CONFIRMED LHHNY’s Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris never married, maintained lie in great baby mama fake-out

Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris never married 2

It appears that the rumors are true: Love & Hip Hop New York’s Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris never married, choosing instead to maintain their fib in order to draw out potential baby mamas and keep their demands at bay. A just-leaked clip from an upcoming LHHNY episode confirms the rumor, which had swirled for weeks following the news that two of Mendeecees’ baby mamas
would be joining the show and teaming up against Yandy this season.

According to the most reliable gossip to this point, Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris never married as part of a “strategic fake-out,” and nothing about their love was false. It was alleged that Yandy deliberately kept her name off of the marriage certificate at she and Mendeecees wedding ceremony, so that their assets would never be joined and any baby mamas to approach Yandy looking for money from Mendeecees while he was in prison would be unable to claim it. (By the time of Mendeecees and Yandy’s LHHNY wedding special, Mendeecees was already under investigation for the drug trafficking charges that would later put him in prison for eight years.)

Here’s a preview of the truth coming down, courtesy of Fameolous–who originally broke the story–and Love & Hip Hop Fights:

Sneak Peek when @yandysmith breaks the news to @iamjuju_ and @kimbella ??? Via @thelovehiphopfights

A video posted by FAMEOLOUS ENT (@fameolousent_) on

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(Photo credits: Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris never married via Instagram; h/t to Fameolous and Love & Hip Hop Fights)

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  • Alisson Leech

    They can still collect with the right legal representation if Yandy and Mendeecee file their taxes as a married couple.

    • Andria

      The thing is she doesn’t have to file as married because they aren’t married.

    • Tina Blackk

      If she didnt sign that marriage cert. you know dayam well hell she aint filing taxes with him…LOL

  • LoLo

    I don’t get why they would fake being married. So stupid. Some people take marriage seriously. Mendeecees puts on an act about Yandy caring for his kids so much. So who is paying for them while he’s away? I’m so over Yandy, she planned on having kids with someone she knew could be locked up. Then fakes a marriage because she doesn’t want to be responsible for his kids that she claims to love as her own. So she wants claim them, have them stay with her but not pay for them.

    • Angie

      Why should she have to financially support these woman’s children?? She is with him not the mothers, it’s his responsibility to pay for his children not hers. No doubt she loves all those kids and will get them what they need when with her but those other mothers need to put in overtime and support their own since daddy is in prison. Tandy is a smart woman. Haha I’m loving it

      • LoLo

        Where did I said she needed to support the mothers financially? She “married” a man knowing he was going away. She claims to love the kids as her own & wants them to stay with her. Her “husband” can’t support them. So, she wants the benefit of having them in her life, claiming them & taking them places without their mother knowing but doesn’t think someone should be paying child support. If I had the means & married a man that had to go away & I wanted the child in my life, I would help out with the child support until he could take care of it. She wants to play mommy with the kids but “married” a man who doesn’t pay child support You’re loving the fact that she took fake vows? Why pretend to be married? That’s stupid & knocks all real marriages. She is no better than Joseline & her fake marriage.

      • Susan Rider

        Yesss! Thats so tru. I mean its not like those kids r orphans, they have mothers nd their mothers should b taking care of them wat Yandy duz is outta love but she should not b financially obligated to take care of the other kids, she has her own to take care of too, everybody involved needs to take care of their own responsibilities, not one time have EVER seen any of those other two baby mamas say thanku for picking up my son from school yandy. Idk I feel like the two baby mamas that r comin into the show r shady af!! I c how lil Mendeccees loves Yandy nd vice versa nd Samantha is so ungrateful. Yandy is a businesswoman nd a smart one too at the end of the day shes gonna protect her assets, her pocket etc etc

    • Tina Blackk

      No matter how her kids got here they are all blessings. but i wouldn’t pay them baby mamas S.H.I.T. why didnt they get it when he was free? nah now wait till his bid is over and deal with him on that!!! I dont blame Yandy!!!

      • Leonor Martinez

        Hmm j

      • LoLo

        Of course kids are a blessing. They are also a responsibility. Creating them when you know their father will be sent away is poor judgement. Most people who decide to have kids want to set the best example for their kids, not be away from them locked up. I don’t begrudge the poor kids, it’s their parents who did not put them first. We don’t know if Mendeecees was paying support while he was out. If he’s away & Yandy wants the kids in her life, the child support should continue. You can’t be a part time parent but then want the benefits of having the kids in your life. Faking a marriage is another poor example they set for the kids, what a way to show them how to be deceitful again. If they did not go through with the entire fake marriage I might not feel as strong.

    • Tina Blackk

      I doubt she will ever marry him.

      • LoLo

        I wouldn’t either but I would NEVER fake a marriage & say someone is my husband who is not. What little respect I would have for her is gone. There was no reason to do that. I just can’t stand smart, hard working women giving in to these low life men. Mendeecees can love his kids all he wants & wants to play the nice guy when in realty he’s a criminal (multiple times) who continues to create children all the while committing crimes. I feel bad for his kids.

  • Andria

    I’m all for it. It totally makes since. You don’t want Yandy to be around your children but you think you gonna get her hard earned money. Yandy is about her checks. It’s one thing for her to take care of someone else’s children when she is with them but you ain’t gonna have it both ways she can’t see them and you still want her money .

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  • pmo

    yandy is all about her paper she aint gonna support some other h o e’s kids, especially these two, the way they treat her. no new episodes monday but next week kim, the mother who dresses as a man is going to fake a heart attack onscreen.

  • KrushedIce

    I lost a lot of respect for Ms. Yandy Smith. Now I totally understand why she constantly throws the wife title and ring around sooo much. Its like who is she trying to convince? Erika and Samantha, or herself? Yandy is the one trying so hard to prove a position. If she didn’t want to marry the man for financial reasons then just say that. If she’s willing to lie about that then its possible she’s lying but about other things she’s claimed as well.