Jenelle Eason’s ex Kieffer Delp sentenced in meth lab arrest

Kieffer Delp sentenced for meth lab arrest

Jenelle Eason’s ex Kieffer Delp found himself in more legal trouble when he was arrested in January for allegedly running a meth lab in his apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After spending more than seven months behind bars, Kieffer finally got his day in court this week, during which he accepted a deal that included a guilty plea on three felony charges.

According to court records, Kieffer pleaded guilty to operating a methamphetamine lab (felony) and risking catastrophe (felony) in addition to manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver (felony). As part of the deal, one felony count was dropped as were three misdemeanor counts.

Here are the charges that were dropped:

• Deposits, stores, disposes chemical waste (felony)

• Use/possession of drug paraphernalia

• Possession of ephedrine

• Intentionally possessing a controlled substance by a person not registered (misdemeanor)

Kieffer was given a sentence of 18-36 months in Pennsylvania state prison, but his seven-plus months behind bars awaiting sentencing can be applied. Once he gets out, he will be looking at three years of probation.

Click here to see police photos o Kieffer’s apartment/meth lab when he was arrested.

In summary, being a felon still isn’t illegal, but committing a felony (or felonies) still is.

Radar Online was the first to report on Kieffer Delp’s sentencing.

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