Report: Harrison Barnes returning to U.N.C.

We aren’t much of a sports blog but yours truly happens to be a die hard North Carolina Tar Heel basketball fan and the following information from Bleacher Report has me extremely hopeful that superstar freshman Harrison Barnes will be returning for his sophomore season at U.N.C.

Marty Tirrell is a host of “The Mouth of the Midwest” show that airs in Iowa (where Barnes is from) on ESPN 1700 and KCCI News Channel 8 and was the individual that had the scoop that Barnes would be attending U.N.C. coming out of High School.  Tirrell tweeted the following bit of information that certainly doesn’t mince words:

The guy who knew he was coming to U.N.C. is stating without question that Barnes will be returning for another season.  This sounds like a very solid source but I’ll wait until Tuesday before I start dancing.  If Barnes stays this possibly could signal that Tyler Zeller and John Henson, like Barnes both N.B.A. prospects, intend to follow suit for a National Championship run.

Here’s a little taste of what Tar Heel fans hope to see for one more season in Chapel Hill:

Top Image: Via embeddable YouTube clip via TheACC

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