VIDEO Is Jackie Christie leaving Basketball Wives LA? She teases new movie projects as rumors fly

Is Jackie Christie leaving Basketball Wives LA 2

Is Jackie Christie leaving Basketball Wives LA? Though the five-season veteran of the hit VH1 reality franchise hasn’t made an official announcement, a social media update earlier this week left her fans confused and fearing the worst. Compounding matters was the fact that Jackie has also been teasing two upcoming feature films, which only sped speculation about her intentions post-BBWLA Season 5.

First up, here’s Jackie’s now-infamous Instagram update, which appears to have convinced most everyone who saw it that it’s her farewell from the show. Note, however, that Jackie never actually says she intends to leave; only her tone conveys a sense of departure:

If you, too, are confused, browse through the photo’s many comments and find solidarity: there is a sizeable minority of folks who don’t know exactly what it is that Jackie’s saying.

One thing we know for sure, though, is her intention to branch out into feature films–both behind and in front of the lens. Shortly after the above Instagram update shocked many of her fans, Jackie doubled down on the uncertainty by sharing the trailer for the upcoming film No Regrets, on which she served as an excutive producer:

And that wasn’t all. Jackie further revealed that she’s set to star in a yet-unnamed film. If she wants to depart Basketball Wives LA before Season 6 starts filming, it sounds like Jackie has plenty of work:

Basketball Wives LA Season 5 continues Sunday nights on VH1.

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