PHOTO Tami Roman reveals weight loss

Tami Roman on 'Basketball Wives'

After suffering a mild heart attack earlier this year, Tami Roman is on a mission to get healthy and look great. The Basketball Wives star quit smoking a few months ago and as a coping mechanism, the self-proclaimed foodie began to eat more leading to a weight gain. Now, along with the help of the NV diet, Tami has lost two dress sizes and is feeling better than she has in a long time — and her body looks amazing.

Tami, 42, initially had trouble shedding the added pounds. She had tried several different diets along with exercise but nothing seemed to work which is why she turned to NV. After using NV Supplements and putting NV Sprinkles on her food, Tami dropped two dress sizes.

'Basketball Wives' star Tami Roman before and after weight loss

In addition to the weight loss, Tami’s new diet was helping her feel healthier. “I could walk without taking a break, my blood pressure stabilized and I felt myself releasing all of those negative toxins I had taken in from years of smoking. Suddenly it wasn’t just about weight loss, but being healthy as well!”

“In regards to taking NV, I do walk 30 minutes per day. When I first started, I lost 7 lbs the first week and during week two, I incorporated NV Sprinkles along with the supplements, started cardio and lost an additional 5 lbs,” she explains to Rumorfix. “My target is to lose a total of 25 lbs and I have gone from a size 12/14 to 8/10 in 14 days.”

“Now, I’m going to work out even more in order to tone and incorporate using resistance bands during my workout,” she’s adds. “I’m slowly getting the weight off, which is the right thing to do.”

At her heaviest, Tami weighed in at 185 lbs, and while she is 5’10” and wore it well, she knew she needed to make a change and it’s great to see that she is looking and feeling better. Her success story has even inspired her to reach out to her Twitter and Facebook fans and encourage them to join her in getting to her target weight loss.

For more information on how you can join Tami in shedding unwanted pounds, visit her official website.