Will the Curse of Oak Island Season Finale mark the end of the dig for Rick and Marty?

Curse of Oak Island spoilers 3

The Curse of Oak Island Season Finale is here, and, this time, the Lagina brothers promise their decade of hard work will “pay off.” What that means is a mystery (for a few more hours, at least), but devoteés of the History hit have noticed a new urgency to the Season 4 finale promos.

It sure looks like the show is promising some kind of discovery–though it’s always possible that the latest “discovery” is just another reason to keep digging. (And judging by fan reaction, most of the show’s viewers have no problem with that.) In case you’ve missed it, here’s the latest Curse of Oak Island season finale teaser:

Judging by what little we have to go on, it seems that three possibilities are in store:

1) Rick and Marty actually do find the elusive Oak Island treasure. Not every season finale has been two hours long, so, if you feel like investing in some earnest, irony-free belief, it’s possible to get yourself worked up over the likelihood that the Lagina brothers actually, really did find some honest-to-God treasure. Or, at the very least, that they found something valuable, whether or not it was the treasure they had in mind.

2) Rick and Marty find yet another compelling reason to keep digging. Given how the show generally works, this seems the most likely option. Astute viewers have pointed out that the episode is being billed as a season finale–not a series finale. If Rick and Marty really do find treasure, the show has no reason to continue. (Though it’s also worth pointing out that calling it a “series finale” would be a pretty big tipoff.) If option #2 turns out to be what happens, then the treasure in the Money Pit really is the show itself, and it’s more viewers that the brothers are digging for 😉

3) Rick and Marty decide to call it a day. The fact that the episode is being billed as a season finale instead of a series finale could in truth mask the fact that the brothers Lagina have decided to wrap up their dig and leave whatever the Oak Island mystery really is for the next generation(s) of treasure hunters. Oak Island has hit on themes of brotherhood and family more than ever in Season 4, and the question of when to stop digging also comes up often–and if the whole Lagina family isn’t on board with the dig, we’ll likely have seen the last of the show.

The two-hour Curse of Oak Island Season Finale airs tonight at 9 PM on History.

(Photo credits: Curse of Oak Island Season Finale via Facebook)

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  • Andreas Schmidt

    Yeah well, the 4° season has been a season full of nothing.
    Legendary sequence when they dig up Smith’s Cove just to unearth stones clearly laid there by ice on last glaciation.
    But it’s ok.
    The Laginas are entrepreneurs, they need their money back, they put together the whole oak island history, and 4/5 years ago sold their story to Murdoch’s History channel.

    What will kill (in my opinion) the mood, will be a 2 hours long full of the same nothing we’ve seen in this season.
    And we’ve even saw the nothing from 10-X, the most promising thing.
    If they are digging up again planted evidence bought ON THE CHEAP on eBay, I’m quitting for sure.
    You can’t consider something some logs they dig up “where the money pit should be” just to tell us “oh ehm wait in 1890something when they tried to get to the money pit they heard a kafrikiboom and probably everything collapsed so now chests full of gold, silver and untold treasures are at the bottom…”.

    IF it’s true what they believe, that the “treasure” really felt on the basament of the island, it’s gone for good and unless you drill the whole area and fill it with rebarred concrete and dig a crater of 50 meters in diameter with a depth of 200 meters, you won’t retrieve it.
    I wonder what they’ll take out of the cilinder if they persist in showing us coins bought on eBay though.

    • Garland Remington

      I could not agree more with you

      • JL

        Watched the show last night and it is the same old stuff. The one that found treasure is the History Channel.
        I’m done.

        • Ed Sessions III

          I’m gonna watch the 2 hour season finale next week. Simply because on Tuesday night there is not much on I care to see. Personally I feel the brothers are pretty good guys. I’ve read a lot of stuff on them. Google Mari Vinyards. Marty has done very well for himself.

          Marty began his career working as a petroleum engineer for Amoco Production Company. In 1979, while attending law school, he was an independent petroleum engineer doing consulting engineering work for various Michigan corporations.

          In 1982 Marty founded Terra Energy Ltd., an oil and gas exploration and production company. Terra Energy designed and implemented many of the technical advances, which allowed Antrim Shale gas to be a commercially viable major resource in the State of Michigan. Terra Energy was sold to CMS Energy in 1995, at which time Terra was the largest operator of gas wells in Michigan. He sold his company for $58 million to CMS.

          He is also the founder and chief executive of a renewable energy company called Heritage Sustainable Energy, which is building a $300 million, 12,000-acre wind farm in northern Michigan.

          Last year him and his team came out to Watford City ND concerning investing in a wind farm owned by NextEra Energy and he came over to Colstrip Montana and invested in Clearwater Energys massive wind farm. I’m born and raised in Montana. Seeley Lake and my wife is from Judith Gap Montana.

  • Joanne Roddy Reeder

    When did Dave Blankenship die? I can’t find anything, not even an obituary!

    • http://www.facebook.com/DenisePenta Denise Leavitt Sheahan Penta

      I missed the last two episodes! Oh, I’ll have to watch it on Friday evening’s repeat.

      • Ed Sessions III

        This entire island has sucked in God only knows how many $$$$$$$ millions of dollars broken homes alcoholism death, all for nothing. If there was any amount or any kind of treasure on the island it has been long gone.

        Something else to give thought about. And this comes from my background as a retired successful Petroleum Engineer. No one in there right mind would go to the massive engineering trouble in this century, little alone 2 centuries ago to build such a labyrinth of tunnels that the show keeps cutting back to and shows you on a computer CAD design drawing. Give that some thought.

        On top of all this, 2 centuries ago no one had the equipment or the engineering knowledge to be able to build such precise labyrinth of tunnels. The tunnels they talk about so much is all based on speculation.

        Be that as it may, you can “speculate ” all you like. The “Engineering Technology ” did not exist. It could be done today but even then, due to the flood plain of the area, it would be cost prohibitive and a leviathan undertaking.

        • Brian Rawson

          Yet thousands of years ago stone structures were assembled that cannot be duplicated with todays technology.??Go figure.

          • Jeff Jakob


        • John Smith

          ever heard of the pyramids of Egypt or the catacombs in Rome.

          • Radarnazi

            They had the aliens from outer space helping them. All Oak Island had was a couple of Sasquatch

    • Urge311

      I bet they meant Fred Nolan.

      • Ed Sessions III

        Correct you are my friend

    • Ed Sessions III

      He did not die.

  • Garland Remington

    I reckon I’m not the 1st to say this. But if there was any actual treasure at one time, it’s been long gone.

    I also never bought in to the labyrinth of man made tunnels. Money pit huh. That’s what it’s been for so many. Millions poured in and death all for nothing.

  • Garland Remington

    Something else. I have watched all 4 seasons and done a lot of reading myself on this over the years. No one in there right mind in this century or 2 centuries ago would go to the trouble to bury treasure. Regardless of how much treasure. Jeez. Louise.

  • Sma

    Dig the flood tunnels in smith cove as far toward shore as possible then jam them with clay and then pump the water out of the money pit. Then dig down to a chamber and send some crazy fool in

  • Darlene Wilson

    What do you mean the death of Dave Blankenship? When did this happen? I can’t find anywhere that confirms this.

    • Ed Sessions III

      David is not dead. He is the son of Dan Blankenship. To give you an idea how insane all of this is, give this some thought.

      Dan spent the last 49 years and a untold fortune searching, drilling and digging. All for nothing. Dan read the same 1965 Reader’s Digest as Rick and, shortly thereafter, uprooted himself and his wife from their life in Florida to get in on the treasure hunt.

      Dan had a highly successful contracting business in Florida. In the Boca Raton and Fort Myers area. It’s estimated by Florida Trend magazine that did a business bio work up on him when the show started, when he sold all his business interest in Florida he did to the tune of $37 million dollars. Back then and today that’s a lot of money.

      He had a very good business reputation good friends, a good Personal reputation and he gambled it all away on this island.

      This entire island has sucked in God only knows how many $$$$$$$ millions of dollars broken homes alcoholism death, all for nothing. If there was any amount or any kind of treasure on the island it has been long gone.

      Something else to give thought about. And this comes from my background as a retired successful Petroleum Engineer. No one in there right mind would go to the massive engineering trouble in this century, little alone 2 centuries ago to build such a labyrinth of tunnels that the show keeps cutting back to and shows you on a computer CAD design drawing.

    • Stevenstevestever

      Good fact checking on a misinterpreted premise. You should apply as an intern for the Laginas.

      • Joe munroe

        The fact that they have not found anything does not mean anything the show itself is very interesting and tells a lot more than just about oak island and it’s treasure that is why the show is on a treasure hunt get it take for example the show gold rush they only show you what you need to know for example where do they get the money for all that equipment and pay all the people shares of gold when they say we only got fifty ounces for the week when it costs three times that much to run all the machinery and pay the men just using them as an example I enjoy the curse of oak island very much and some day they may find a treasure and treasure comes in many forms mist people think of treasure as gold but treasure is a lot more than gold I hope they keep the show running

  • Stevenstevestever

    Amateurs. But at least they recouped some of their money wasted paving and drilling up Oak Island with the fees from History Channel. It will keep Doug and Marty in Grecian Formula for a few more years after the series ends.

  • Jim Barrett

    I for one am finished with the show. Too slow, too much repeatative filming, and never finding anything of value. It just drags on and on then never gives the viewer a feeling of finally accomplishing something. Bye!

  • Bertdanger

    I’m really dissapointed with this finale. The build up was far better than the discoveries. 1) They found some pieces of metal that have no rust. Sorry but unless the island underground has magical preservatives/or is devoid of oxygen, then the metal they found was just not that old. Look at the bolts compared to the “treasure chest” hinge. The bolts were old, rest was not. 2) I think these holes they dug were compromised at night by the producers in that they scrambled to find objects to drop into the final hole to get a show out of it. An old gold button and the phony hinge with no rust are what I think was secreted into the bore hole the night before. Or maybe the contractor getting paid massive fees to dig the hole dropped stuff in their to “find” the next day. 3) The Metal expert was not on the finale, a man with the experience and equipment to go through their “spoils” as they call them. I think he said “I’m out of here” because he would have said the metal was modern or maybe he was asked to compromise his integrity and lie about it. 4) The most obvious thing to do they never do is dig up the beach, find the “drains”, and walk them back to their source. The Q&A never expores the idea nor do the brothers. It is the most obvous X marks the spot angle yet they seem to purposefully overlook this. The drains must be easy to find if they go right to the money pit from the beach.

    Thus, I think this show is just a design for the history channel to make money on advertising. ALthough I cannot confirm this, its been suggested History is financing a portion of the work. I heard $1.15MM. If I were the brothers and the TV channel was paying significant $$, who would not keep at it? Finally, the fact they found nothing but wood likely from other searcher tunnels, a potentially planted gold button, and non-rusted metal which again is virtually impossible to believe its old is just a tease to keep people tuned in. I really had high hopes last night and they were dashed into the rocks. Sad Sad Sad!

  • Disgruntled2012

    They’ve convinced me that there is absolutely nothing there.

  • johnmu

    a few episodes ago when they drained the edge of the beach they found planks of wood and then something whihc seemed to have a cover on what happened to this cause the episode after was them digging up a different part of the shore as if they hadnt found anything in the previous episode?

  • FYO

    Sometimes people want to believe in something so badly they convince themselves it’s real and that’s that. But, there’s no reason to believe anything is there other than a handful of random relics of the past. Treasure though? Forget it.

  • Cujo

    The entire thing is utter bullshit. One thing they constantly fail to mention is that one of the original discoverers of the supposed “Money Pit” confirmed on his death bed that the entire thing was made up to bring themselves some notoriety and fame

  • Nita Hogg

    I remember reading the story in Readers Digest years ago about Oak Island. Read it to my young son who now is in his late 40s , early 50s. He was so excited, went outside picking up rocks, asking me if that was a piece of the treasure. Exciting. He now is an attorney and I am watching Oak Island again, hoping to finally see what, if anything is buried there. I do recall the Restalls, riding motorcycles in the steel cage who were among those digging for treasure in Oak Island. I believe they are among those who fell to their deaths in the deep pit. I am 85 years old and love Oak Island on History Channel. Please let us know if and when something is found. I hope to live to see the finale. From Dothan Alabama USA, I remember seeing the Restalls riding their motorcycles in that huge steel ball-cage at our Fair in Dothan Alabama .

  • Popscan

    Collapse the water tunnels coming from the ocean first then pump the water out of the tunnels