Nurse filmed beating newborn charged with attempted murder


Horrifying CCTV footage of a newborn baby being beaten and bitten has resulted in the arrest of a Belgian nurse.

Emiliya Kovacheva is seen hitting the 4-day-old baby girl named Nicole with her hands and a glass bottle. The gruesome incident happened back on April 18 at Sofiamed Hospital.

Prosecutors have charged Kovacheva, who has since confessed to hitting the baby after initially denying it, with attempted murder while the defense is asking that this be reduced to a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm. If she is found guilty of attempted murder she faces up to 20 years in prison.

Via Mirror:

Prosecutors claim Kovacheva, who has been charged with attempted murder, was frustrated by the fact that the newborn would not go to sleep, and decided to punish it for waking up the other babies.


Baby Nicole was treated around the clock after the attack and is expected to fully recover.

You can watch the full surveillance footage via YouTube here and if that gets removed via LiveLeak here.

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