Why do the guys on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood have to be so mean about clothes?


The Kim Kardashian game is super addictive even if you don’t throw her a few dollars here and there. You can earn stars by watching videos, and you don’t get seriously hindered in your Hollywood hustle if you never spend any cash. There is a huge drawback, though. Nearly every time you go on a date, the dude is making rude comments on your outfit. You could show up in the sparkliest, fanciest evening dress, and it seems like your date will always have something horrible to say.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.51.55 PM

Before a few minutes ago, why they were so rude was a huge mystery. It’s still a mystery why the game makers decided to make them so terrible, but it turns out you can dress to “please” them by looking at the ration on the bottom left side. You have to go change and put on earrings, or whatever, until your ratio past their “requirement,” in order to get the extra date boost, and also to just get the men to chill out for a second.

So, the mystery of how to “win” at this challenge is solved, but since when do women show up for dates in ball gowns and get told that obviously they didn’t do their laundry, or they don’t care about what they wear?

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