VIDEOS Teen Moms Catelynn, Maci and Kailyn on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers

Teen Moms Kailyn Lowry Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell will be joining Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to address teen pregnancy and give updates on what is going on in their lives now. They will also “host a town hall meeting with fellow teens at a local Los Angeles high school to discuss teen pregnancy and birth control.”

Here’s the very brief preview clip that doesn’t reveal much other than the fact that the young ladies get very emotional for some reason:

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As I mentioned, there’s not too much revealed in the clip. We see the girls crying and we hear Maci saying, “This is never what we thought motherhood would be like.” Then the Dr. Drew voice-over teases us with, “Plus, who has baby fever again?” If the last season of Teen Mom is any indication I assume it is Maci Bookout with baby fever again, but I suppose we will need to tune in Tuesday at 3pm EST to be sure!

Here’s the full description of the episode form the Lifechangers web site:

Statistics say that about 750,000 teenagers will get pregnant this year in the U.S., and 80% of those pregnancies will be unplanned. Dr. Drew sits down with MTV’s “Teen Moms” — Catelynn, Maci and Kailyn — for an intimate conversation about teen pregnancy. All three young moms update Dr. Drew on the highs and lows, the hardships and the struggles they went through as teenage mothers. They will also give us an update on what their lives are like today.

Also in this episode, Dr. Drew, Kailyn, Maci and Catelynn host a town hall meeting with fellow teens at a local Los Angeles high school to discuss teen pregnancy and birth control.

[The girls are lookin’ good, no?]

UPDATE – Here’s another clip in which Dr. Drew explains a little more about what we can expect from the episode:

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  • Nat

    What in the world is Maci wearing??

  • Kaylie

    Yeah, Maci’s outfit was so beyond hideous when she posted it on twitter. I was just like, WHY!?!?!?!?!?! Apparently she got a little cocky about her name becoming so popular and is trying to bring back parachute pants before her 15 minutes are up. haha, oh Maci!

  • a

    Why is catelynn labeled as a ‘teen mom’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need to actually take care of the child you give birth to keep the ‘teen mom’ label?

    • blueblueblue

      Obviously not.

    • Tina

      Catelynn is still a teen mom because even though she gave up her baby her life has drastically changed because she became pregnant at 16. You don’t need to be raising your child to be considered a parent, shes a mom who did what was best for her child and it’s great to see someone who chose adoption and their story

    • Kaylie

      I somewhat agree. I consider anybody who gives birth to a child a “mother”, but I think the title “mom” belongs to people who raise a child, whether they birthed it or not. My 2 cousins (different sides of the family) and a friend growing up were adopted, and this seems to be the thought process that their moms used to explain the situation to them. That their mother gave them(child) up because God wanted them(adopted mom) to be their mom.

      I’m not saying that my way is the right way to describe the situation, it’s just a little input from somebody who has seen the situation from the “other” side (aka the adopted kid’s side). I believe it comes from the well known quote: “Anybody can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.” But they replaced the masculine with the feminine.

    • tab

      you’re a jerk.
      she had a baby when she was a teenager.
      she and tyler chose adoption, but there is a lot of emotion, guilt, anger, etc. that goes along with that. mtv chose to follow her story because a lot of young girls also choose adoption.

    • Cherry

      This topic is such a touchy one. I disagree that you have to raise your child to be considered a mom. There are a lot of people out there who raise their child/ children and are horrible parents. They are not moms. In this case it is not just about parenting, It’s about struggles, challenges, changes, and hardships. Being a teen mom myself I understand how hard it is just to try and make a decision on what to do when you find out that you are pregnant. She made a huge step by putting the baby up for adoption. In doing so it made her a mom. She did what was best for her baby. As parents we do that everyday, we try to figure out and do what is best for our child/ children. She did just that and has to struggle with that everyday. She has to tell herself everyday I did what was best for my child. The point of the show is to show you all sides of becoming pregnant at a young age and the struggles that come with it. This was a struggle that came with becoming pregnant as a teenager there for she fits perfectly on the show. Seeing more young parents do this would not be a bad thing and it would let other young moms know that it’s ok to put your child up for adoption. With all of that being said, she is a teen mom!

    • birthmommy

      EXCUSE ME!? I am a birthmother, and I am a TEEN mom, because I got pregnant, and carried the pregnancy to term, and gave birth as a TEEN. Just because I don’t parent my child, I am still a mother or mom or whatever term you want to use. And I DID take care of her and still DO by the sheer fact that I gave her everything she would ever need by placing her with the family she is in now.

    • Needs2bsaid

      How is she NOT a mother? I bet 100% if you take a paternity test Catelynn and Tyler STILL have the same DNA as Carly. Just because they chose to give her up for and OPEN-Adoption DOESN’T make them NOT parents. Being a family friend, they did the BEST thing they could have done for Carly. Catelynn and Tyler are sweet sweet people! People need to understand it wasn’t they didn’t want her, they wanted what was BEST for her.

      As for them being on Teen Mom, They are showing HOW the adoption process goes and how it effects the people. Catelynn obviously went threw a depression later after giving Carly up. It’s probably not easy! So why don’t people who think she isn’t a mother stop and think, How many people do you know were adopted? How many of you WOULD adopt? It’s not easy and She’s a strong women! Start looking at the positive side of her and Tylers choice and maybe you will understand a little bit more before you judge.

      • a

        There’s a difference between MOM and MOTHER. Catelynn (in my opinion) is not a MOM… she is a MOTHER. If you give up your child for adoption, I give you ALL the credit in the world, but you should not have the title of MOM. Teen mom and teen mom 2 should follow the girls who kept their children, hence the name teen MOM and teen MOM 2. If mtv wants to follow a MOTHER around and watch the struggles they dealt with as far as adoption is concerned then they should have their own show.

    • beatriiz

      te equivocas, por pensamientos asi es que este mundo esta como esta, pero bueno que se puede esperar de un burro sino mas que patadas

  • Ashley

    I think it would be nice if on shows like this they also had on girls who didn’t get pregnant in high school and did use protection…

    • Cherry

      Using protection doesn’t always mean anything. I used protection 3 times and got pregnant all 3 times.

      • Paige

        I think that’s the point Ashley was making. Protection isnt 100%, and to tell the stores of people who were taking the right steps to protect themselves and still got pregnant might have more of an impact that young kids who are just being naive and reckless.

  • tab

    catelynn looks amazing! so proud of her weight loss.

    maci looks like a little girls barbie-what’s with the outfit and hair?

    kail has put on all of the weight catelynn has lost. sounds like her trips to the gym are in vain since she clearly isn’t eating well.

    • bbybear

      Ha ha, I would say you definitely hit the nail on the head with your comment. I agree with you 100%

  • Mimi

    Glad, Dr. Drew didnt invite Farrah. I think he was already tired of her crying for every little thing!! And all the girls look great! Props go to Catelyyn!

  • OhMyGeez

    Maci is throwing it back to the 80’s with some of her color choices lately.

    • Lexxie

      We didn’t wear colors like THAT together in the 80’s…granted, we look bad, but not quite that bad.

  • K

    Even though I don’t like farrah I think she should of been there! She is the only one who is working extremely hard to better hers an sophia’s life. She doesn’t always have a different boyfriend and you don’t see pictures of her drunk with her friends!! I don’t like her as a person but I think she deserve A LOT of credit for being the most mature out of all the teen moms.

    • Cherry

      I wouldn’t say most mature but, she is doing it all by herself. As a single parent she is doing great.

  • Chelsea S

    what channel is it coming on

  • dontcare

    Maci cries for the first time in all the years Dr. Drew has known her? She cried on the 16 & Pregnant reunion, Teen Mom season 1 reunion and Teen Mom season 2 reunion! And i remember on one of the reunion she made a comment “This is why i don’t like you” referring to him because he always makes her cry…….

  • Alysia

    Catelynn and Tyler ARE PARENTS! Carly was blessed with two sets of PARENTS. I bealive full heartedly Catelynn should be on this mtv show teen mom. It shows the side of adoption of being able to give there child to another set of parents that could not have children on there own and it so happend to be when Catelynn and Tyler were 16 and it shows that giving Carly up for adoption changed there life and we get to see how Carly’s life was choosen for the good. They made the most adult decision they ever could and it was to not bring Carly into a drug abusive household.

    As for all the weight up and down for all these girls. There normal. Ive been on Weight Watchers what Catelynn is on got down to a size 0-2 and been kaylin and Catelynns weight. Its normal to be at differnt weights. They are absloutly beautiful!

    • Cherry

      Thank you so much! I could not agree with you more!

  • Cami

    WHY? Seriously WHY is this guy on ANOTHER show? He doesnt care about the people he works with, its only for fame. And these girls are getting paid to be teen mom’s. Their stories are not going to be too “realistic” to what other mothers go through b/c they arent getting $50,000 a yr from MTV.

    I do love Teen Mom 2 the series, but honestly only bc of the drama. I used to respect Kailyn but she is slightly immature and I was flabbergasted when she got assistance for an apartment when she gets paid from MTV. She also has nice purses and her nails done a lot. This is not behavior of someone who “needs financial help”. Also Chelsea..her dad does everything for her…Im still trying to figure out why shes still on the show.

  • Mandy

    I’ve got to comment on Maci’s outfit, colour blocking was the trend last summer here in the UK. Everyone was wearing these brights, however she hasn’t got it quite right,the items just don’t go together. The jacket is wrong, and would probably not look flattering on anyone!

    • Lexxie

      Actually, it does, just not that color, basic solid colors of black, white, beige, etc. would have been better. Those clothes are too loud and they don’t match well. It would have looked better paired with black or white pants, but those look pinkish red and they are just to bright. At least she didn’t pair it with my pet peeve or red and purple, those two colors do NOT match and they never will, no matter how many people wear them together out here in California.

      Catelynn (spelling?) looks great! She’s lost a bunch of weight and being someone who yoyo’s, I know how hard it was! Good for you, girl!…

  • jennah

    Being a mom starts the mintue you become pregnant! So your not a mom unless you give birth then why does a women take care of herself when she is pregnant? Because she is a mom!! To say catelynne is not a mom is unfair! She carried a baby for nine months took care of her body gave birth and choose a better life for her. She’s a mom just like all the other ones. My daughter passed away and I was 17 when I had her. She changed my life. After she passed I was STILL A MOM!

    • amelia

      Great reply Jennah :) I am sorry for your loss, so sad