VIDEO Toddler thrown from stolen SUV during police chase ‘miraculously’ okay

On Saturday night in Lubbock, Texas three teens robbed 19-year-old Chelsea Betenbough in a Depot District parking lot. Before they sped away Chelsea noticed that there was a young child in the back seat and was just as shocked by that as she was at having just been robbed.

Chelsea called the police who located the car quickly. The teens attempted to speed away and what you see in the following video is the incredible and shocking dashboard footage as the 18-month-old girl is thrown from the vehicle as it flips at the conclusion of the high-speed chase.

The child amazingly gets up after being ejected from the vehicle and walks towards the car through wreckage.

It turns out that the robber and driver of the stolen vehicle was the child’s father, Kenny Shawn Jimenez. The young woman you see running towards the child and scooping her up is her 16-year-old mother.

Miraculously, and I do not use that word with any hesitation, the child was released from the hospital with only minor injuries. The teens have been charged with aggravated robbery, injury to a child, unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and organized crime.