PHOTOS LHHATL’s Stevie J becomes period panty salesman in partnership with acclaimed businesswoman Ms. Jackson

Stevie J my pretty panty with Ms Jackson

Are Stevie J and Ms. Jackson an item? They sure are in the business sense: the two have teamed up to sell women’s underwear at Wal-Mart. That’s right: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Stevie J is now a women’s underwear salesman! And not just any woman’s underwear — woman’s underwear specifically designed for that time of month! Here’s the official word on the Stevie J and Ms. Jackson panty collaboration, courtesy of the launch party’s press release:

Stevie J is more than a prolific musician but he’s a dynamic businessman who’s using his celebrity to bring about awareness to all of the ladies with his latest venture with Ms. Jackson as they present My Pretty Panty. Steve J and Ms Jackson are presenting a dope product to help the ladies feel comfortable and oh so pretty during that special time of the month.
Ladies I invite you all to get on the My Pretty Panty Launch Party BUS!
My Pretty Panty was founded in 2011, with women in mind. The goal of Pretty Panty is to provide girls, young ladies and women the ultimate protection during one of their most vulnerable times. The eco-friendly product is made to help women feel comfortable and protected that special time of the month. The black owned business is the brain child of Ms. Jackson and the partnership with Stevie J is the perfect marriage. Stevie J is all about helping the ladies feel comfortable and My Pretty Panty does just that.


You’ve got to give the pair credit for one thing: they are selling the hell out of the good times to be had at the launch! A My Pretty Panty Launch Party Bus? That sentence didn’t even exist before today!

Stevie J and Ms. Jackson 2

Ms. Jackson–whose first name is Davielle–recently inked a My Pretty Panty distribution deal with Wal-Mart, and was quick to promote it on her very active Instagram page:

Speaking of active Instagram pages, gossip has begun to center on the shots of Stevie J and Ms. Jackson that she’s been sharing over the past few weeks. However, Stevie has also been linked with Mimi Faust in 2016, and he and Joseline have yet to come clean about the status of their relationship, except to confirm that they separated weeks ago.

My best friend….. A photo posted by Ms Jackson (@officialmjceo) on

Breaking bread… @hitmansteviej_1 #goodvibes A photo posted by Ms Jackson (@officialmjceo) on

Winning with @durttyboyz #hot1079 ?❤️#atl with @hitmansteviej_1!

A photo posted by Ms Jackson (@officialmjceo) on

Awwwww ❤️ this guy.. Mr VH1 ?? #love #Atlanta #atl #dz #UCE A video posted by Ms Jackson (@officialmjceo) on

But, if the thought of Stevie J selling underwear to teenage girls isn’t to your liking, don’t worry: you can catch Stevie and the rest of the LHHATL crew when their show returns Monday, April 4th, at 8 PM EST on VH1.


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(Photo credits: Stevie J and Ms. Jackson via Instagram)

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    Well you know…what can I say ?

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    That camel toe in the white pants though…….

  • Alisson Leech

    Stevie J. is much smarter than he acts. He is too much of an entrepreneur to be an idiot.

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    They’d make a cute couple. Unlike with Mimi and Jos, he looks “right” with her.

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      Bs lmbo lol

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        All i see is thirsty women lining up for that special slezzy sauce…..Josline out the way so they running and in line to be next…..hats off to Mr. Jordan tho cause if these women keeping running to him knowing his rap sheet then keep pimping my man….in the words of my cuz; pimping aint dead them hoes just scared and been mislead waiting for a brother like him#steviej to scoop em up…..smh and laughing at the same time…..women need to have more self worth…..everybody just not meant for ?