LINKS! Kara Del Toro’s bikini spread, RIP ‘Cash Me Ousside,’ FitBit solves murders…

Kara Del Toro's bikini spread

DLISTEDMadonna is pissed that she’s the subject of a forthcoming biopic, possibly because she’s not dead yet

REALITY TEAThe Little Women LA cast vacationed in Alaska together and they have the slide show to prove it

JEZEBELUncultured Alex Jones has been reduced to picking fights with a Greek yogurt billionaire

CELEBITCHYYou might call Serena Williams’ response to Ilie Natstase’s racist joke a perfectly executed backhand

THE BLEMISHThe ‘Cash me ousside’ girl is now Bart Simpson after he went on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

VOXOther than every single national park closing indefinitely, here’s a list of everything that might happen if the US government shuts down on Friday

CELEBSLAMKara Del Toro went to the beach on vacation, so, bikini photos

UPROXXA tip for all aspiring murders: Dispose of the victim’s FitBit, lest its data contradict your alibi

(Photo credit: Kara Del Toro’s bikini spread via Instagram)

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