Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket could sell for a million plus

Red leather Thriller jacket will be auctioned

Arguably the most iconic wardrobe piece in pop music history is going up on the auction block as the red and black leather jacket duplicated by the truckload during the 80’s worn during Michael Jackson’s game changing music video for “Thriller” will be sold on June 25.

Julien’s Auctions is featuring a “Music Icons” event that also boasts a treasure trove of additional incredible items but for this go around the big dog in the room is this instantly recognizable piece that symbolizes the music video era unlike any other item can. Here is a brief video of Julien CEO Darren Julien discussing the iconic jacket and how he can’t even begin to guess what the market value will eventually be:

The jacket was originally a gift of gratitude from Jackson to the designers Thompkins and Bush who have donated it with a request that a generous portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Shambala Preserve where MJ’s beloved Bengal Tigers Sabu and Thriller now reside. If you land this bad rascal here’s Jackson’s verified autograph of thanks to the designers just to prove you got the real McCoy:

Signature of Michale Jackson on his Thriller red leather jacket

I started thinking of any other clothing article that might come close to this in regards to its importance since the music video age erupted. Perhaps Madonna’s wedding dress from her unforgettable “Like a Virgin” performance at the MTV Video Awards would be close and that’s as good as I could do. The bidding will start at $200,000 but I would imagine that in the end you’re gonna have to go seven figures to call this piece of history yours.

If you’re a country guy, or if you just think Johnny Cash is cool check out my previous post on the original blue jumpsuit he wore during the rehearsal of his infamous Live at San Quentin performance that was previously auctioned by Julien’s.

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