90 DAY FIANCE Anfisa meets Larissa after winning 3 titles at NPC event in Las Vegas

90 Day Fiance Anfisa and Larissa Who is against the queens will die

Two 90 Day Fiance queens collided in Las Vegas on Sunday as alum Anfisa Nava met up with current Happily Ever After star Larissa dos Santos Lima! Anfisa was in Sin City competing in her second ever NPC fitness competition, and she took home first place in three different categories!

First, the historic meeting…


Both Larissa and Anfisa posted video clips to their Instagram stories in which they laughed and called each other the Queen. “Hey everybody, look who I found here,” Anfisa says in her first clip with Larissa. “I couldn’t leave Vegas without meeting The Queen!”

Larissa bursts out laughing and points at Anfisa: “Anfisa is the only one!”

Anfisa then grabs the bejeweled crown that she just won (more on that in a minute), and the two reality stars shared it for this selfie:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Larissa and Anfisa together with a crown

Meanwhile, Larissa shared her first Instagram story video with her fans and began: “Guess who is with me? The Queen Anfisa!” Anfisa insisted that Larissa is the real Queen before laughingly reciting Larissa’s most famous quote: “Who is against the Queen will die!”

Anfisa then gives Larissa a few fitness competition posing tips:

Anfisa and Larissa posing together

And one more photo of Anfisa and Larissa with Larissa’s boyfriend Eric:

Anfisa Larissa and Eric

Speaking of fitness competition posing tips, Anfisa was still basking the glory of her multiple titles from this weekend’s NPC Patriots Challenge competition! In case you missed it, Anfisa made her NPC competition debut two weeks ago at the West Coast Classic in Riverside, California. Anfisa’s debut was a smashing success as she took home two second place medals for Novice and True Novice, as well as fifth place in the Open category!

It’s unclear if Anfisa planned to attend the Las Vegas event prior to her debut, or if her success was what motivated her to get back on the stage as soon as possible. Either way, the decisions was a great one!

Anfisa entered three different categories at the Patriots Challenge, including Novice Bikini, Unlimited Bikini, and Overall Open Bikini. She won first place in all three! Seriously!

In addition to three trophies and a crown, Anfisa also got to take home a trophy sword for winning the Overall Open category! (I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points, but they seem merited in this situation!)

90 Day Fiance Anfisa Nava NPC bikini competition winner

Here are a few videos of Anfisa strutting her stuff with “a little more sasssss and ?:”

Once again, a huge congratulations to Anfisa! She has been VERY focused on getting ready for NPC competition for more than six months now, and it is great seeing all of her hard work pay off! It is also great to see her so damned happy. 🙂

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