MUG SHOT Teen Mom 3 dad Devoin Austin arrested again

Teen Mom 3 Briana DeJesus baby daddy Devoin Austin mug shot photo arrested

It has been quite the day for dads from MTV’s Teen Mom franchises! Earlier today we posted about Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella’s ex Matt McCann getting engaged to his girlfriend LeKota Koch and just a few moments ago we posted the first photos of Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind and his girlfriend Taylor Halbur’s newborn daughter Paislee. Now we turn from seemingly positive news to bad as Devoin Austin, former boyfriend of Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus and father of her daughter Nova, was arrested again this weekend for alleged burglary, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Wetpaint got their hands on the actual police report, which says Devoin was hanging out with two 16-year-old kids when he and a group of friends broke into a house that they had been partying in the night before. When police arrived at the home, they saw Devoin and five others bolt out the back door in an attempt to get away. Wetpaint adds, “The house was in complete disarray, according to the report, with alcohol bottles and a “green leafy substance” scattered everywhere.”

This is Devoin’s second arrest that we know of. He pleaded guilty to marijuana possession back in March and was sentenced to a day in jail and one year of probation. (Obviously this arrest will be a violation of his probation.)

Briana DeJesus caught wind of the arrest yesterday and posted a screen cap of Devoin’s online arrest record on Twitpic along with the angry caption, “This is why I’m over protective when it comes to MY* child, ill be damned if she knew what jail even meant!”

Back to Devoin’s arrest… I’m not sure if it’s the same house, but Devoin uploaded a couple of photos and a video to instagram early in the AM on Sunday morning. In the video clip, one of Devoin’s friends can be seen fully clothed in an empty hot tub drinking alcohol straight from the bottle:

Devoin seemed to foreshadow his future misfortune on Twitter on Saturday, first retweeting @5mokem_E’s announcement: “IF ANYBODY NEEDS GANJA TONIGHT AT THE PARTY imma have da #BlueDream & #SourPack on DECK !” before sharing his own braggadocios tweet, “Ball harder than you when I’m locked up.”

Devoin must be ballin’ pretty hard right now because it appears that he is still in custody with a total bond amount of $1,300.

18-year-old Lisaury Alcantara was one of those arrested alongside Devoin, but she has already gotten out and of course took to Twitter immediately to talk about the experience. “I’m finally out of jail …..” she wrote a few hours ago before adding, “Jail was the wrist experience of my life yo.”

Lisaury then lamented the fact that not all that were arrested had been released (including Devoin) by tweeting, “DAMN THEY STILL GOT MY NI**AS LOCKED UP.”

She later revealed that Devoin (Von) and somebody going by DJ kept things lively in jail. “[These] ni**as were in there rapping Gucci in their cells LMFAO” and then, “Von and Dre had me dying in the cells yo.”

Maybe Devoin’s sense of humor will also work on the judge.

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