Kylie Jenner is ready to split with Tyga (unless he quits before she can fire him)

Kylie Jenner and Tyga split 1

Brace yourselves, people: After 19 months and at least four temporary breakups, we might be on the verge of a genuine Kylie Jenner and Tyga split. According to a new report, Kylie is ‘on the brink‘ of calling it quits with Tyga, who apparently can’t stand how much Kylie loves getting attention from other men. Though it’s hardly news that Kylie “Spotlight” Jenner enjoys drawing attention to herself, it seems she’s gotten too self-absorbed for even Tyga to tolerate.

Kylie, 19, is said to “love” the attention she gets from men; 27-year-old Tyga, a marvel of sophistication, is said to “hate it.” The report’s alleged insider explained further: “Tyga has been giving Kylie a really hard time lately. [He’s] calling her ‘fake’ and telling her she has no loyalty for him anymore.”

Indeed, Kylie cryptologists have pointed to the fact that Kylie is looking away and appears to be rolling her eyes in the above photo, which Tyga shared two days ago, as further proof that the two are headed for a split. Though it’s also worth pointing out that Kylie is almost never looking at Tyga in photos of the two of them: she’s usually either hiding her face to avoid paparazzi or staring off into the middle distance with a gaze as blank and empty as Tyga’s own bank account.

Speaking of which, Tyga recently announced a handful of European concerts. Though the concerts are ostensibly to perform some of his songs for people, they also offer Tyga a convenient excuse to either bolt after getting the drop on Kylie by breaking up with her first, or be out of the country while she shops around for a new boyfriend after shaking him off like an Arbor Day hangover. Though it’s also possible that the tour is meant to be a romantic backdrop for the couple to fight against while the KUWTK cameras roll, ominous music plays as the mini-tour concludes in Paris, Kylie trembles in fear over the memory of what happened to Kim the last time a Kardashian set foot in the city–and the couple finds solace in each others’ arms.

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