PHOTOS Who does Chris Soules end up with? Bachelor 2015 finale spoilers

Who does Chris Soules end up with? Bachelor spoilers 2015

Who does Chris Soules end up with when The Bachelor 2015 finale rolls around next month? That’s the question die-hard fans of the hit ABC franchise are anxious to have answered. Some viewers are content to wait until March, avoiding Bachelor spoilers so they don’t ruin the surprise. Others gobble up every juicy bit of gossip from Week 1 until the very end. If you’re in the instant gratification group that wants the dirt not now, but right now, read on!

Last chance to abandon ship before we get down to business and name names. Ready? Let’s get started! First things first: who does Chris Soules end up with when Season 19 wraps in a few weeks, and does Prince Farming actually propose to The Bachelor 2015 winner? According to Reality Steve, the first answer is: 29-year-old fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff wins Season 19. The second answer: yes, they’re engaged. Chris didn’t pull a Juan Pablo, and Whitney didn’t have second thoughts while filming the finale. In fact, contrary to reports that surfaced last week about Chris ditching Whitney for his ex, Reality Steve says Bachelor Chris and Whitney are still very much together.

Who does Chris Soules end up with? Bachelor spoilers 2015

Now, as far as who does Chris Soules end up with at the end end – as in, where will he be after he and Whitney have spent a few months as a couple in the real world? – well, that’s still anybody’s guess. Filming wrapped months ago, but the couple has had to court in secret and will continue to do so until the upcoming Bachelor Season 19 finale. Once they’re really out in the public eye — that’s when the cracks start to show, if there are any.

The latest Reality Steve Bachelor spoilers have extended to the next season of the Bachelorette, which he says will definitely not be Becca. He says this because he predicts Becca in Chris’ Top Two, and history suggests it is against franchise formula to have the girl who gets sent home on the final episode on The Bachelor become the next Bachelorette star. ABC host Chris Harrison will likely announce the next Bachelorette – Britt, perhaps?? – during The Bachelor 2015 After The Final Rose special immediately following the finale, as is show tradition.

Who does Chris Soules end up with? Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers

In more Bachelorette Season 11 news – again, negative rather than affirmative – Steve’s site says Bachelorette Season 10 star Andi Dorfman is not in the running for this year’s starring role. “Not a chance. Sorry to burst your bubble,” he says in his Feb. 9 blog post. “Here’s what I can tell you as to why Andi was there [in Los Angeles]. Andi filmed a sit down interview with Chris Harrison last week to talk about her breakup with Josh. That interview is either going to air during this Sunday’s episode, or next Monday’s episode.” We can’t wait. Not sure it will be as enlightening as what Ali Fedotowsky recently said about her time on the show, but you know we’ll be all ears!

Stay tuned to ABC to see what happens next!

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