the silver lining in all of this is that if she IS pregnant, or gets knocked up soon, you know CPS will be involved. they can and WILL take that baby away in a heartbeat. these two are the kind of people that make me want to support government required sterilization.
    what a train wreck.

  20. There is no way in hell this dude isn’t on drugs and I’m sure Jenelle has joined him and probably doing much worse than smoking weed now. I can’t understand how people like this get through life being so damn stupid! Something needs to happen to snap Jenelle back down to some form of reality. She clearly doesn’t actually care about Jace or she would’ve gotten her shit together a long time ago so thats why she has no real incentive to grow up. She needs to be put in prison where she can’t see her dumbass friends or new idiot husband, can’t spend her money on stupid tattoos and most importantly can’t do drugs no matter how much she whines about it. I’ve never seen someone make so many excuses for themselves and NEVER take responsibility for anything they do. She is disgusting.

  21. for jenelle to say she and courtland do not do drugs is an obvious lie. she has a secret instagram page to post pictures of her drug use.

  22. 700×4=2800x(.26)(the usual child support percentage)=728 a month that Taylor should be getting from him. What a loser.

  23. When she said in her video that “if you knew the reason why, you’d understand why we have to get married so fast” the second thing I thought was “husband and wives don’t have to testify against each other”

  24. I thin all of you talking shit about jenelle is wrong. Yes she may not be the idle mother but she is trying. Its not as easy as it seems to stay off drugs especially weed when you’ve done it everyday for a long time. It takes time for people to get their shit straight. So how about y’all just shut the hell up and go on. Yes jenelle is wrong for putting others before Jace but she will realize that when she starts missing her son!

  25. Is so sad to see jace cry when janelle leaves how could she do that to her son? She dnt deserve to be a mother just cause shes mad at barbara she leaves jace behind what did jace ever do to her.

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