Macaulay Culkin looks better, is making naked Seinfeld pop art with friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank

Macaulay Culkin’s reps have denied rampant reports that the former child star is battling some sort of addiction, possibly heroin. Now a video has been released of Macaualy looking much better and talking about his art project.

He’s one of three guys in a collective art group called 3MB, which stands for “Three Men and Baby,” (the others are Adam Green, formerly of Moldy Peaches, and artist Toby Goodshank.)

Their current collection is called “Leisure Inferno,” and features brightly colored and skewed pop art like the naked cast of Seinfeld on a Wheel of Fortune set with He-Man, and “Hep-C” in the Pepsi logo.

The 32-year-old looks a lot healthier than some of the pics circulating, and he’s throwing himself into something creative. They actually turned Macaulay’s apartment into their own art studio.

According to the actor “We cleared out everything, laid down plastic and went a little nuts at the art supply store.” He also delights in the silliness of this new venture, “The sillier and funner (sic), the better.”