PHOTOS Kirk Frost’s baby mama Jasmine Washington keeps it on the DL ahead of LHHATL Season 6 bombshell

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One of the biggest LHHATL Season 6 storylines involves Kirk and Rasheeda’s alleged baby mama drama. But Kirk Frost’s baby mama Jasmine Washington is not only out of the spotlight ahead of the premiere–she’s keeping herself AWOL until her long-rumored news blows up on screen!

As we first reported several weeks ago, Kirk and Jasmine apparently had a baby together last year, and the baby was born around Halloween. It was around that same that Kirk stopped supporting Jasmine financially and cut off all contact with her; she responded by suing him for paternity and child support in an Atlanta court. Her lawsuit alleges that Kirk makes approximately $10,000 per month and she’s asking for $2,500 of that. (Plus, it probably goes without saying that Kirk kept Rasheeda in the dark about all of this.)

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However, it looks like Jasmine is keeping her story on the DL for as long as she possibly can. Her official VH1 cast bio only mentions that she’s originally from New York, she moved to Atlanta three years ago, she used to be a stripper, and she has “big dreams for her future.” There are no social media links in the bio; all we know for sure is fellow LHHATL Season 6 cast newbie Rod Bullock is her boyfriend, but his Twitter profile is inactive and his IG page is on lockdown.

In fact, VH1 hasn’t even released an official photo of Jasmine. The only pics we have come courtesy of top-shelf gossip site LHHTea:

Kirk Frost's baby mama Jasmine Washington

It’s also worth pointing out that Kirk reportedly kept *two* baby mamas on the side over the past year–and, in the words of the LHHATL crew member who leaked the tea, Kirk “likes them YOUNG.” Jasmine, 27, is approximately 20 years younger than Kirk; the second baby mama is said to be 23, meaning that by now she could be exactly half his age.

No word yet on whether the second baby mama will appear on LHHATL this season, but we don’t have long to wait: the Season 6 premiere drops tonight at 8 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: Kirk Frost’s baby mama Jasmine Washington via Instagram; h/t to LHHTea)

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