What happened to Blake? Why did Blake Lively unfollow her husband and DELETE all her Instagram photos?!?!?!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds break up

On Tuesday, Blake Lively deleted all of her Instagram photos and unfollowed everyone — including her husband Ryan Reynolds. Usually, this type of behavior is a sign of a breakup or some other type of personal crisis. Blake, however, had a much different, perhaps even genius reason for going dark on social media.

why did blake lively delete her instagram?

Blake did not delete her Twitter feed, which she hasn’t used in a while. Instead, she posted a delightfully cryptic photo that kept people guessing. In the photo, someone wearing a pair of killer heels is doing a hangman puzzle, the solution to which appears to be “What Happened to Emily?”

Some of the replies reasoned that maybe the photo had to do with fellow actress Emily Blunt. Others even analyzed the figure’s in the photo’s fingernails to try to tell whether or not it was actually Blake or her husband Ryan.

It turned out that the “Emily” in question is actually her character in upcoming film A Simple Favor, based on the book of the same name — the whole thing was just a marketing ploy.

It’s also a pretty creative and successful attention grab, because Blake used her personal accounts. The mystery and jolt of seeing her Instagram all but disappear with no clear reason (aside from the bio, which read “What happened to Emily?…”) led her audience to craft its own opinions about what happened and go searching for clues, rather than have the answer spelled out.

So far, Blake’s A Simple Favor co-star Anna Kendrick has not yet pulled the same trick with her Instagram. Hopefully, Blake saved all her FOMO-inspiring pics before she took them offline.

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