Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith feud over Kaiser abuse claims

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's Twitter fight over Kaiser abuse claims

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and fiance David Eason are enjoying their new house, newborn baby daughter, and planning for their September wedding — but thanks to Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith, their trip to happily ever after is hitting a few speed bumps.

The most recent public spat between exes was apparently sparked by Jenelle calling Nathan’s mother. “Jenelle called my mom at 630 saying she’s calling cps saying we beat [Kaiser],” Nathan tweeted. That really set Nathan off, and he went on a tweeting spree that included claims that Kaiser has “finger like marks on [his] back” and is often sick after being with Jenelle and David, that Kaiser fell off a boat recently while with Jenelle and David, and that Kaiser is “petrified when you mention David name.” (Jenelle later states that she called Nathan’s mom because she was concerned that Nathan spanking Kaiser, which is something she does not approve of.)

As is often the case with tweet ‘n’ delete interactions, it’s kind of hard to piece together a completely accurate timeline. But, as is often the case, I have done my best to reconstruct the “conversation” for you here. (Some of the text is in jpg format because I spend an embarrassing amount of time on these sorts of recaps only to have them copied and pasted elsewhere without credit.)

I use the full name the first time I quote someone, then I use just the first initial after. But, just in case you need a key:

N = Nathan
J = Jenelle
A = Ashley (Nathan’s girlfriend)
T = Another Twitter user

NATHAN: It’s pretty pathetic that you are going through so many length to still try to keep me away from sonjenelle.

Nathan Giriffith Jenelle Evans Kaiser abuse tweets

TWEETER: maybe get CPS involved? Nothing will change unless you step up. Someone has to be the voice for that innocent little boy

N: Not when the girl twists everything you do right and she does wrong and flips it around!

T: omg did you take pictures??

N: YES! every time I get him!

N: Just Sunday she flipped out on me because no one didn’t answer their phone for ten minutes. Saying I had Kaiser and I was lying that I was with just my daughter and Kaiser was at church and demanded him back.

Nathan posted a series of screen capped text messages between himself and Jenelle. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the full conversation:

Jenelle Nathan texts - click to enlarge

N: Every time we take him home and he kicks and screams that he doesn’t want to go home! I’m done with your crap! The only reason I’m ranting is because jenelle has destroyed me by her lies and I have protected her to a certain extent!

JENELLE: He doesn’t want to get me started. He’s posting what he wants u to see. There’s a lot more that no one knows but im not violating my order.

N: I forgot to add. [My girlfriend Ashley] even apologize to jenelle trying to solve everything (even though I told her it wasn’t going to work) and apologize for any rudeness and of course jenelle through it back in [Ashley]’s face!

ASHLEY: I was trying my best to not add to the drama. Kai is the most important person in all of this. And she was not receptive.

T: That’s because she can’t get past the fact you’re with Nathan. No matter what she will never get past that. It’s really sad.

A: Now I see why Nathan is the way he is, dealing with this chaos every week.

J: She can apologize to DAVID, and in person not by text or phone. #Patheic

Nathan Giriffith deleted Jenelle Evans tweets 2

N: Remember when I said I would love to talk about structure, disciplinary actions and other parenting thoughts and opinions but you refuse ?

T [to Jenelle]: I’m more terrified of his grammar than what a threat he is to you. Dude can’t put together a sentence that makes sense to save his life.

J: He hasn’t had his mental health checked in years. Off his meds and refuses his daily counseling sessions with the VA. ☹️

T: Good for you don’t scoop to his level , cause that’s what he wants is a reaction from you

J: Yeah I know what I texted him… I was being a concerned mom and when a mom asks you don’t say “idk maybe he’s with my mom” ??? stay calm?!

T: You two just need to co-parent better. That lil boy is the one who hurts in the long run

J: I co-parent with Nathan’s mother. There’s a lot about Nathan’s history with kids people don’t know. He has supervised visits for a reason

T: That’s when u need to be the bigger adult and call his mom personally if he only wants to play games.

J: Oh we have been texting for two days now and that’s why nathan is posting shit lol he’s all butt hurt

T: I’m not trying to be a b* but why did you choose him as the father of your child knowing that??

J: Oh yeah cuz I knew everything as soon as I met him ? more like ask his ex wife why she allows unsupervised visits if she knows as well. ?

J [to Nathan]: You just admitted to abusing children in this video….

T: Will David also be apologizing for being the ass he always is?

J: When was David EVER mean or rude to Nathan’s new side piece?! Nope.

T: Poisen is what u are!!

J: Poison ***

T: isn’t it yours son’s birthday?! Get off Twitter and be a mom.

J: He’s at school….

T: In the middle of the summer!? ??

J: Yeah… he goes to a year round charter school.

T: @GroundLevelUp you need to read this: “It is possible to form an amicable relationship with your ex as co-parents. #Parenting”

N: That’s a very great article. And honestly anyone close to me knows I have try, but it’s lies on top of lies. I don’t know what else to do. I can be doing everything right, jump through any hoop and she calls or texts me every other day screaming or accusing me of something false

T: Nathan,seriously,if you love your son,stop. He will see this when he gets older. It’s out there. You’ve been bashing her all day.

N: I haven’t been bashing her and I hope my son does! I have wanted nothing but the best for jenelle and Davids relationship for kaiser’s sake. She has constantly tried to destroy me and keep me away from my child, so has that so call father figure David. My son will see this and he will see how daddy tried and mommy just didn’t like daddy. So, Their not putting my son’s interest first.

T: Why is David even in involved? #unsolvedmystery

N: Only God knows. My gf even tried to explain that to jenelle that Kaiser needs to be surrounded w/ love like Emery, and parent by HIS parents

N: David won’t keep his two cents to himself!

Jenelle later spoke with Radar Online about Nathan’s tweets and the abuse allegations:

“Nathan is upset because I simply asked him and his mother if Kaiser has been spanked this past weekend,” she wrote. “Nathan claimed no, but then claimed, ‘I’ll spank him if and when I want cause I’m his father.”

She continued that she is “highly against” physical punishment and that she will be speaking to her lawyer.

Nathan tweeted a link to the Radar article and wrote “@radar_online we all know Alexis or Lauren writes for jenelle one of the two but you’re more than welcome to cal me.” He then shared the North Carolina statutes for child abuse, which do allow for spanking, and captioned them with: “Like I said I would and could if I wanted to. Never said I did do it.”

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  • bree7702

    Can I adopt Kaiser?? Jenelle and David don’t want to be bothered with Kaiser either, Jenelle just wants a constant reason to bitch. That little boy needs better parents. I feel so sorry for him. Jenelle doesn’t believe in spanking, but condoned David referring to Kaiser as a “whiny little bitch” that time he cried when they were getting on a boat when Kaiser was barely 2. Someone save that kid!

    • Lacy

      You’re so right. This season has all been Jenelle and David yelling at each other for the other person to take care of Kaiser. And nobody actually takes care of the kid in the end, he just keeps getting shoved in a room or pushed aside. I’m sure their relationship is going super smooth with a newborn added on top of a toddler. At least when Kaiser was a baby you could see Nathan took care of all the feedings and let Jenelle stay in bed. I don’t see David or Jenelle stepping up for the new baby. They will both argue about who should get up and take care of the baby and probably neither will.

      • bree7702

        If David were to leave Jenelle she’d be screwed. No way in hell could she take care of Kaiser and Ensley on her own. AND she wants Jace back too??

        • LoLo

          She wants Jace back for the cameras. She would also lose the real babysitter, Marissa. David isn’t going anywhere for a while. He doesn’t have a job other than being a creepy douchebag.

    • LoLo

      She also didn’t have an issue with his “Uncle Bad Touch” pic of Kaiser. I feel so bad for that little boy. While she was pregnant with the new baby, we never saw her cuddling Kaiser or playing with him. When they were moving she didn’t try to entertain him to keep him busy. She has zero motherly instincts. Her idea of parenting is to stuff food in his face or let him run around getting into things.

      She sends him to daycare so her & David can sit on the couch all day. He’s probably in a better environment at daycare, sadly to say. BTW, why isn’t David working? Drives me nuts. When I was home pregnant with my 3rd, I did everything I could to spend every moment with my other 2 & do fun things with them. Jenelle uses pregnancy as an excuse to not do anything.

      I couldn’t believe she was talking to Barb about a vacation after the baby was born. Most new mothers don’t want to leave their baby at all.

      • FRustratedNOTFUHstrated

        I couldn’t agree more! As a single mom I worked two jobs and what upset me the most was NOT having as much time to spend with my kids. What about Kaiser crying in the backseat (side memo to Jenelle,.kids cry! Instead of yelling, you figure out why they are crying!) She immediately calls David and says, “I’m about to lose it dude..he is crying and saying David, David David” David asks “Am i on speakerphone?” VERY briefly I thought…they know they are filming so maybe he will pretend to be nice and tell him, it’s ok..don’t cry, you’ll be home soon. But instead, David says, “Do you want to put your nose in a corner?” and hangs up. Which makes him cry harder because he did nothing wrong! And then of course Jenelle who has proven she can’t even parent a dog properly starts parroting David, “Kaiser…if you don’t stop are going to put your nose in a corner as soon as we get home!” How has CPS not been called on her? Truth be told..that is the REAL reason they have moved to the middle of nowhere on acres of land so no one can see or hear what they are really doing to those poor babies. If they act like that on camera imagine what they do off camera! If I ever meet Jenelle..I will gladly slam her face in a corner.

        • LoLo

          Over the past 8 yrs we have seen very little of her being motherly. Recently when they had to move to the hotel her excuse for not taking Kaiser & getting him out of the way why they moved was that she is pregnant. How many mothers go to work & take care of their other kids while pregnant? I myself moved when I was pregnant with my 2nd, I packed the entire house while my husband was 5 hrs away at work & only home on the weekends. She doesn’t try to entertain him or comfort him. It’s always shove food in his face or yell. She likes the idea of being a mom, but it takes more giving of yourself to do that. Ensley wasn’t even born & she was planning on getting away from her. Most new moms don’t want to leave their baby for a moment let alone go on vacation when they are that little. I remember crying the first time I left my son.

  • TA

    These people are sorry excuses for people and have no business being parents. If either are concerned about abuse, they should contact the police and have a family investigation done.
    But that costs money, and it’s not NEARLY as fun as trading each other on social media, right?
    I know you all read this, so grow up, put your phones down and act like the adults you are.

  • Chewy

    It’s a shame these people are fertile

  • FR

    This was miserable reading. I felt caught between absolute stupidity. Imagine poor Kaiser. He cannot escape them. He’s literally their prisoner.

    • I couldn’t get past the first picture. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      It’s like watching crack heads argue and expecting it to be
      understandable. No thanks!

  • Adi Nu

    what a waste.

  • LA79

    There is 0 doubt in my mind that Jenelle & David abuse Kaiser. I’ve thought so for quite a while.

    In my opinion, even Nathan is better than Jenelle and David. There’s something really sinister about David…I think he’s awful to that little boy and Jenelle is the anti-maternal figure…she is definitely not going to protect him from the wrath of her newest abuser.

    • Thoughts

      True I think Jenelle has her delusions that it’s not child abuse. I feel so bad for that lil boy… Once Jenelle and David break up she will post all these recordings and pictures of best up Kaiser to try and make him look bad.

    • NJJuls

      AS odd as this sounds, I actually think Nathan is telling the truth. Jenelle is one of these freaks that puts herself & her need of a man beside her 24/7 above all else. Jenelle’s children are last on her list of important things in her life. I have no doubt either that Kaiser is mistreated by both David & Jenelle.

      • LoLo

        The scenes with Nathan & Kaiser are cute. Kaiser is actually happy & sweet when he’s there. I feel so bad for him. David is an straight up, non-working A-hole. She can really pick em.

    • LoLo

      I have felt the same way. Maybe he doesn’t outright hit him but the way he speaks to him is enough for me. The way they do nothing with the kid other than yell at him drives me nuts. They kinda label him as a “bad kid” & he’s stuck there. Why don’t they ever play with him? Read to him (if they can read)?

  • Jojo

    I had to stop reading 1/3 of the way through because it made me sick and pissed. So I will choose to snark on something other than the obvious child abuse that Chud and Apostrophe Brows inflict on that poor child… the freaking SPELLING these “adult” “parents” use is abhorrent. Seriously, if you’re too damned stupid to know simple words and terms, or to use them correctly, perhaps try pulling out next time?

    • Shanaynay

      Totally agree!!! However, I was impressed that they each seemed to use the correct forms of you’re & your and to & too. Those are by far my biggest pet peeves with spelling & grammar!!!!! Lol

  • victorg

    David basically THREW Kaiser out of the way a couple episodes ago. Its ON FILM!!

    • Exactly what I was going to say. They treat him like garbage and shut him in his crib or a play yard so they aren’t bothered by him.

  • Daffodil ?

    Honestly neither one deserve him and are both equally detrimental to him.

  • Natalie

    Sounds like Janelle is getting ready to throw all the physical abuse claims on Nathan even though we see how she and Lurch abuse poor Kaiser. Hope Nathan keeps receipts and Janelle you are pure trash.

  • lovebears65

    Janelle is always whining about wanting Jace back but complains about having Kaiser and throws him in the crib all the time. She is using Kaiser for attention that is it.. She doesnt want him back, she doesnt want her mom to have any MTV money or have to pay her mom child support.. David is a controlling prick and he is alienating her from friends and her family that is what abusive people do.. Nathan is no better. What Janelle is good at is picking losers for men but she is no gem her self

  • SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    Is there no other person in this child’s life to provide a stable, safe and loving home FFS?

  • FYO

    First, I don’t think Kaiser is being physically abused. As far as any of us know, he hasn’t been shown to have bruises/black & blue marks, cuts/scrapes/scratches, broken bones, etc…

    Second, Jenelle and Nathan need to stop wasting so much energy on hating each other. Nobody wins when they’re constantly talking sh*t and at each others throats on social media. They need to keep their communication about Kaiser only, and STFU about anything else. If either of them have solid evidence of wrong-doing, notify the appropriate people and keep it movin’.

    • Bob Evans

      Agreed. You’d think if there was any proof one of the grandmother’s would have stepped in. Jenelle’s mother doesn’t tolerate a lot of b.s. she would probably say or do something. She took Jace out a dangerous situation after all. This really has nothing to do with Kaiser at all. It’s about Jenelle and Nathan trying to destroy each other. The spanking problem could be worked out in mediation or court. It’s on twitter because Jenelle and Nathan want to make each other look bad. They probably don’t really care about how their son is disciplined when he’s with the other parent.

    • Ayayyyayyy

      In the last episode when he was eating a small snack (big zip lock bag of Chex mix) his lip was busted.

      • FYO

        Not true. His lips are fine. What he does have is a slight redness/rash above his top lip, which is very common when little kids suck/lick their lips too much. It’s called `Lip Licking Dermatitis`. Aside of that, if Kaiser did actually have a busted lip, you could be assured it would’ve been highlighted and drama would’ve ensued on the show.

        • Wtffff

          Janelle?? is that you?! Or David?!?!

          • LoLo

            Her fan who will defend her to the end.

            • FYO

              I’m not a fan of Jenelle or any other mom on the show. And I’m not defending anyone. I’m simply correcting someone who is wrong, just like I’m doing to you. Too bad the truth is so offensive. Get over it.

              • LoLo

                & you know the truth how? Just because you feel a certain way doesn’t make it the truth.

                • FYO

                  I know the truth because my DVR has a pause button and it’s blatantly obvious Kaiser didn’t have a “busted lip”. And I know the truth because CPS closed their report with no sign of any abuse.

                  • LoLo

                    So that means it could never happen. U R so far up her butt.

                    • FYO

                      I didn’t say anything about never happening. Of course it *could* happen, but what LA79 claimed simply didn’t happen.

                    • LoLo


          • FYO

            Neither, sorry. And there’s enough stupid on the internet so you can stop trying so hard.

            • Justsayin

              There’s enough negativity on the internet, wtfffs comment wasn’t offensive so you calling him/her stupid was uncalled for.

              • FYO

                Nobody said anything about offensive or being offended. Wtffff’s comment was not offensive (in my opinion), it was just stupid, hence my commenting on the stupidity. Understand now?

    • LA79

      Google it if you think the kid hasn’t been “shown to have bruises.” He has. I tried to post a link to a photo of him with a black eye. It went to moderation. You can research it yourself.

      • FYO

        I called your bluff. I just looked into this. She posted a picture on social media that some people thought looked like Kaiser had a black eye. She dared them to call CPS. Over 50 did took her up on her dare. CPS looked into it and it was proven that Kaiser did NOT have a black eye. They’re official findings are that the “black eye” was a result of the angle and lighting of the photo.

        Hey, nice try though.. I guess..

        • LA79

          Learn to Google. That’s not the only bruise photo nor do I trust your super sleuthing to determine whether it is or isn’t a black eye. There are other bruises and finger marks on his arm, and his FATHER claims to have seen multiple marks on him. Do you know anything to dispute his FATHER’S claims? No. So keep yapping, you sound like a moron.

          • FYO

            CPS investigated this. Why do you think it concluded with NOTHING happening? Because as I said, they found proof through their investigation that Kaiser did NOT even have a black eye. So, it seems you’re the one who needs to learn how to do your homework.. And you’re an idiot. I encourage everyone reading this to look it up for yourselves and not buy into this b.s. LA79 is spewing.

            • LA79

              Government agencies aren’t always right. This is a fact I usually don’t have to point out to people, but you’re being intentionally obtuse so let me lay that fact on the table since you so conveniently seem to have glossed that over.

              While you’re at it “researching” (which you seem to be piss poor at by the way), why don’t you look up Jenelle’s extensive arrest record and then look at how she’s weasled out of every single charge not because she wasn’t guilty but because she’s manipulative and cunning. If you’re still too dense to see why CPS didn’t take further action, then by all means, continue to believe in her. You’re entitled to your opinion – no matter how stupid, ill informed and flat out wrong it may happen to be.

              • FYO

                I didn’t bother reading your nonsense after the very first sentence – “Government agencies aren’t always right.” CPS looked into it. CPS completely dismissed the claim. End of story. But yeah, you know, I’m sure you know far more about the situation than they do because the internets told you so…

                • LA79

                  Your idiocy is not my problem. It’s yours. Believe Jenelle. You’ve got it all figured out. You’re SOOO smart. CPS is ALWAYS right. Now shut up.

                  • FYO

                    Aww, don’t get butthurt now! You were doing such a great job getting your @ss handed to you! Don’t go out all sour like a crybaby!

                    • LA79

                      Honey, I honestly just don’t care to argue with you. Just on the last few episodes, we’ve seen Jenelle and David mistreat Kaiser. Just because you have low standards for how children should be treated doesn’t mean you won an argument. FYI.

                    • FYO

                      Do you hear yourself and the ridiculous nonsense you post? I guess since you don’t have anything truthful or worthwhile to say you think you can just lie your way through and hope nobody notices. Or maybe making a fool of yourself on the internet is your thing…

                    • LA79

                      What? How is stating that I SAW THEM WITH MY OWN EYES mistreating Kaiser speaking untruths? You are truly a grade A moron.

                    • FYO

                      People say they see Jesus in their burned toast, WITH THEIR OWN EYES, too. You’re just another fruitcake with an over-active imagination that found your way onto the internet.

    • LA79

      Here you go dummy (remove spaces), http:// radaronline .com/videos/jenelle-lose-custody-sons-grandma-accuses-teen-mom-drugging-pregnant-court-papers/

      • FYO

        Are you that butthurt that you’re actually trying to resurrect a month old thread with a gossip link? lol! You lost, get over it and move on.

        • LA79

          Serious question, is your IQ in the single digits?

          If you actually believe I in any way lost you must be on some hard drugs. Just in case you can’t figure out how to paste a link, Jenelle’s newborn had THC in her system and Kaiser’s grandmother is filing for emergency custody and claims the boy is being abused and has evidence of said abuse.

          Quit being an idiot. You were wrong and none of your “alternative facts” will change that.

          • FYO

            CPS already investigated this `black eye` report and NOTHING was found, the case was closed, no action taken. PERIOD. No new allegation is going to change that fact. So no, I was not wrong. I would recommend you quit while you’re so pathetically behind, but I truly think you’re too stupid to take the advice. Now run along and go lick your wounds, AGAIN.

            • LA79

              I actually pity you.

              • FYO

                Like I said, you’re too stupid to quit while you’re behind.

                • LA79

                  Was your argument that CPS is the arbiter of whether abuse happened or not…because that is very much the stupidest argument I have ever heard. Was CPS there? Do you understand that people that weren’t there can make a mistake? THINK before you respond. It’s not about you proving someone “wrong” on the Internet. This is about you realizing your argument is irrational and stupid, and now more evidence has surfaced that supports the idea that your argument is stupid.

                  Who would defend a junkie mother whose children test positive for drugs upon birth and who has had multiple allegations of child abuse levied against her? You’re pathetic.

                  • FYO

                    Why are you still here? This ball game ended a month ago. You lost. Nothing has changed. No amount of garbage you say now is going to change that.

                    • LA79

                      Honestly you’re just trolling now. You’re literally in the other thread saying Jenelle is a horrible mother. That’s actually a relief. I didn’t think anyone could be as delusional and stupid as you pretended to be here so I’m glad you actually realize you were an idiot and your argument was literal garbage.

                    • FYO

                      Why do you insist on embarrassing yourself?

                    • LA79

                      Your trolling ability is pretty impressive and entertaining. That’s why I had to send you this article. I knew you would make this a real shit show. 😀 You don’t seem the type that’s able to admit when they’re proven wrong.

                    • FYO

                      There are better ways to get attention. You don’t *have to* make a fool of yourself.

  • Image

    It’s fine for David to fling the poor child by his arm across room. I would certainly hope family court sees all video I mean amber got screwed because of the video proof on show. How come none of these other people. I’m not just talking jenelle but nN of them are highly abusive. Courts frown on bashing the other parent in front of the children and that’s what keeps going on and on and on.

  • Image

    I suppose anyone could call CPS about it. It is anonymous dont have to give name and we have all witnessed the abuse they have to investigate

  • Trash TV

    When she is so against physical punishment, why had she sign Babs that it was okay for Jenelle to physically punish Jace?
    Again, BS Jenelle.

  • LoLo

    I feel so sad for Kaiser. Every time I see his cute chubby face I want to give him a hug. Jace is Jenelle’s focus when filming, she has to pretend to want him. The new baby is David’s so she will be given special treatment. Kaiser is Nathan’s whom David can’t stand. So, I wonder how well Is Kaiser being treated. We NEVER see Jenelle playing with him, reading to him or just cuddling. Since his birth it’s been her dumping him in a crib, yelling at him or complaining about him. She used pregnancy as an excuse to not do anything with the kid. That poor child hit the loser jackpot in parents. I wonder when he grows up how he will feel about Jace escaping but not him.