VIDEO Jackie Christie’s daughter Takari Lee keeps spilling family tea as the Basketball Wives drama heats up

Jackie Christie's daughter Takari Lee 1

Jackie Christie’s daughter Takari Lee has not been shy about voicing her thoughts on her mom since the two had a major falling out last autumn–and Takari is increasingly willing to share stories of Jackie’s mistreatment when Takari was growing up to try and prove her point. She did so for the first time three weeks ago, during the publicity tour for Basketball Wives Season 6, by sharing several excerpts from her forthcoming memoir detailing what Takari claims was Jackie’s negligent and abusive mothering.

Then, after the first episode of the new season aired, Takari shared her response in a series of tweets, all of which continued her side of the GoFundMe debacle and fallout:

And Takari hit back against Jackie again after last night’s episode aired:

Plus, as VH1 itself pointed out, both Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman went in on Jackie on social media after last night’s episode aired. Evelyn struck first, taking offense when Jacking said she’d left a “messy” comment for Takari:

My so called messy comment to @takari_lee #basketballwives ??‍♀️

A post shared by Evelyn Lozada (@evelynlozada) on

And Tami went a lot farther–though she also deleted her post. Fortunately, The Shade Room got a partial screencap beforehand, and VH1 provided her full caption, which we’ve reprinted below:

#TamiRoman had time today! #Chile!

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To be clear Jackie Christie called ME and had a lot to say – despicable mother came from her and I repeated it. She asked to see the post and asked what were Evelyn’s intentions – I sent her the post via DM which was already on The Shaderoom, so no secret there…I also said Evelyn’s comment was sweet but I didn’t know her intentions (which was an answer to the question Jackie asked me in a phone conversation) I also told Jackie my issues with Evelyn is NOT her issue and to spend time with her and form her own opinion. Of course that was edited out. As it pertains to this “baby situation” it was brought to me, within a storyline, I could care less. I won’t perpetuate this BS and I will NOT allow ppl to continue to portray me as a bad person. It sucks, it’s draining and tiresome to have to rebuild based on lies, poor editing and overall BS.

At this point, it looks like the feud between the three cast members (and four people, considering Takari is at the heart of the matter) is going to dominate Basketball Wives‘ sixth season the same way Kirk Frost’s affair and baby mama are dominating LHHATL this year. So it’s probably worth pointing out something we also said yesterday: Jackie’s official bio for the season suggests that her storyline does not end well, and that some of her oldest friendships are stretched to their breaking point or broken outright.

Basketball Wives airs Monday nights at 9 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Jackie Christie’s daughter Takari Lee via Instagram)

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  • pmo

    tami now doing a complete 180 backpedaling from what she said about evelyn on the show. tami, please make an appt w/iyanla like evelyn did, u really need some help.


    Smh What Evelyn said was beautiful and encouraging. She said NOTHING about Jackie and her sh**ty “parenting”.

    The whole episode I was like, “dang Kari must feel terrible watching her ‘mother’ swoon and drool over Chani’s baby like that” ??

    She’s an effed up mother and instead of trying to make it right with her daughter, she’d rather project her anger towards Evelyn and now Tami. Jackie needs EXTREME help. I’m tired of social media, YouTube, and these television networks giving the mentally unstable a platform for their bull?.
    Tami was being very messy but nothing in the that message warranted the way Jackie responded. It makes me wonder if Jackie even knows how to read. She couldn’t find the screenshot of it for Evelyn, nor could she recite wtf was in the message ……????

    I wonder how Chantel’s real father feels about them trying to pretend that Doug is her father? ??☕️

    • pmo

      so doug isnt channy’s dad? who is? all this time I thought he was. and tami is so full of shiot it is sickening.

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  • pmo

    tried to watch. tami started the entire incident and then is surprised when someone comes for her, the new girls all s u c k, evelyn now making shaunie give her ivf shot in her belly. jumped the shark.