VIDEO Tyga says he’s dating Kylie because of how “mature” she is while Kylie gets “high as f*ck” in a Snapchat video

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Now that Tyga and Kylie are officially back together, Tyga has been more forthcoming about their relationship status than he ever was before their brief, memorable split. Whereas before he was tight-lipped–in part because he never seemed clear about whether it was legal for a 25-year-old to be dating a 17-year-old in the first place–now T-Dog is perfectly willing to discuss what he sees in Kylie, and why he’s dedicated to her.

According to friends of the rapper, Tyga thinks Kylie is “more mature than most adults,” and that her age doesn’t hamper her decision-making ability one bit. After all, he points out, Kylie already owns her own business, and is set to move into a $2.7 million dollar mansion when she turns 18.

(Let’s not forget that this is the same 17-year-old guilty of Instagramming while driving earlier this week.)

As for the age difference, those same friends claim that Tyga “doesn’t give a f*ck about what the law says.” Which is probably not going to get him off with a warning if the law decides it doesn’t give a f*ck about what Tyga says–but the man is clearly feeling happy about being back with KJ, and isn’t afraid to let his exuberance show.

Kylie, for her part, responded to Tyga’s comments a few hours after he made them, by posting a video to Snapchat in which she appears to brag about being “high as f*ck.” Here’s the clip:



Kylie pretty clearly says she’s something “as f*ck.”

As more than one commenter pointed out, she appears to be on an airplane, which could account for what she means by being “high.” Your interpretation of that one probably depends on how generous you’re feeling.


(Photo credits: Starcasm / KJ via Instagram)

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