REPORT Khloe and Tristan engaged after six months of dating; whirlwind wedding planned

Khloe and Tristan engaged 1

A new report from an unexpected source has it on good authority that the numerous “Khloe and Tristan engaged” rumors of late are in fact true. According to Life & Style, the 32-year-old reality TV star and her 25-year-old boyfriend have decided that six months of dating is enough to know that they want to spend their lives together.

The two are ready to spend “$2 million” on what’s being called a “huge, extravagant event,” said an alleged insider, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the discussions. As has been reported in the past, the nuptuals will apparently be filmed for a KUWTK special: “Kris got dollar signs in her eyes when Khloé told her the news,” the source continued. “She was up all night typing a wedding plan and ideas for a TV special.”

It’s also worth pointing out that the most specific quote from one alleged insider never actually confirmed the actual existence of an engagement between the two–only that such a thing could, potentially, be a possibility. “[Khloe] and Tristan have talked a great deal about their wedding plans,” the second source said, “and they can’t wait. They are totally in love, and a wedding is the next natural step.”

Khloe and Tristan engaged 2

But one thing has Khloe worried, and that’s the possibility–however remote–that former flame Lamar Odom might crash the wedding. To keep it from happening, Khloe is said to be spending “a small fortune on security.” On the other hand, Kris is said to be hopeful that Lamar shows, as his presence “could be great for ratings.” (Kris Jenner never looks good in a Kardashian rumor–even the ones involving her own happiness.)

Khloe and Tristan are said to be eyeing an autumn date for their wedding, and October is supposedly the front-runner for preferred month.

Of course, there’s reason to be skeptical. Normally, any major Kardashian announcement comes from one of two sources: either a high-profile magazine like People, following extensive negotiations through PR reps; or via Kardashian home network E!. And Life & Style’s report doesn’t cite any of the involved parties by name, which is always cause for at least one raised eyebrow.

Notably, however, the story has yet to be debunked by Gossip Cop, and that site is always on the lookout for fresh Kardashian rumors to scoff at.

(Photo credits: Khloe and Tristan engaged via Instagram)

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