90 Day Fiance The Other Way Ellie and Victor spoilers & GoFundMe details

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Ellie Rose and Victor spoilers

TLC just released the first preview trailer for the third season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featuring four familiar couples and two new duos! In what has become a Starcasm tradition, we’ve put on our 90 Daytective caps and sleuthed out some information on the new couples, including what looks to be some potential spoilers!

In this post we will be sharing some deets on Ellie Rose, a 45-year-old restaurant owner from Seattle, and her 38-year-old dreadlocked Colombian boo Victor. Before we get to the additional information, let’s start with the couple’s official bio from TLC and the Season 3 preview trailer!

Ellie and Victor

After falling for Victor while on a trip to South America, the lovestruck couple continued their long-distance relationship for two years. Victor lives on a small Colombian island called Providencia, and Ellie has decided it’s time to leave her successful restaurant business and city life in the U.S. for small-town, island living on their little slice of paradise. As she prepares to move, the couple’s issues with trust, cheating and financial concerns are dwarfed when category five hurricane Iota passes over the island of Providencia, leaving behind unimaginable destruction. Ellie loses communication with Victor the night before the storm, and after days of silence, she travels to the island, distraught and desperate to locate him.

Ellie’s Hurricane Iota GoFundMe

As it mentions in Ellie and Victor’s bio, the couple’s stormy relationship takes a back seat when the category 5 Hurricane Iota devastates Victor’s home Island of Providencia. The day after the hurricane hit Providencia, Ellie started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising money to help the thousands of residents whose homes and lives were decimated by the storm

The campaign’s description reveals something about the timeline of Ellie’s return to the island, which lines up with her bio. Hurricane Iota hit Providencia on November 17. Ellie starts the GoFundMe campaign the following day and reveals that she plans to leave to return to Colombia on November 19 — two days after the storm hit.

Here is the full campaign description:

Providencia Hurricane Iota damage

Providencia island, a Caribbean island that is part of the Colombian Archipelago of San Andrés, was hit by category 5 hurricane Iota and completely decimated on Tuesday, November 17th. My love, Victor, his family, and 5,000 other amazing people call this island home. For two excruciatingly long days I did not know if they were dead or alive. Today we learned that while almost all of the infrastructure is destroyed, everyone survived!! My prayers are with the 2 (reported) who lost their lives.

I know that during this covid-time it may be financially (emotionally/mentally) challenging. And, on top of covid, these people/my people just lost everything. I planned to be with Victor by now to build our future together on Providencia. I am leaving for Columbia tomorrow (Thursday, Nov 19th) to help Victors’ sister (who lives on the mainland) bring the family to us.

I will update you when I can and I promise that every cent that is donated will go to rebuilding peoples homes and livelihoods. Providencia is a laid-back island circled by pristine reef and in the center are lush green mountains. It ‘s considered ‘the undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean’. My hope is that one day you will come visit!

Updates from Ellie:

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Ellie's GoFundMe for hurricane relief for Victor's island of Providencia

The campaign has raised $6,330 of the $10,000 goal at the time of this post.

Ellie and Victor spoilers

Victor doesn’t have a very large presence on social media, but I was able to piece together some information. He is a musician from a musical family which has released multiple CDs. Victor, who performs under a couple different names, has quite a neat resume that includes numerous recorded vocal performances as well as covers of songs he has written. In other words, 90 Day Fiance fans may be in for yet another international music sensation! Can you say “Baby Girl Ellie?” (I’m trying to piece together enough on Victor’s music for a separate post.)

It’s tough to pay the bills as a musician, and according to Ellie, Victor also works as a bartender at a tiny beachside bar. So, do we have a male Rastafarian version of Evelin? Plus, Ellie is similar to Corey in that she is from Washington state and likes to travel a lot.

Speaking of Ellie, she seems like a VERY likable person based on all the information available online. She’s incredibly bright, travels a lot, and owns a really hip pizza restaurant in Seattle. I haven’t watched a single episode and already I’m emotionally invested and pulling for her! (Damned 90 Day Fiance! Why you gotta do that to me?! Unless you are two gay men, the relationships seem to always crash and burn — even when the couples don’t break up! And don’t think I didn’t notice that they dropped the “cheating” word in their bio.)

I found photos of Ellie and Victor together in Colombia in 2019, so the timeline seems to match up with her bio. Unfortunately, Ellie hasn’t posted publicly much at all on social media since her return trip to Colombia late last year. The most recent photo she posted of her self was taken in Colombia and posted on Facebook on December 16.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Ellie spoiler she is back in the United States

However, the social media accounts for her restaurant, Central Pizza, shared a message from Ellie with a photo of her on June 27 (above). The message from Ellie was about the fact that the temperature was too hot for the restaurant to remain open, which means it was not an older post that was shared again. So, it appears as though Ellie was back in Seattle in late June. Does that mean she and Victor broke up?

Hold up! A close friend of Ellie’s shared a photo taken in Seattle on June 13 that appears to include Victor! (It looks a lot like him, and he has the same necklace that he can be seen wearing in the preview trailer.)

The photo isn’t the only thing interesting, though. Check out the caption: “First wedding since the pandemic. So many emotions – pure happiness and joy for the newlyweds, excitement to meet new friends (and to finally dress up!), and love for my hot ass husband.” For clarification, the person who made the post is in the original photo, as is her husband. I cropped them out of the image below.

But wait! The man in the photo that looks a lot like Victor is posing with a young girl! I was able to track down the Instagram account for the man in the photo, but it is set to private. However, the profile image features him and the same young girl. It also appears that Victor had a Facebook account that included at least one image or video of a child.

Here is the Seattle wedding photo from June 13 (in the white shirt), the Instagram profile pic (red shirt), and a snapshot of Victor’s deleted Facebook stories (no shirt):

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Victor

Could it be that Victor has a daughter and that is going to be one of 90 Day Fiance producers’ patented “big secrets” to be revealed this season? I don’t know.

As far as the Seattle wedding, I don’t want to get folks too excited. I searched King County marriage records and couldn’t find anything for Ellie and Victor. Of course, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have gotten married somewhere else and later had a ceremony in Seattle. I only wanted to make it very clear that I do not have any hard evidence that they are married.

If that is Victor pictured in Seattle in June, it’s unclear how he was able to come to the United States. Ellie mentions in the GoFundMe campaign that one of her main goals was to “help Victor’s sister (who lives on the mainland) bring the family to us.” I’m not sure if she meant that she intended to bring Victor’s family to his sister (and herself) on the Colombian mainland, or to bring them to Ellie and her friends and family that she was addressing in the GoFundMe campaign.

In the end, I’m left with some of my favorite kinds of spoilers — the kind that make me even more curious about the couple’s story! I need some blanks filled in and some questions answered here! I will continue looking into the new couples and will update if I find out anything more. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3 Premiere airing Sunday, August 29 at 8/7c!

UPDATE – As Ellie revealed during the premiere episode of The Other Way, her first husband tragically passed away before she was 30. Click here (or the Twitter link below) to get a recap of what Ellie said about her first husband’s passing, plus some additional details about his from his obituary.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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