EXCLUSIVE Details on Tina Seals, who filed for maternity of Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

A woman in New York named Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit (yes, you read that right) against Beyonce and Jay-Z claiming that she is in fact Blue Ivy’s mother. In the court documents she claims she was “previously associated” with the A-list couple and is asking “to verify whether she is the biological mother.”

Though the report may seem ridiculous, the story has gained some legs because of recent rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship is strained — plus, Beyonce was famously rumored to have used a surrogate and allegedly “faked” her pregnancy for the media. (Remember the collapsing baby bump clip?) So could Tina Seals really be the mother of Blue Ivy?

After doing a bit of research I’ve determined the answer to that question in unequivocally “no.” In addition to filing a maternity suit for Blue Ivy, Tina Seals has previously filed similar suits against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in regards to North West, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson in regards to Michael Jackson’s children Prince, Paris and Blanket, and even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

In her suit alleging maternity of North West, in the space allotted for describing the monetary compensation desired, Tina wrote, “stipulation + Negotiable money judgment OR Record Deal for my 22 year old son w/ Kanye West.”

That case was tossed out on August 8 by Judge Loretta A. Preska in a ruling that states the Kardashian suit “is one of the more than a dozen cases that Plaintiff has filed in this Court in the past month.”

Another of those more than a dozen cases was against Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. And as far as compensation, this time around Tina asked for:

Stipulation signed by Judge for:

5 vocal sessions with/ Mariah’s Vocal Coach

5 CD’s Produced, mixed, mastered, distributed by Mariah’s label w/ her featured on one and all five endorsed by her

So what could Tina Seals have possibly requested of Prince William and Kate Middleton? No recording contracts or singing lessons, sadly, just “5 million USD or EURO paid by wire transfer to a US Bank.” (I love that she didn’t care whether it was in US dollars or in Euros!!)

Tina continued her lawsuitapalooza against pop royalty (and straight up royalty) by filing a maternity suit against Janet Jackson to determine if Tina was the mother of Michael Jackson’s three children. “I was friends with Michael Jackson during and or around time of the births of Paris Doe, Blanket Doe, and Prince Michael Doe,” Tina explains in the filing, “and would like to verify if I am the biological mother of the three.” So what does she want from Michael Jackson’s estate? Could it be Nerverland? “Plaintiff prays the court will DNA test the three children to determine maternal connection to the Plaintiff. No other relief sought at this time pending test results.”

Tina’s legal filings weren’t restricted to just celebrities, however. She also sued “The Church,” which included a list of more than 25 pastors claiming that “various Jane/John Doe’s were born through a ‘service’ that provided ‘invetro’ services. There is a possibility that said Defendants have Jane/John Does’ with DNA match to Plaintiff, as a result of ‘service.’”

Oh, and in perhaps her most ambitious suit, Tina Seals went after “The United States of America,” including President Barak Obama, the Department of Justice, Congress, the FBI, the CIA, the “Police,” and “People of the United States.” In that suit Tina claims that the following took place between May and August 1 of 2014:

I am being accused of being “Sarah,” Sari,” “Sariah” – an AWOL member of Congress. The Defendants, and their associates kick, hit, push, stalk, harass, run at, scream at, ride bikes at, cuss at me declaring “Get to Work,” “Get to Washington.” “Get on the bus.” “Youre late for work!” “You dont have CHANGE”

Defendants, without Due PRocess of Law, Equal Protection of Law, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th, and in violation of Election Law, are attempting to FORCE me to go to Washington, Boston, or Texas, claiming I am an AWOL Congresswoman.

Also, certain workers of the United States Congress are telling me “face down”, “below the Mason Dixon Line,” yelling obsene things at me, harassing me, and I have no context as to why.

She asked for five million dollars in damages.

Here are some more detailed allegations from Tina, just click to enlarge:


Obviously, Tina is a very troubled woman who, judging from her aptitude at filing legal documents, was probably well-educated and formerly gainfully employed. She reveals on several forms that she is currently homeless and sleeps in a shelter, and that she hasn’t been employed since 2007. On one of the documents she says her last job was with the investment banking firm Berkery Noyes from June, 2007 to December of 2007, which seems to suggest she may have lost her job in the market crash.

I hope Tina is able to get the help she needs, and I’m secretly hoping that Beyonce will be her usual amazing self and actually make that happen herself. 🙂

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  • Bryony

    Bey’s hair legit looks like a beehive.

    • Brittany

      She also looks like Jay-Z, which is tragic.

  • Lisa

    This woman is in desperate need of mental help, I hope she gets it. :/

  • spottedgiraffe

    She’s a schizophrenic. No snark from me. This is genuinely sad.

  • TA

    this woman should be in a mental hospital. very sad.

  • sammy

    Ok, let’s overlook the fact she’s batcrap crazy for a second. Even if this were some giant conspiracy, and she were the birth mother, she can’t just swoop in and take rights away from LEGAL parents. Someone drank the koolaid ..

    • Josie

      She didn’t ask for parental rights, she asked for vocal lessons and recording contracts. But yes, she is batcrap crazy.

      • sammy

        Ah, my apologies, I misread. Although in my defense, it’s rather difficult to read and bash your head against the laptop at the same time.

  • frontdoormom

    Shouldnt it be illegal to file so many suits…false ones at that? Like, why isnt this lady getting warnings or some sort of fine? She’s clearly looking for quick cash and is clearly trying to scam the dang system.

    • spottedgiraffe

      It is illegal to file frivolous law suits repeatedly but since she’s mentally ill she doesn’t know better and the judge may be giving her a pass. She’s homeless so it’s not like she would pay the fine either.

  • hannah

    Love how she thinks the UK deals in euros too. Its pounds. lol.

    • Josie

      Uh, euros are international currency.

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)


  • Vicky

    Dahs fu***d up!! I don’t really understand how a woman is so confused about the paternity of all these kids. I for 1 know for a fact that i had sex got pregnant and my child is mine. A man i can see being not sure. But a woman?

  • jlo27916

    Basically this lady is just now coming out only for the reason that she wants money- if you cared so much about these kids potentially being yours, maybe you should have stepped into theior lives long ago, no? Go home Tina, you’re drunk. You’d like to verify if all three are yours? No, you’d like to verify that on Michael’s behalf you will never have to work again if in fact this silly frivolous, with no back up support case actually went in her favor. Does she really think she birthed all these famous babies? What a looney! Do these people forget it has to be proven and they WILL investigate?

  • Jordan Clarke


  • kiki

    I’m sorry but this was too funny. I know the lady has some mental issues and that’s terrible; but this was hysterical.

  • eclark53

    Yep, this woman definitely has a mental problem. She does not know reality.

  • IngeC

    I studied handwriting as part of my psychology years in Europe; looking over her ‘writing’ and ‘handwriting’ I have to say that Tina Seals is a highly intelligent individual but emotionally disturbed and bordering on grandiose delusions, with manic depression.
    Something has gone very awry in Mrs. Seals life to loose her bearings; my suspicion is in her personal history spreading out not being able to find employment suited for her.
    This is sad; hopefully a judge with whom she files these law suits orders treatment for her; she is in danger of ‘snapping’ and not in a good way!


    In a crazy world where this would be true, maybe they did pick her as the surrogate. Only because they knew her history of filing lawsuits and that if she came out and said anything, no one would believe her. Her story wouldn’t come close to holding up in court. But then again this lady could be bold face lying. I only care enough about this to comment and that’s where it ends.

  • Lauren Walker

    She might be bipolar too.. Some of it looks like she’s manic as hell. I hope she gets help.

  • Darrell West

    I believe they have to put this woman away for good she is crazy to be around people.