MY 600 LB LIFE Steven Assanti update on continued weight loss goals, surprisingly positive attitude

My 600 Lb Life Steven Assanti update 1

Steven Assanti might have provoked the strongest negative response of anyone in My 600 Lb Life history. He was rude and stubborn to such an unprecedented extent that even Dr. Now lost his temper–and, as Inquisitr pointed out, Justin Assanti called Steven “probably borderline sociopathic” in a post-show interview on Reddit.

So viewers–and detractors–may be pleased to hear that the latest My 600 Lb Life Steven Assanti update is surprisingly positive. Steven’s new Facebook page is all but negativity-free; he’s reached out to other My 600 Lb Life participants and offered cheerful comments on their weight loss; and he’s even begun sharing positive reinforcement for himself.

Steven also clarified any lingering confusion about his attitude toward Dr. Now. “I’ve been reading articles on me and I want to clear this up,” he began, in a May 14 post:

My doctor Dr Nowazardon did not fat shame putting me in front of that mirror and he didn’t take it to far. I’m actually glad he did that because that was a wake up call no human being is suppose to look like that and have elephant size legs it’s completely unhealthy it really is and people need to know that. It’s fixable it’s not ok to live like this because you will die very young and that will be a very sad situation.

A few days later, Steve offered further praise for the good doctor in a since-deleted Facebook post. He also — in another since-deleted post; Steven is as notorious for deleting his Facebook updates as he is for his actions on the show — tried to spread Dr. Now’s advice around for his followers with an unusually upbeat message of optimism.

Finally, Steve shared a new photo about a month ago, right around the time that he reactivated his social media accounts and debuted his new, positive personality. It seems that Steve and fellow My 600 Lb Life Season 5 cast member Nicole Lewis ran into each other in the same waiting room, hit it off, and have become friends and fellow cheerleaders for each other. But the good vibes might not have lasted, since that update, too, is now gone.

One thing Steve hasn’t offered updates on is his relationship with Justin. And Justin Assanti only offers one mention of his brother on his own Facebook page: a one-word declaration–”Yes”–in response to a fan who asked if Steve is still alive. Hopefully the two of them can begin to repair their relationship–especially since it seems like everything else in Steve’s life is heading in the right direction.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Steven Assanti update via TLC)

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