LPBW Audrey Roloff gives snarky response to fan asking about birth control

Since leaving the reality series Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff has garnered even more attention for herself on social media.

The often critiqued conservative Christian has come out swinging again, this time when it comes to her chosen birth control methods.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

Audrey Botti was introduced to Little People, Big World fans in 2010. After a three-year long distance courtship with eldest Roloff child Jeremy, the two wed on his parents property in 2014.

The two filmed with his family’s reality series until July 2018 when they announced they would be leaving the show.

If you think this meant they would retreat to a life away from the public eye, not so fast… the Roloff’s have been even more scrutinized as they’ve shifted their attention to social media.

Roloff AMA

The most recent controversy from Audrey Roloff is her treatment of fans during an Instagram AMA. Several fans wrote in their questions for the couple, and one of them in particular provoked the craziest response from ‘Auj.’

An IG user asked “what form of birth control do you use?” A seemingly innocent question… until you see the mother of three’s response.

Yes, that’s right… just emojis, and not the good kind either.

There’s some debate as to whether this means that she doesn’t use birth control or that she doesn’t believe in the concept at all.

Because the Roloff’s are conservative Christians, it’s very possible Auj found the question downright offensive… humorous considering that’s how fans felt about her reaction.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only heat Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have been experiencing lately. Fans have also questioned their recent plans for Disney trip as being too lavish for the family of five.

She is also accused of giving out bad medical advice – again – after telling people that she has had much luck treating her ailments with ‘thieves’ tea, as opposed to traditional antibiotics.

Will Audrey and Jeremy retreat from the spotlight after so much bad press? Not likely. Keep an eye on Starcasm for more reports on the Roloff’s controversial takes.

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