BOTCHED’s Martina BIG transitions to a black woman

Martina Adam aka Martina BIG is now a black woman

On this season of Botched, viewers met Germany’s Martina Adam (aka Martina BIG). At the time that she visited Dr. Paul and Dr. Terry, Martina had the largest breast implants in Europe, and she was looking for the booty to match. It appears that grabbing attention via implants has gotten a bit blasé for Martina, though, as her most recent headline-grabbing transformation is her transition from a white woman to a black woman.

Here is a video of the good docs meeting Martina and her boyfriend for the first time. The encounter defies description:

At the time of the video, Martina had 3,700cc in each breast — I think that number has since increased to 4,750cc each. But HUGE boobs are so boring, let’s get back to her racial transition!

Judging from her Facebook timeline, the transformation began as merely tanning — but eventually Martina decided that she wanted to become a black woman. In a lengthy post explaining the process, Martina reveals that the notion of a complete transformation came about when she donned a black wig over her signature blonde hair. She also wants us to know that she will use the media attention she receives to bring awareness to the fact that “there are still very many people who see coloured people as bad people or second-class people.”

From Martina on April 30 (full post included in the timeline below):

A lot of my fans wrote to me: “I really like your new look. However, your light blonde hair does not fit at all.” At first, I did not believe my fans. But then I bought myself a black wig, with African curls. With the wig I took a photo shoot. When I saw the photos, I was just excited because it fits so perfectly to my new look 🙂 And it makes me very happy to be a black woman 🙂

Therefore, I will support my body in the transformation 🙂 I will stop bleaching my hair, but colouring back to the black original colour. Furthermore, I want to have little African curls in my hair. Also the other physical characteristics of a black woman I would like to take, such as larger lips and larger buttocks 🙂

BOTCHED Martina BIG is transitioning into a black woman

I’m now very happy and excited because of my changes 🙂

Of course, I also noticed the changed reactions of the people, such as the suspicious looks of the people on the street. Unfortunately, there are still very many people who see coloured people as bad people or second-class people.

This is absolutely unfair! But dismantling such deep-rooted prejudices is not easy.
But I will definitely use the media attention, which I have at the time, to point out these grievances. Of course, I can not make miracles, but perhaps I can at least build a bridge between white and black people. I think every human should try to make the world a little better by his life!

It’s good to know the bridge between white and black people is currently under construction! Thanks Martina! (How long before she changes her name to Martina Luther King?)

But enough from me. I will let Martina her tell her own story with a series of photos, videos, and written posts from her Facebook page over the last few months:

H/T Daily Dot and The Root

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