90 DAY FIANCE New Jorge Nava mug shot photo shows dramatic weight loss

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After New Jorge Nava mug shot photo 2019

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Jorge Nava is almost 14 months into his 30-month prison sentence after being caught transporting 293 pounds of marijuana in Arizona in February of 2018. Taking a cue from his NPC competitor wife Anfisa, it appears as though Jorge has lost a LOT of weight as he is almost unrecognizably lean in his latest mug shot photo!

We shared a mug shot photo of Jorge back in February and commented at the time that he looked to have lost some weight, but the difference was NOWHERE near as dramatic! Here are all of Jorge’s mug shot photos stemming from his 2018 arrest arranged chronologically:

90 Day Fiance Jorge Nava mug shots


Unfortunately, Jorge’s Arizona prison profile does not include an updated weight. It currently lists his weight at 275 pounds, but I checked our screen cap of his profile from September of 2018 and it says the same. (There’s NO WAY that dude in the photo weighs 275 pounds!)

Speaking of Jorge’s prison profile, it also includes a list of his work assignments while incarcerated. Unlike in real life, Jorge has been working 30- to 40-hour weeks over the past seven months with duties ranging from garbage collector to kitchen cook. Here is a list of his jobs since March with his evaluation dates:

03/?/2019 GARBAGE COLLECTOR 42 hours
03/26/2019 KITCHEN-CLERK 60 hours
04/09/2019 KITCHEN-CLERK 60 hours
04/23/2019 KITCHEN-CLERK 60 hours
05/07/2019 KITCHEN-CLERK 60 hours
05/20/2019 KITCHEN-CLERK 42 hours
06/03/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 80 hours
06/04/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 8 hours
06/17/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 80 hours

07/01/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 88 hours
07/15/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 72 hours
07/29/2019 PAINTER 80 hours
08/12/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 80 hours
08/26/2019 KITCHEN-COOK 80 hours
09/09/2019 PAINTER 80 hours
09/23/2019 PAINTER 80 hours
10/07/2019 PAINTER 80 hours
10/21/2019 LAUNDRY-LABOR 80 hours
10/28/2019 LAUNDRY-LABOR 40 hours

Jorge’s release date is listed at August 9, 2020.


In addition to being tight-abbed on stage, Anfisa has also been very tight-lipped when it comes to her relationship status with Jorge. Despite being active on social media, including her successful Youtube channel, Anfisa hasn’t really talked about Jorge much at all — especially in the past nine months or so.

She teased a potential update with her most recent Youtube video titled “Life Update,” but she explained in the clip that she is not ready to address the topic publicly yet.

Here is a transcript of what Anfisa had to say on the subject:

One more thing that I wanted to talk about — I wanted to address the elephant in the room, and I literally have an elephant in the room [Anfisa pulls a large stuffed elephant into camera view]. So no, not this [She puts the stuffed elephant away], but something else I wanted to talk about is my personal life.

To be honest, right now I’m not ready to address this topic. I hope you understand it, and I know that you do. Those who really support me, you understand it. And those people who constantly keep asking questions about that, I just feel, like, why do you want to know that? Do you just want to gossip about it?

If you support me, you support me no matter what my relationship status is, no matter who I’m with. I don’t want to have any sort of drama, any sort of gossip. So right now, I’m not ready to address this topic. Maybe some day in the future, maybe not, but I hope you understand.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about. I hope you guys have a good day and I’ll see you soon.


Although Anfisa didn’t shed any light on her current relationship status with Jorge, she did reveal some other details about her life. As we’ve previously reported, Anfisa has been attending community college — and kicking a** at it. She is getting ready to complete her Associate’s Degree and reveals that she is currently applying to four-year universities, including the University of California at Irvine.

Anfisa says that the application process is stressing her out, especially the essay portions. Personally, I don’t feel that she has any reason to stress at all! In addition to having a stellar college academic record already, Anfisa is incredibly intelligent and has an innate understanding of marketing — including the marketing of herself. Plus, she is a Russian immigrant whose husband is currently serving prison time for a marijuana conviction in another state. Universities put a lot of emphasis on diversity, and Anfisa brings diversity in spades!

I’m going to offer up some motivational words to Anfisa that I see online all the time in response to celebrities expressing concerns over their current situation. I believe that 90% of the time this message is COMPLETELY inaccurate, but Anfisa is definitely in the 10% of folks that it actually applies to…

You got this!

I will wrap this up with Anfisa’s “Life Update” video. I highly recommend you check it out, if only for the hilarious video bomb by Anfisa’s cat Monkey towards the end!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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