Jenelle Evans announces potential career change, new timetable

Jenelle Evans scrubs

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is back home in South Carolina after her Puerto Rico getaway and the single mother of two is getting back to finishing up her schooling to become a clinical medical assistant. The 23-year-old single mom is currently doing an externship with plans to graduate in July, but she revealed on Twitter this week that she plans to continue with school to become a surgical technologist.

“Can’t wait to go back to school once I finish this lol,” Jenelle tweeted on Friday. “I want to be a surgical tech. Soooo bad !!!”

Jenelle then got into a heated Twitter conversation with a follower who tweeted, “you know normal people go to school while doing their internships.” There were a few more exchanges in which the follower stated that she goes to a “real university” and Jenelle responded by writing, “lmao ok and U go on with u and ur bad self, while ur in school for 2 years I’ll be working already.” She added, “and in school for pharm. tech. Then fall for surg tech.” She then tacked on, “I might want to do radiology as well, lol. I’m going to do a lot.”

You might recall that being a surgical technologist has been Jenelle’s dream since she first enrolled in Miller Motte (in North Carolina) back in early 2012.

Jenelle has been sharing her educational experiences with fans on Twitter, and recently tweeted this little tidbit of what her externship consists of:

Jenelle previously addressed her future by seemingly referencing her split from fiancé Nathan Griffith and talking about moving on. “Never thought I would be where I am today. Time to start a new beginning,” she wrote. “Starting my externship and super stoked and excited but scared at the same time. I’m so proud of myself for how far I have come after everything I have went through! A few more months and I will be graduating. And for all of U that was in my past situation(s)… If I can start from the bottom and end up here… so can u.”

I’m guessing fans will be able to see more of Jenelle’s educational journey on Season 6 of Teen Mom 2.

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