90 DAY FIANCE Jorge Nava was carrying 293 pounds of marijuana when he was arrested

Jorge Nava arrest details

We broke the news earlier today that 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava was arrested earlier this week in Arizona and is facing multiple felony marijuana possession and distribution charges. A new report from a local news agency reveals that Jorge may be in a WHOLE HEAP of trouble — as in 293 pounds of trouble!

From The Bullhead City Bee:

Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said Jorge Nava was traveling eastbound I-40 when he was pulled over near milepost 19. A search of his vehicle allegedly uncovered 293 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

UPDATE – TMZ has since confirmed that Jorge was found with 293 pounds of pot after a traffic stop. The site did not provide any additional information.

This story is causing a lot of confusion online as fans are openly questioning why Jorge would be arrested when he is supposedly a licensed marijuana dealer. If Jorge is a licensed dealer as he claims (I have no reason to assume he isn’t, but also haven’t seen proof that he is), then his license is for the state of California where they just passed a law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. Before that, it was legal with a medical card. Jorge was arrested 19 miles across the state line in Arizona, where marijuana is not only illegal, but they have some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country.

I’m curious to find out what Jorge’s explanation is. He was heading east on the Interstate, which means he was heading into Arizona from California with close to 300 pounds of marijuana. I don’t know how he is going to explain that. That is WAY too much pot to forget you are traveling with it, and unless he was planning to drive all the way across the state and head up to Colorado, I don’t know what else his plan could have been other than to sell it to someone in Arizona?

I pulled up the map and there is a stretch of I-40 that runs north/south along the Colorado River dividing California and Arizona, so I thought maybe it was just a brief stretch in Arizona that Jorge got caught on. But, that stretch is all on the California side. Here is a photo showing roughly where mile marker 19 would be:

Jorge Nava arrest Arizona map

As we mentioned in our previous post, it appears that possession of more than 2 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute is a Class 2 felony in Arizona that carries a minimum sentence of 4 years in prison. I have no idea how likely it is that Jorge will see that much time, if any at all. I also do not know how being caught in another state with close to 300 pounds of pot will affect his license to sell in California.

I think that no matter what happens, Jorge is going to be out 293 pounds of “high-grade marijuana” as well as A LOT of money for legal expenses.

Surprisingly, Anfisa still hasn’t responded on social media to the arrest news breaking. She did share this Valentine’s Day photo on Instagram moments ago though:

Anfisa Jorge Valentine's Day gift 2018

So what do you think is in that box? I’m guessing a lot of air and an apology.

UPDATE – I got really curious thinking about 293 pounds of marijuana and what that would actually look like. So I went to Google and found a WDSU article about an arrest in Louisianan in 2014 in which police seized 300 pounds of pot. Here is a photo:

300 pounds of marijuana Jorge Nava arrest

WHOA!!! Damn Jorge!

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