What The Nun actress looks like in real life!

The Nun, the latest installment in The Conjuring franchise, is currently killing it at the box office. The reviews are somewhat mixed, but they don’t really matter if audiences are having a good time. Part of the allure, of course, is the creepy, spooky namesake nun character who’s really a demon in disguise. Bonnie Aarons, the actress who portrays The Nun has been scaring audiences for decades — and has even played a nun before. Read on to find out what The Nun really looks like.

Back in 2001, Bonnie played a “Bum” in David Lynch’s surreal noir Mulholland Drive:

By contrast, the photo below is of Bonnie at the premiere of The Nun, looking absolutely stunning:


In addition, here’s some stunning photos of Bonnie from the Annabelle: Creation premiere, a movie where her character Valak had a couple of cameos. (Bonnie first portrayed The Nun in The Conjuring 2.)

Beyond her horror movie exploits, 39-year-old Bonnie is best-known for the role of Baroness Joy von Troken in The Princess Diaries and for playing Ricky D’Angelo’s mom in Silver Linings Playbook.

She’s even been a different sort of nun before, in an LA Cellular commercial from 1993:

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