Why isn’t Natasha at the Below Deck Med Reunion? Watch and read her statements

Chief Stew Natasha Webb Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion statement

Chief stew Natasha Webb did not participate in the Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion, and she offered up an explanation with a written statement and a short video in Instagram.

“Unfortunately I was extremely busy working so couldn’t attend,” Natasha’s statement reads.

More from the written statement:

However, for those wondering why I didn’t speak my truth or anything bad about anyone- my mum always told me “if you have something bad to say about someone don’t say it at all”… For those that know me know that I focus on positive energies and kind souls, I avoid negativity 🏃🏼‍♀️ (sometimes a little too much) but we are all individual, different & unique, and that’s just my persona. Have a read of my birthday post I put up today as it also shows what I reciprocate my energy forwards.

I like to live my life as happy & bright as possible, keep my face towards the sunshine & leave the shadows to fall behind. I will always stand true to what I believe in 🌻💗

We all continue to grow and blossom everyday, just at different speeds, that’s okay. I recognize where my energy is appreciated & will always carry my strengths with me, not let anyone drag me down & keep strong to be the very best I can be. We continue to live & learn ❤️

Natasha’s written message was followed by a brief video statement. She shared the clip on Instagram “just in case this video isn’t shown during the Reunion.” She warns: “I’ll only leave this post up for a limited time.”

Here’s Natasha’s post while it lasts:

Because the video will likely be deleted soon, here is a transcript of what Natasha had to say:

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I can’t be at the Reunion, but I have to work and can’t manage to break away unfortunately. However, I am there is spirit with you all and sending across all my positive energies and wishing everyone all the best.

This year has been such a journey, and I’m so grateful for all that it’s taught me. I’m so thankful for everything that it’s brought into my life. I’ve met the most fabulous cast, production team, guests — some of which are now my lifelong friends.

Also, I just wanted to do a little shout out to everyone who sent me such kind, beautiful messages of support. Your words really do mean a lot to me and go a long way. And for all my amazing family and friends who have always supported me throughout.

And also, if I didn’t go through those struggles in the season, then it wouldn’t have led me onto the path where I am now. I’m super happy, and I’m fortunate enough to have met my lifelong soulmate and partner this year.

I just want to say that I feel so blessed for the opportunity and the experience this has all given me. And I wish everyone there the best for the future to come. Bye!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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