Blac Chyna’s sues Tyga for full custody of their child; her mother slams the entire Jenner family

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Tyga might think Kylie is mature for her age, but his baby mama respectfully disagrees. Blac Chyna continued her ongoing feud with the Jenner daughters this weekend, and decided to broaden her focus to the entire Jenner family. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni went off on the “dysfunctional” clan, ripping into them and making clear that she doesn’t approve of with Tyga’s associations at all.

This all got started when Tyga’s grandmother said that Blac “[isn’t] a very nice person,” and that “Kylie comes from a much nicer family.” Toni responded with a litany of protests against pretty much every Jenner. And, of course, the post was captured before she could delete it. Here’s what the baby mama’s mama had to say:


They are talking Kylie comes from a better family… how? Her parents are divorced, her dad wants to be a woman while her mom is out messing with some young black dude with birthing hips. Her sister has 3 kids out of wedlock by a guy who has a drinking problem. She’s 17 and has already had lip injections. Her older sister got famous from a sextape. They are no better than anybody.


Chyna herself reportedly can’t stand the fact that little King Cairo is shuttling back and forth between so many different homes. And she really doesn’t like that his potential step-mom is a minor–which, according to her, reflects poorly on Tyga’s parental decision-making. She’s hired an attorney, and intends to file for primary custody rights. Tyga can have the occasional weekend, but no more.


(Photo credits: BC via Instagram)

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