Brandi Glanville wore a LeAnn Rimes costume to Halloween party with Donald Friese?

Brandi Glanville wearing a LeAnn Rimes costume Halloween party

Never one to let a sleeping dog lie, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville poked her nearly decade-long feud with LeAnn Rimes with a stick this week as she attended a “Scandalous Celebs” themed Halloween party wearing what pretty much had to be a LeAnn Rimes “costume.”

“Soooo my friends Halloween party was celebrity scandal couples!” Brandi captioned the photo of herself in overalls and a yellow cowboy hat with boyfriend Donald “DJ” Friese. “Guess who we are ?????????” I assume that Donald, who is sporting a long-sleeved black button up shirt and gray pants, is Eddie Cibrian. Brandi is also holding what looks to be a cup of beer — I am unsure if that was meant to be a part of the costume or not.

Here is Brandi’s post:

Soooo my friends Halloween party was celebrity scandal couples! Guess who we are ?????????

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I did some surfing hoping to uncover more photos of Brandi from the event, but aside from some “exclusive” paparazzi shots of Brandi and David having dinner in the costumes, I had no luck. I did figure out a little more about the party, though!

The shindig was the annual Grossman-Guanche Halloween Bash hosted by Southern California supercouples the Guanches (Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Carlos Guanche and dermatologist Dr. Anna D Guanche) and the Grossmans (magazine publisher Rebecca Grossman, and burn surgeon Dr. Peter Grossman). The full theme was “Scandalous Celebs & Haunting Head Trips” and some of the other costumes included the Guanches as Anna Nicole Smith and her 91-year-old husband (really amazing!), the Grossmans as a one night stand (you HAVE to see it to get it) and George Michael, and “Oscar losing makeup and character designer” Alec Gillis as Mel Gibson.

Here’s a small gallery posted by Rebecca Grossman, who changed into a more dance-friendly Winona Ryder costume (complete with an unpaid for hat) at some point during the party, that includes all of the costumes mentioned above:

Great Halloween costume ideas from our 2017 Annual Halloween Bash! Too funny?

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Now we all just sit back and wait to see if LeAnn retaliates with a Brandi Glanville costume — something she actually has a bit of experience with. 😉

On a random side note, I would have thought Brandi would have taken full advantage of the “Scandalous Celebs” theme by just showing up as herself. ?? Speaking of Brandi Glanville showing up as herself, I will wrap up this post with a Halloween throwback of Brandi and gal pal Jennifer Gimenez in pretty much “just our sexy damn selves in lingerie” costumes:

Brandi Glanville Jennifer Gimenez Halloween lingerie costumes

Hmmmm… Perhaps that’s a good look for LeAnn to emulate? ***HINT HINT*** #LeAnngerie

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  • bree7702

    I cannot stand LeeAnn Rimes but Brandi needs to quit already. She can’t constantly complain about Eddie and LeeAnn following her places and ruining her life and then dress as LeeAnn for a Halloween party.

  • Jenn

    Brandi is pathetic.

  • LA79

    Anyone else find it more than a little creepy for someone to dress up as her ex’s new flame. Way to make it public you wish you were her I guess?

  • TA

    Hardly a scandal, they’re all D list “celebrities”. She looks more like Brett Michaels dressed in drag than she does LeAnn Rimes.

  • Katie

    Brandi spends way too much time thinking about Leann! She is paranoid!

  • Bombshell

    What is that thing on the right?

  • evilclowns

    Brandi is such a fool. Her riding the I got cheated on train 9 years ago is so off the tracks. When is her 15 minutes going to be over?????????????????