Is Billion Dollar Wreck fake? Martin Bayerle haunted by money, murder charges

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Is History’s brand-new treasure hunt extravaganza Billion Dollar Wreck fake? The network is positioning its newest program as heir to the Curse of Oak Island throne, and part of the fun where shows like these are concerned is the extent to which the network has amped up the likelihood of its presenters striking it rich. And, as is always the case with similar shows, there’s an overwhelming amount of history to digest: any discussion of the RMS Republic has to involve Martin Bayerle, his son Grant, and their family’s tortured history with the wreck, as well as the overall “Billion Dollar Wreck fake” question.

History’s official synopsis for the Billion Dollar Wreck pilot is as tantilizing (and open-ended) as you’d expect:


Martin Bayerle and his estranged son, Grant, return to the wreck that nearly destroyed their family, and begin an expedition which could be their last chance to solve the mystery of the RMS Republic and recover over a billion dollars of treasure.


Additionally, we know that Billion Dollar Wreck will be (at least) an eight-episode series, and that the show documents Martin Bayerle’s second high-profile attempt at salvaging the wreck of the RMS Republic. The first ended in disaster: Martin lost everything he’d sunk into the endeavor, and was brought up on murder charges….

Billion Dollar Wreck fake 2

First, though, a word on the RMS Republic, which is the basis for all of the “Billion Dollar Wreck fake” claims related to the show. The massive ocean liner was launched with great fanfare on February 26th, 1903; among its many claims to fame was her size–at the time she was one of the ten largest passenger cruisers in the world–and her luxury. As the Billion Dollar Wreck promotional materials attest, the RMS Republic has gained a reputation as the “Millionaire’s Ship” because of the numerous wealthy and illustrious passengers onboard at the time she was sunk.

As for the sinking itself? The RMS Republic, which was heading from New York City to Gibraltar, sank in the early morning of January 23, 1909, when she was struck “amidships on her port side” by the SS Florida, which couldn’t see the Republic due to a thick fog that shrouded both ships off the coast of Nantucket. At the time, ocean liners were not required to carry enough lifeboats for everyone on board (a fact which would doom the passengers of the Titanic three years later); however, thanks to the Florida and the presence of the RMS Baltic, another ocean liner which happened to be nearby, only six of the Republic’s 742 passengers and crew died in the 1909 disaster.

Billion Dollar Wreck fake 3

The Republic’s alleged secret cargo, though, was another matter. The ship was a total loss, and legends about the treasure it may or may not have held at the time have only grown in the ensuing years. What treasure did the RMS Republic have on board? $250,000 worth of raw, erotic gold, says one theory–gold which would be worth a minimum of $4,760,000 today, and possibly as much as $133,000,000. Another theory posits that $3,000,000 in relief for victims of a recent Italian earthquake was the lost booty.

It’s Martin Bayerle’s personal (and trademarked!) theory, though, that gives Billion Dollar Wreck its name, and lends credence to most of the “Billion Dollar Wreck fake” speculation. Bayerle’s research leads him to believe that two major treasures were on board. The first is that the RMS Republic was carrying $3,000,000 worth of something–but that it was actually American Eagle Gold coins, which were a loan to the Russian government and were ultimately bound for Nicholas II’s court. Bayerle also claims that the Republic carried $800,000 worth of US Government coinage, and “other valuable cargoes.”

The real kicker, though, is the value of the gold in the alleged Russian shipment. The $3,000,000 figure is based on a $20 per ounce value in 1909. Bayerle himself does not speculate wildly as to the value today, but notes how much it would have grown:


Irrepressible rumors…suggest that…[the Republic] also carried to the bottom of the sea a politically sensitive and secret shipment of gold that had been consigned to the Czar of Russia: a $3,000,000 (1909 face-value) five-ton shipment of mint condition American Gold Eagle coins….The matter of “gold engagements” (the manner in which gold was secured and shipped in that day) [has been] analyzed in great depth and documents from the U.S., Great Britain, France, Russia, Spain and Switzerland have been examined for their relevance. In addition, an exhaustive search of all newspaper, company and public records has been completed in order to facilitate a book and film documenting the story of the Republic….A synthesis of all available information enabled Captain Bayerle to develop a new theory, the “Third Theory” [of] the Tsar’s gold, [which] supports the existence of the Republic’s legendary treasure….The valuation is based primarily on the presumed Gold Eagle cargo, the condition and mintage of the individual coins and their successful marketing. A very conservative estimate would indicate a value today of somewhere between $700 and $900 million, if the cargos exist, and if they can be located within the ship and successfully/economically recovered.


Billion Dollar Wreck fake 4

In that case, who is Captain Martin Bayerle? The man has been called a pirate (“in the complimentary sense”) by a Federal judge, and has exclusive salvage rights to the RMS Republic. But the fact that’s getting more attention than perhaps any other in the swirl of “Billion Dollar Wreck fake” stories is the two-and-a-half years that Bayerle spent in prison, after a jury convicted him of voluntary manslaughter following the 1991 murder of Stefano Robotti, Bayerle’s wife’s alleged lover. (Martin was estranged from his wife at the time.)

It helps to remember that History is billing the Billion Dollar Wreck as the adventure that nearly destroyed Martin’s life after he discovered the Republic in 1981. Six years later, the “1987 effort,” as Bayerle calls the first attempt at locating the wreck’s gold, cost him “everything.” Despite a 74-day search of the Republic, Martin discovered only the wine cellar, and was unable to come up with either more funds to continue the search or a detailed map of the ship itself. Financial ruin soon followed, and Bayerle gave up the coast for a life on a small West Virginia farm with his in-laws. The spat between himself, his wife, and her lover turned murderous four years later, and, despite apparent evidence that Robotti had exploited Susan Bayerle sexually, Martin was sentenced to five years in prison. Good behavior got him out in half the time.

Billion Dollar Wreck fake 1

Now, a generation later, Martin and his son Grant are back to try and pry the ship’s secrets out once and for all. It sounds like Billion Dollar Wreck is going to be a story of redemption for Martin Bayerle as much as it is a search for untold wealth–and so, to that extent, the idea of a Billion Dollar Wreck fake out can only be taken so far.

But–judge with your own eyes! Here’s History’s first Billion Dollar Wreck trailer:

And here’s the first Billion Dollar Wreck sneak preview, which History shared just a short while ago:

As for the show itself? See what you can make of the “Billion Dollar Wreck fake” question by tuning in: the series premieres Monday, February 8th, at 10 PM EST on History.


(Photo credits: Billion Dollar Wreck fake via History)

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  • Elaygee

    No better than the incestuous Duggars. Pure nonsense. As real as the $3 billion in gold bullion under my bed

  • Mike Bergmann

    This show is a rip of British show called billion dollar wreck hunt. However billion dollar wreck (the one on history channel)
    is 100% scripted. Just listen to those bad actors, they can’t even memorize their lines.
    It’s pretty funny. I bet TV rating will go down in that one.

  • Stu S

    poorly filmed and eveyrthing is reapeated 3 times…..

    • DDoubleyou

      ancient aliens started this line of worthless programming.

    • Dennis S Hudson

      3 times? You must have stopped watching after the 3rd episode 😂

  • Jim

    The part of this after seeing the second episode when the diver lost air and almost died, and how Martin Bayerle seems to ignore his condition and acts like this will ruin his attempts to salvage if they have to return to port to get this diver medical attention-REALLY???? This guy is a total A$$HOLE! you will ignore a guys signs of trauma for the sake of finding this gold at any cost. As it was mentioned this show does not convince me that that this is a real salvage to locate lost gold.i am starting to think this is a rehearsed show and the attempt to lure viewers and eventually find nothing. Just like Oak Island All the hype and then the last episode shows and questionable object that keeps feeding the flames. One would truly think that if there had been a discovery on both of these shows it truly would be hard for anyone not to talk about it and it to become real news. I guess I am as dumb as the rest of the viewers watching this garbage. When I first starting watching Discovery, they truly started out as a view honest and straight forward show. Now they have become a rehearst show of poor actors who just cannot make a story work where you can see straight thru that the show is not real. Shame on Discovery, After seeing this last episode, I’ll move onto a better station this has really become real garbage. Also when recreating the death that occurred (allegedly) where Martins ex-wife talks about this it coincided with the moment that this diver was in distress. What the HELL are your editiors thinking when the focus at that moment is about this diver and you move to a fight between Martin and a confrontation in his front yard? You guys are all over the place and the show makes no sense! What a joke!

    • Lea423

      As I have been reading sites, blogs etc., about this show after binge watching it last night, I was waiting for someone to mention how absolutely indifferent, callous and unsympathetic Martin was to this poor diver who was suffering and going thru a pretty horrific ordeal!! I am so glad that you noticed, llas I was starting to believe I was over acting but not the case as this guy is a complete and absolute evil egomaniac!! !For me, jury is still out on how real this show is and its premise and possibly storyline, but I do believe the diver was in a real terrifying situation and that VERY large bag of dicks wearing an eye patch could have cared less if he dropped dead on the deck. I get reality show editing, however, I feel like if Martin was genuinely concerned and freaking out we would have seen some footage, as they had no problem showing other crew members reactions, which were of them, wait….oh, right,… being genuinely concerned and freaking out! He just isn’t a good person, then again, I don’t know what I expected as he is a convicted fellon for MANSLAUGHTER none the less, among other despicable qualities.
      Don’t know if I will continue watching as he is so obnoxiously self absorbed that its hard to watch. Am wondering though if because the show delves into his evil past and they have family discuss their experiences with one of hells demons, will they have any of the murder victims’ family members doing the same? So far it seems very 1 sided and once again, as this Martin non-person, talks about his favorite subject…himself, and how he killed another man, in an act of “jealous rage” he displays the same callousness and indifference he had when his diver was on his last breath.
      Because of how he reacts to tragic and highly emotionally charged situations, or more like void of reactions, I find it very hard to believe how he initially got himself into this “jealous blind rage” that he claims as the motivation for killing the man to begin with. Sorry, ain’t buying it as he even says he’s not jealous on one of those super creepy cassette tapes and he says it using that monotone and very matter of fact type voice.
      Haha! All I wanted to say in a few sentences was that I 100% agreed with you and then went off on a tyrant about some ahole, pirate wanna be who hates people…

      • Mrs. David Wesley

        HAHAHA! “…that VERY large bag of dicks wearing an eye patch…” LMFAO. You are funny.

      • Clive Davis

        Get a grip, Lea. Your gonna get so riled up you’ll have a stroke

        Keep telling yourself “It’s NOT Real”…

        Like ‘Poltergeist’ or ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’


    • Paul D’Amato

      The whole episode about him losing air and almost dying is bullshit. I have done this exact same dive numerous times and if his main air supply cut off he could easily reach back and turn on his bail out bottle ( the big bottle on his back) . That is his first line of redundant air. Second, if that didn’t work for some reason, he could take his pneumo hose ( used to determine his depth ) which is attached to his surface air hose, and shove it up the neck dam of his Superlite 17 dive hat. This would give him air until he reached the bell which has 6 redundant bottles of gas attached , which is MORE THAN ENOUGH to complete his in water decompression. Not ONCE did you hear the dive supervisor tell him to ” go on bailout” … Not once. That’s how I know the whole scenario was staged.

      • Mrs. David Wesley

        Huh…you’re absolutely right. My brother-in-law’s parents have run a dive shop in Iowa for the past 30 years. Where the hell one dives in IOWA I do not know, but anyway I just called them and they backed what you said 100%. Thank you for posting.

        • Herr Wolf

          I used to muff dive on coeds at U of Iowa

          • iac4357 .

            Have you heard the story of the college boy who drowned in a coed’s muffin ?
            Three times his buddies pulled him out; but he kept on diving BACK IN !

      • Nosyparker

        We all [most] know that these “adventures” are nonsense but you would think the writer/producers would put at least some kind of effort into a scene like the dramatic “I’m out of air” Thanks for the logical explanation as to why it couldn’t have happened the way they showed it, maybe the show is made for pre-teens, kind of like Flipper was when I was 11 or 12.

      • Dennis S Hudson

        Just saw this, posted my comment and then saw this post, I could not understand why they did not just free flow the pneumo either, commercial diver 101 and in my case as well as yours I am sure, that emergency procedure is practiced so much that it becomes as second nature as breathing itself.

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious?? This accident absolutely happened. This man almost died and will never dive again.

    • Jerry T

      Um….duh. He went to jail for murder. Do you think he actually gives a crap about some stupid diver?

  • Ashley

    What my question is, maybe someone can answer for me, is how did Martin Bayerle come up with the theory that there was all this gold on board? What led him to believe that this ship was carrying gold bound for the Czar of Russia?

    • Steven

      this ia all part of a con he has run for years to get investors to give him money to look for secret treasure that no one but him says is down there.

  • Mike Plouffe

    “No better than the incestuous Duggars” – that made me laugh, and don’t forget to add “hypocritical” as well, as they espouse their morally upright Christian values every chance they can all the while knowing their son molested a child and were colluding with law enforcement to cover it up. But anyway. Yeah, I really enjoy the “Curse of Oak Island” as this is a real historical mystery and very fascinating, but as has been said, it seems this billion dollar cargo has been invented with no proof or historical rumor to provide a basis for the theory. They have a hit with Oak Island and blundered while trying to re-capitolize on that success with the equivalent of a movie franchise success creating terrible sequels to try and keep running with something that worked. But it typically only works once as it can’t be original and fresh twice. I’m not a fan. And yes, it’s horribly tedious as they repeat everything 3 times or more, turning 10 minutes of show into a painfully long hour.

    • Donna Berube

      I like Oak Island too and they have us in limbo now about if there will be another season. I just call it Oak Island……. they could have done without the drama of the purported”curse”. I don’t believe that stuff for a moment…..the fact is their primitive methods of a very dangerous job in earlier years resulted in some tragic deaths…may they rest in blessed peace. I think the treasure has been found by an earlier seeker.

      • Donna Berube

        Not to put a damper on the search

      • ppldntknw

        Donna did you watch the interviews after the last oak island? If you pay attention you see one of the brothers giving the free mason sign and making sure the camera caught it! I do believe something was on oak island but we will never know what was found.. one of the brothers is a free mason and that “secret society” will never allow the info to come out

        • Donna Berube

          Edward Rowe Snow wrote about different treasure quests…very interesting reading..

  • Ed

    just watch the episode of the diver coming to fast . and then being put in a decompression chamber. take a look at the port holes as a person looks in to see what is going on inside. Now look again and tell me,are the bolts on the glass suppose to be in the holes and tighten down if there is pressure in the chamber?

    • Nosyparker

      Did they explain the cause of loss of air? If they did, I missed it.

      • Paul D’Amato

        Nope, never. Because it never happened. See my post above…

        • Nosyparker

          Yes, I have no doubt that it never happened but I would have thought the show would have made up some bullshit excuse, it may come in handy for a future plot twist. I’m done with the show, my free month of viewing the “History?” channel is finished tonight, I certainly wouldn’t pay for crap like that.

    • Paul D’Amato

      Yes. There is a rubber gasket on either side of the port hole…its plexiglass, not glass.

      • Ed

        Thanks , but my question,even if there is a gasket on both sides of the plexiglas port hole,why are the bolts that hold it down in place not in the holes but sitting on the out side rim of the plexiglas port hole. if it is under pressure as they lead us to believe that should have blown off long time ago.

        • Paul D’Amato

          I’ll have to check on that next time I watch it…

        • Paul D’Amato

          ED, I got to look at it closer and for some reason the port hole is welded around the perimeter and painted white. That explains why they didn’t use bolts …

          • Clive Davis

            Wrong again, Paul. Of course the port seat/flange is welded (to the chamber skin), how could it not be? The ring that retains the acrylic port–NOT plexiglass–is clearly NOT bolted to the flange. If any pressure is applied the port will pop out. Geez, they didn’t teach u much in the Navy…

  • Bronco

    Tired of these shows like Oak Island…billion dollar wreck…nothing is ever found…nothing

    • Mrs. David Wesley

      Right on. But what do I do each time a new one pops up? Tune in for every episode like a lemming. Yeah…I really need a hobby.

    • Herr Wolf

      If you want to to loot trillions in wealth start a Central Bank( it also helps to be a J#w)

      • Dovile Joniškyte Strydom

        That’s what adolf said

  • Paul D’Amato

    This is the most drawn out, repetitive , boring series I have ever seen. Poorly edited and repetitious. I am a retired commercial oilfield diver and I can tell you that the only way to dive this wreck, cost effective, is with a saturation dive ship with a DP anchor system. The stupidity of diving this on gas and limiting your bottom time to 23 minutes is ridiculous !

    • GoHillary

      maybe you should have exercised? Do you complain about it or are you teaching? I clearly see the guy has his own television show. This is quite a problem. I want to know more. So, I am watching to see what happens in Nantucket!

      • Paul D’Amato

        WTF are you talking about ? This is supposed to be “REAL” and given the facts you can clearly see that it is not. What the hell does exercise have to do with anything? For you information, I retired from diving at 36 years old due to an accident 220 feet under water where a crane operator swung a crane the wrong way and broke my back causing me to never be able to go into a decompression situation again…which ends your career as a commercial diver.

        • Pan oRoya

          I recall hearing that one of his previous attempts did involve saturation diving. I’m a non-diver but the 30 minutes of working time on this twisted mass of disintegrating steel looks preposterous. I wonder who is paying for this attempt? I wouldn’t have thought the TV show was capable of funding anything so expensive. But this is “Oak Island” Mk 2. I just hope no-one gets killed. I’d bet a large sum of money (if I had it) that nothing valuable will be recovered. In tonight’s program they were crowing about a barnacle-encrusted bottle “Still sealed!!!”

          • topsoldier

            D’Amato.. I agree… I’m retired NAVY….
            and..if some of my old buds who dove on sunken ships with me in the Philippines…would blow a gasket with the way they are going after this wreck.. Going in a sunken wreck – with hoses and gas is lunacy.. I’d have grappling hooks on one side of the ship….pull them with the ship from the other side — and rip the top right off the damn thing,,,Simple — done in one day… Once the top decks are gone…go for it… Then — all the artifacts can be scrounged up and sold to the public…
            CUNARD lines – when I was about 21…(in the 60’s)…Gail Curren – worked in the Office there. They were closing down… She told me to take the model of TITANIC that was in the LOBBY…HUGE…probably 14 feet long… I still shudder about it.. I had no way to haul it.. SHIT…..

            • topsoldier

              Forgot to mention.. In Leyte gulf..when I dove w/the Filipino divers…we managed to remove 2 of the SHIP BELLS from the tincans down there. I have the 2 to this day …

    • nick kelly

      So you were glued to Ancient Aliens? You said ‘most’ as in the worst. Or did you mean ‘the most drawn out, ….” salvage/diving show. Buddy, most of the crap on History isn’t about anything. There is nothing to test against reality No doubt they’re incompetent salvage folk but in series I’d say are more boring i.e. unwatchable, they aren’t doing anything. There CAN’T be incompetent Ghost Hunters because there is no such f8cking thing.
      F&ck i’d forgotten ‘Hunting for Hitler’ how’d you like that collection of turds.
      Two guys are walking around a ruined stone hut in Argentina: “So there could have been Nazis here”


      • jayy634 none

        Ancient Aliens is a pretty rockin’ show

        • Fake Clouds

          we dont know exactly what it is ..or who build it. but i think aliens did it. LOL! thats the main line in that serie. Enjoy. Greets from The Netherlands.

      • Pan oRoya

        “Hunting Hitler” was a real prize-winning turkey.

  • dd121

    Boring, plus I call bullsh*t on there being 3 million. Hope the investors didn’t put up their life savings. It’s gone.

  • Tommy

    Anyone buying this crap? Since when does any diver anywhere ever dive alone anyways? I asked Grant on FB and he says it is very common. I’m not a diver myself, but pretty much the rest of my family is, and rule number 1 is ALWAYS HAVE A BUDDY. DUH

    • Jones Nehause

      Commercial divers typically dive alone on most jobs

    • Paul D’Amato

      It’s almost unheard of to have two commercial divers in the water at one time, only for an emergency. It’s not like scuba, you are connected to the surface by a three inch wide “umbilicals hose” which carries air and hot water for deep dives. We don’t swim or even wear flippers, we drop to the bottom and walk to the work site and get the job done, then your tender pulls you up to the surface or bell for in water decompression…and just about EVERY commercial dive has decompression…

      • Clive Davis

        Wrong, Paul. In fact, 3-man bells are the industry standard today. Most bells newer than 15 years old are plumbed for 3 divers. Two divers exit the bell for a six-hour run and are tended by the 3rd man. Each crew rotates around so each man takes a turn remaining in the bell. Older, smaller bells have limited room so only two divers are involved–each doing about 4 hours work locked out…thus 8-hour bell runs

        • Paul D’Amato

          Well, I don’t know where you live Clive but I’m assuming it’s somewhere near the North Sea. I am not “wrong” when talking about America and particularly the Gulf of Mexico , which I live ten miles from and still have numerous friends working for dive companies. Hell, my best friend is the operation manager for Black Water Divers in Morgan City Louisiana. The only reason I am not still diving is that I was squashed between two 8 inch pipelines while trying to do repairs after a hurricane, and broke my back in 220 feet of water diving AIR. Safety has always been secondary here as opposed to North Sea diving and our living conditions are light years behind the industry. The law suits are not large enough to deter the oil companies so they just don’t care and rush divers to get the work done. We still dive air regularly to 240 feet…

          • Clive Davis

            I retired to Costa Rica after working in UK, Asia, South America, Europe and GOM (last 12 years). Your statement “Safety has always been secondary here as opposed to North Sea diving and
            our living conditions are light years behind the industry” says it all. Nowhere else did I encounter the appalling condition of gear and working environment as in the GOM. As a client rep I shut down numerous jobs due to the horrendous state of ancillary equipment and lack of safety standards. You’re preaching to the choir, amigo.

            Yes, there are undoubtedly more worn-out, dangerous 2-man bells (than 3-man units) still being used but, nevertheless, the larger units are the ‘new normal’…

            • Paul D’Amato

              Costa Rica?! How’s that working out ? I’ve heard the dollar goes a long way there, but the banking systems are not par with the US. Do you like it there? I want to get out of here( Lafayette, La.) when my youngest daughter graduated high school in two years and I need to be somewhere warm due to my screwed up back. Is it easy to find a nice home there?

  • Horwitz_Farsnarkle

    It seems to me some well placed C4 explosives would take the top layers of the crushed ship off and give better access to the gold storage locker. BTW, you can bet the gold was stored in a large save, so don’t expect to see loose pieces of gold coins in the wreck.

  • prophet4profit

    My guess is that the ship has $250K in gold (1909 value) and the “pirate” wants to recover it. He made up a story to raise interest and investors. He probably has a legal plan to bilk the investors when and if the recovery ever happens. People watch the show to see an average joe work hard and make it big. If this show was real they wouldn’t have to focus on the drama in his private life, they could save that for a spin-off show. No reason to turn it into 3 shows by poor editing (the mission, the private life drama and the obstacles). There are only two uneventful dives per hour long episode. Watch Gold Rush or Wicked Tuna, much better shows with much less b.s.

    • Jim C

      I totally agree. I originally thought this was a new update on the SS Republic, a side paddle wheel steamer that also sank with gold and silver but in 1865 and was a floating “bank” that was carrying monies to the west coast at the time of the gold rush. In this case, Odyssey Marine Exploration, actually found a huge cache of gold and silver and it was an entertaining show concerning the technology involved in recovering treasure from a depth of over 1,700 feet and the entire operation was performed by ROVs.

      For me the adventure of the “dive” and recovery, if any, is enough to entertain me for two to three episodes, but this editing, whether intentional or due to a total lack of real content is super BORING and I have stopped watching the show.

      I am sadden by Martin’s mistake and the sorrow this wreck obsession and his wife’s lack of standing by her man has wrought on this family, but enough already with the weekly re-telling. Even a new viewer can be told in 30 seconds rather than a quarter of the air time the same old story.

      The poor content of this show can possibly affect the viewership of future similar productions by this network and production company – the Network and the Production Company should wake up.

  • David Sarti

    What happened to educational programming?

    • Michael Rocker

      That went to TLC with 19 kids and counting.

    • Jimi Grant

      Same thing that happened to MTV.

  • Horwitz_Farsnarkle

    Anyone here know what happened to Bayerle’s eye? I’ve been looking for some reference to it, but have seen or heard nothing.

    • jack s

      He lost the eye when he was 11 after a firecracker mishap.

      • Horwitz_Farsnarkle

        Thanks for the info. I seems odd, though, in the old videos of him they’ve shown, he isn’t wearing an eye patch, yet he was in his 20’s and 30’s.

        • Michael Rocker

          He could have been wearing a prosthetic eye

  • Anthony

    Send a cable down to the wreck and pull the ship apart in the area where they believe the treasure is save time and money!

    • KinG

      Right that’s what I don’t understand

  • Peter Sullivan

    Martin isn’t upset about the diver because the loss of air never happened. However, that goes to the poor editing. If he can’t fake concern then don’t show him not being concerned. The last thing Martin says before the “emergency” is we can take a nice leisurely lunch. Holy crap it was so staged I knew the “emergency” was coming before it happened and I’m no genius, just watch too much TV. How about a list of biggest/worst B.S. reality shows. Here’s mine in no particular order. 1) A crap load of kids and counting. The Duggars had a crappy used car lot and had been “building” that house for years and only managed to lay out block in the shape of the foundation. Then they get a show and their Christian values builds the house, buys busses for transportation, purchases a luxury RV which costs more than most people’s homes (if they have a home which real Christian values would help other with before an RV, their house has two full size commercial kitchens (one for the help), they go on mission trips where they do nothing but get in the way and actually cause more problems than they help, let’s not get into ignoring the incestuous issues like a Catholic Bishop (yes I’m Catholic so save the replies, it’s true), Jim Bob scooped up and knocked up that clueless wife of his before she was old enough to vote and I doubt Jim Bob LETS her vote now anyway, for some reason higher education seems to be anti-Christian, and finally they still accept volunteer help from the community even though they have exploited their inability to not get preganant into a nice fortune so volunteers should be helping those in need and that’s not them unless it’s a shrink volunteering. 2) Billion Dollar Wreck…it’s all been said 3) Bush People or whatever that other inbread show is called. They stay in hotels not in the Bush, that’s why they are never there when things like a bear attacks, they have been run out of every place they have tried to live even after the locals help build their home, for people who have navigated waters like they supposedly have they sure know how to F up every time they leave a dock, and it’s yet another show where some creepy old guy abducts a teenage girl and knocks her up before anyone knows what hit them. Wonderful TV. 4) Gold Rush. I actually like it but Todd is clueless so how has he managed to lose so much money and keep mining and Tony Beets or however his stupid Danish name is spelled is an SOB who screws people over, except that he is so brilliant a teenager got one over on him, and he deserves every bad thing that happens to him. He’s not a legendary gold miner he’s legendary in destroying the land and screwing over hopeful people who are on their last dime as he gives them leases on land already mined. Wicked Tuna and Deadliest Catch are the only ones worth a damn. At least The Catch shows what happens when you choose drugs first or the success hard work brings. Anyway, feel free to rank them, add to the list or disagree.
    1) “I can’t find a condom and counting” To quote Adam Sandler “Cheating is bad enough but incest is F’ed up’
    2) “Billion Dollar B.S.” Someone was murdered and it’s part of the entertaining story
    3) “Bush Losers”. They are lying sacks of crap but nobody is killing anyone or screwing a family member so far.
    Just my opinion

    • Peter Sullivan

      Oh wait, I forgot the worst show in the history of TV….”Below Deck”. Although not in the same realm of these other shows it is a reality show. No socially redeeming value other than hot stupid women having sex and running around naked. Actually now that I think about it, it’s not that bad of a show and I might have been too hasty to rule it the worst show ever. If you have never wasted a minute watching it don’t start now. Nothing you can’t find in 20 seconds on the internet and then you will regret the wasted time you will never get back when you could have been watching an incestuous family who has no idea how babies are made.

  • Sean Macdowell

    I really feel that, if that much gold was really found this would have been huge news! The history channel would have never been able to cover up something that big until the show was over! They won’t find anything

  • Bucco

    Republic was salvaged in 2003. Look it up. Gold, Silver etc.
    National Geographic covered it.

    • Marc Pellerin

      Different liner with the same name.

    • Shaun Guffin

      That was the S.S. Republic not the R.M.S. Republic…two very different ships.

  • Maria Kahn

    Maybe expert divers and over analyzers shouldn’t be watching this show…..IT’S A SHOW!!

  • raegan

    It looks like she used to be a man to me she has feature that make me thoink so…

  • raegan

    Wendy Willams to me lookslike she used to b a man because of her features ,she just doesn’t look real and I am not saying this to be hatefull it’s just my oppinion nothing more ,I believe that we as Americans have freedom of speech till something or someone tries to change that toooo.

  • Melody Street AKA a concerned

    I hate the fact that this guy is on the history channel and the fact that he comes off like a sociopath. There is the manslaughter charges to start, but the fact that he begins his explanation of the circumstances that occurred by stating first that his wife, for whom he was separated from, betrayed their marriage. I really haven’t watched an entire program without changing the channel before I hear any more of his denials and conspiracy theories about our government with holding information about the wreck. I don’t know what to make of this program, but I do know that I will not indulge him or put any money into this man’s pockets by watching his program and I am strongly disappointed in the history channel for aiding this exmurderer by airing this program. What was the history channel thinking? Please do not encourage this program by watching it. I heard more than enough in the 15 minutes of my life that I wasted watching the program.

  • THCjunky

    Fake as a wedding cake

  • Doreen Ross

    Everyone is pointing out some very good points here, so I wanted to add a few thoughts…..1) in order to speak, air flows thru vocal cords, which vibrate creating sound…”I am out of air” ..really…The diver panicked (if assumed real)…. 2) never dive alone…..the buddy could have calmed the panic and assisted…….3) $3mil in $20 gold coins = 150000 coins @ .96oz x $1250 per = $180mil……4) flood market with these coins and they are only worth gold content, the current market for these coins is between $1300 and $2500 depending on condition and RAREness to reach a $1bil value each coin must be sold for average of$6700…….5) $3mil in 1909 corrected for inflation equals $79mil..6) technology exists to do this salvage safely, efficiently, cost effectively and still put on a good show… 7) $500mil prior salvage is filled with ancient artifacts and treasure that the general public can’t get or see themselves, you can buy these coins on eBay or your local coin dealer………………………………so in conclusion, not a billion $ wreck, and either scripted for drama, or the dumbest salvage operation in 50 years and “if” the coins are of the “rare” mintage, there are so many of them they are no longer “rare”…………..Just my thoughts for what it’s worth

    • Ashley

      I thought the whole “hey this is my first dive using mixed gas, how about you guys send me down as the first diver of the whole entire operation!” was the stupidest idea. I have never scuba dived (scuba dove?) in my life and even I said ” Huh????” when they showed this part. In your point #6, about the technology existing today to safely salvage this wreck, what is it? I’m curious. Would they be sending divers down a different way or use some type of ROV? It looks like it would be incredibly difficult to search this wreck for anything. The complete lack of light alone I think would be extremely cumbersome to overcome. And it just doesn’t seem effective the way they are doing this. 30 mins of down time only to have to sit in that decomp bell for a few hours? Anyway, can you tell me about how they can do this dive better?

      • Col. Kevin Jankoski

        This show is a reconstruction of the salvage. If you do the research, they have retrieved almost a billion dollars in Gold 51,000 gold double Eagles 20,000 single eagle gold $10 coins and 55,000 silver coins plus a plethora of private jewelry. The salvage was then halted because a jerk that claimed he had found the wreckage first filed a lawsuit and was found that the porthole he claimed was from the Republic was not and was found over 100 miles away from where Martin found Republic.

      • Paul D’Amato

        With a saturation system where you live in the system for as long as you need to retrieve the gold and then decompress at the end. Each diver ( typically three two man teams ) works a six hour shift from an enclosed bell that is lowered to depth and their partner (tender) is feeding out their hose to them .

  • Dennis S Hudson

    My thoughts exactly Paul as an ex commercial diver myself, the whole lunacy with that inexperienced divers bail that would all have been avoided by simply free flowing his pnumo into his hat. This show is getting really annoying and I am done with it, I can only listen to the same drawn out things 5 or so times before it goes from entertaining to painful and annoying to warch . the editing, as with all of these reality shows lately is horrible and all over the place, I seriously think the people editing these shows with potential like this, good rush, oak island, etc have severe ADD . I am done with this one, besides repeating everything again this latest episode they did not even show a single dive or even bother with being on the vessel one time. The way I came across this article was searching to see if there was anything actually found since I am done with this show. I suspect nothing will be found as usual the way they are dragging this show out.

    • Dennis S Hudson

      Autocorrect made a mess out of that, oh well you all got the gist

      • luvtheadventure

        so whats bobby ballard doing these days? id rather watch him looking for something whether he finds it or not!! its time history dumped the treasure dreamers and put a real expert on the screen !

  • Tired Ofit

    This is pretty much the most boring reality show on tv. Half the show is about poor Martin and his bad luck in marriage and how it resulted in him killing another man. After learning a bit about it in the first couple episodes, let’s concentrate on recovering the treasure. It’s like he’s trying to justify his killing. Let’s rename the show decades of my life, or as the ocean turns. As for the recovery, the crew seems inept at best, and the show focuses on useless footage of repositioning the ship, cutting rope off the prop and untangling air lines. BORING…I doubt they’ll ever find a coin.

    • Scott Evans

      I totally agree with you. So sick of skipping through all the bullshit about his marriage and some murder he committed. Get on with the show of finding the booty ffs. I like oak island even though it’s 3 seasons in so that’s why I gave this show a chance but at least oak island isn’t boring the crap outa me with repetitive stories that have nothing to do with the show. Very much doubt I’ll be tuning in for season 2.

      • had enough

        Check your pulse ig Oak Island isnt boring you then you must already be dead

  • Dontpanic2012

    Anyone else notice that the girl on board, the archaeologist, is wearing the same pink tank top in every episode. Even though they’ve supposedly been at sea for some time and they have gone back to port once. No woman wears the same top every day. Most of the footage was taken in one day and they are milking it for all its worth. The diving technique they are doing is useless, they won’t find anything in that wreckage except dinnerware.

  • Akbar

    I just watched 3 episodes of this show that I recorded…I refuse to watch it when it’s scheduled because they redundantly replay details other than what this show is suppose to be about, finding treasure…it took me less than 10 minutes to watch the three recorded episodes because it was all the same things, Martin’s trial, the news articles about the wreck, over and over again…just not interesting

  • nick kelly

    Watching the effort alone is a hundred times more interesting than utter crap like ‘Frozen Gold’ or utter boredom like Forged in Fire. the latter had a marathon last night- three hours of guys making knives.
    Then there is Alone- one segment has a guy staring at his branch roof and saying ‘this is boring’- True.
    Then there is the UTTER drivel ‘Survivor’ where people surviving in the tropics don’t have tans
    At least in Billion Dollar Wreck someone is obviously spending money and unlike Oak Island there is no mention of the Masons or the Holy Grail.
    And we haven’t even got to Ancient Aliens- ‘how were the pyramids built -anti-gravity’

    • nick kelly

      Maybe I should be more clear- one a scale of 1 to 10 most of this shit on History barely moves the needle. Ice Pilots is the most realistic ‘Reality’ thing but I know people who have flown with Joe and of course some of it is staged. I could also do with less about their f*cking private lives.
      Oh- when the Lockheed Electra can’t get both wheels down and goes off the runway into the snow- that’s probably not staged- but if it was at least someone spent some money and risked their necks.
      Nor is the segment where the Turkish pilot forgets he’s in a retractable gear plane and drags the newly delivered water bomber’s fuselage along the concrete in a shower of sparks and money. Note that this is never referred to subsequent shows- the lawyers are involved.
      (He gets away with it, physically, because it’s a water bomber, with engines high up and boat hull.)
      So I’m guess I’m the only guy commenting who is NOT a commercial diver but all I’m saying is what else is there to watch?

      I’m giving Wreck a 3.0
      Ancient Aliens and all that Paranormal junk I give a negative number. They shouldn’t be on a channel called History.
      I’m a semi- retired teacher and believe me the public is dumb enough without a supposed educational channel making things worse.

    • jothegreat

      Lol ur so fcking funny anti gravity haha

  • Paul D’Amato

    Who said anything about Ancient Aliens ?I said it is boring and drawn out and repetitive, as in every show they spend the first half hour recapping the prior show. There is reality to compare this to since I was commercial diver and DID this exact kind of work. We didn’t hunt for treasure, but we did salvage, construction and demolition and the same depth they are diving and sometimes much deeper. My point was that if you are doing any kind of time consuming job at this depth of water, you do it in a saturation system….NOT surfaced supplied gas.

  • nosh

    Billion Dollar Wreck, what a load of utter tosh. The History channel should air this show before the watershed. The Dutchmans treasure, The treasure of Snake Island, the Oak Island treasure and now this. Its all never ending, forever repeating crap.

  • Vonya

    Reading of the comments here has reassured me I’m not the only one hoping there will NOT be a second season of this pathetic “reality show”! The one-eyed-pompous-pirate had to be pretty persuasive to get producers to green-light season one, so I hope they (and the advertisers) pay attention. History Channel needs to take a “History 101” class because they’ve obviously lost track of “reality”.
    The “captain” is possibly the best example of a narcissistic megalomaniac (which he’d take great satisfaction in pointing out is redundant–but he’s such an arrogant a$$ that it deserves repeating) on “reality” TV–and, with all the “Real Housewives” (and those darned Duggars) out there, that says a LOT!

  • Truthsayer

    Comparing this to the Oak Island tale, at least we know for certain there is a ship that sunk, that has been located and can be reached by conventional methods. The contents of the ship are obviously in question. I still wish that Ghost Mine and Superstition Mountains were on the air. I really enjoy these types of quasi-historical shows. There is some truth to what you are seeing, but they are filled with manufactured drama.

  • Clive Davis

    Hey kids…wake up! OF COURSE it’s scripted, unreal and inaccurate! It’s ENTERTAINMENT!!! The production company is paying for the filming and selling the package for distribution. The fans want DRAMA and a mundane, boring documentary (which, let’s get real, most commercial diving ops are) doesn’t attract ratings…

    What is appalling is the lack of any attempt to make it the least bit authentic. I saw the 2nd episode last night and …

    1) Diver Mark leaves surface in a wet bell (with two emergency gas bottles) and returns–after ‘losing surface supply’–in an open, square stage (no bottles)!

    2) He sounds like he switched from bottom mix to air @ 70′. WTF! Kinda shallow (about 80′ TOO shallow for his profile). LOL!

    3) The chamber he’s ‘treated in’ (for omitted decompression) has all 4 bolts removed from a port flange–the bolts are shown resting loosely in the port recess. DUH! That must be some strong silicon sealant…

    I could continue but what’s the point? Even someone with little to no commercial diving experience must notice the discrepancies that abound in the ridiculous presentation…

    But…what do I know? Maybe 35 years as oilfield diving trash (started with Taylor Diving & Salvage North Sea–No Muff Too Tough, No Sea Too Rough) qualifies me for my opinion…

    PS I hope Diver Mark recovers fully, LOL!

    • Paul D’Amato

      The bolts are removed because the port flanges are welded. We regularly switch to gas at 60 to 70 feet here in the gulf. I was mentored by some old Taylor and Santa Fe divers when I was tending in the early 90’s and they sounded just like you…and yes, most of us here are ex Navy.

      • Clive Davis

        ” I was mentored by some old Taylor and Santa Fe divers when I was tending in the early 90’s and they sounded just like you”…

        GREAT! I’ll take that as a compliment. And 90% of the Navy divers I was unfortunate to work with were totally useless and washed out within 6 months

    • Anonymous

      “PS I hope Diver Mark recovers fully, LOL!”

      For your information the man nearly died and has not recovered fully.

  • New Era

    All these series they never find anything -_-