PHOTO Jenners and Justin Bieber get cozy after mutual split from Selena Gomez

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After Selena Gome rather publicly wiped Justin Bieber and the Jenner girls from Instagram, one of the theories about their falling out was that Kendall and Kylie were getting a bit too cozy at Coachella with Selena’s then on-again boyfriend.

“Selena said the Jenner girls were flirting with Justin and his crew. She was pissed and overracted,” a source told Us Weekly this month.

If that was the case, it doesn’t look like the Jenners or Justin are repentant: Justin and Kendall Jenner were seen having a sushi dinner in New York City along with friend Hailey Baldwin on April 28. According to E! News, Kendall and Justin also spent a few hours together earlier in the day at SilverCup Studios in Queens.

Although Kendall and Justin apparently took great care to arrive and leave both meetings separately (so as to avoid pictures together), the Biebs was less cautious when out with Kylie Jenner last weekend: The pair attended Floyd Mayweather’s boxing match against Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas on May 3. Justin later posted a selfie of him, Kylie and model Yovanna Ventura.

Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber

Kylie was a bit more coy about who she attended the event with — but didn’t hold back with her own selfies. (Random sidenote: Is it just me or does she look a lot like Selena in this shot?)

Kylie Jenner - Floyd Mayweather

Despite the seeming “rubbing it in your face” nature of Justin and the Jenners’ recent outings, Hollywood Life reports Selena doesn’t blame the younger girls: “She’s not going to hold this against Kendall or Kylie because it’s Justin that’s really to blame. He’s the one that made her promises, not Kendall or Kylie.”

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