VIDEO Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree digs Cole’s wedding ring, and so do we

Aubree Cole Deboer wedding ring

Chelsea Houska’s fairy tale season continues, as “Cole Shows Off His Wedding Ring” to Aubree in this preview video.

“Cole Shows Off His Wedding Ring”

When I saw the title of this clip, I was prepared to be quite unimpressed. I mean, how often is a man’s wedding ring all that interesting to look at? But Cole’s is pretty damned unique and cool!

In the beginning of the clip, Aubree returns home “from dingbat’s parents” sans a few teeth. Chelsea brings up the topic of Cole’s wedding ring, and, after explaining to Aubree that Cole will wear his after the wedding, she asks if she wants to see it. “YESSS!” exclaims Aubree.

Cole brings out the ring and shows it to her. He tells her that it is made up of three sections: one made of antler, one made of gold (thin ring in the middle), and one made of wood:

Cole Deboer wedding ring

After Cole shows off his nuptial bling, Chelsea asks Aubree what she plans to do at the wedding. “DANCE!” says an exuberant Aubree, as Chelsea and Cole laugh and repeat her response. (I’m guessing Aubree’s response was due in large part to the great time she had with Cole at the father-daughter dance.)

Oh, and I figured we should all take a quick moment to admire Cole’s Big D:

Cole DeBoer Big D

The Teen Mom 2 Season 7 finale airs Monday night at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • It’s me

    Not much to say about Chelsea…and thats a good thing
    Other than Adam she probably live a normal happy life.
    To bad Adam disnt sign over his rights when he called his beautiful sweet daughter a mistake.
    I bet if the show was over (no mtv checks) & she said you dont have to pay support if you sign over your rights he would in a second.
    He only spends time with her when the camera is around, other than that his parents watch her.

    • Heather

      I think Chelsea is an awesome mom, and seems to be a nice person. All things considered, if the only thing people can complain about is her baby voice, then she’s doing something right. I also think Adam would walk away from Aubree, and I think he should.

      • savannah

        She found a perfect match, they both talk baby talk. And I think its cute as hell. From day one, this girl has done nothing but try and create a normal family life for her daughter, even if it meant keeping Adam around. I’m so glad she finally realized that was the LEAST healthy thing she could do, and now she’s met a guy who is willing to take on a ready-made family. Props to Cole for being more of a Dad than Adam every will.

        • Heather

          Bless Cole. Seriously. He really seems to love that little girl with everything in him. And she seems to be an awesome kid, so props to them both for that. There are times I think MTV should just let Chelsea go because she’s so normal, but at the same time, I think it’s great that they’re showing her because being a teen mom doesn’t have to mean drama. Also, as a commentor on another site said, props to Chelsea for figuring out how to be so darn normal and getting MTV to pay her tons of money for being that way.

          • ❤️??✌?️Miss Breezie❤️??✌?️

            I think that too sometimes and sometimes because she has no real drama she’s boring sorry I live for reality tv and drama because I don’t have real life drama but she’s the only one I think would be fine and not struggling when the show gets cancelled everybody else is gonna be lost except maybe Tyler and Caitlyn they live within their means as well

          • Cait

            That is so damn true lol. I think MTV keeps her around because they know she’s the most genuinely likable one. I mean most people I know who watch the show like her and she doesn’t have to get into screaming fights with her parents or baby daddy, fist fight her friends, get addicted to drugs or completely ignore her child while she jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend to keep people interested in her storyline. I for one think she’s a great mom. Yea she had a lot of financial help from her dad when she was younger but she supports herself now, she’s always made it a point to take care of her child and Aubrey has been her top priority and even with the horrible father Adam is, Chelsea doesn’t talk badly about him to or in front of the child. That’s way more than you can say for most of the other girls.

  • Regina

    Coool. I originally wanted a ring with meteorite and dinosaur bone in it! But those are frickin’ expensive.

  • DoogieHowser

    His ring looks like a washer, why didn’t he smooth out the edges just a little?

  • ❤️??✌?️Miss Breezie❤️??✌?️

    I guess I have a dirty mind I scrolled back up to look when they said admire his big d and then realized what big did they were talking about ??? lol. I don’t have nothing against Chelsea except I wish her and Cole would stop with the baby voice it’s creepy and weird to me that two grown people talking baby voices pretty soon Aubree will sound more adult than both of them

  • LookAtAllTheCrap!

    Aubree is a sweetheart. Hopefully having Adam for a dad doesn’t phuck her up too much.

  • Ashley

    Boring. But this means that Aubree is the only child on TM2 who seems to have a chance at not being screwed up, so I hope Chelsea keeps it up.