VIDEO Chris Henry’s fiance Loleini Tonga interview on ESPN Outside the Lines

Chris Henry's fiance Loleini Tonga talks about his car accident and death for the first time

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died December 16th after an argument with fiance Loleini Tonga. Tonga attempted to leave in a pickup truck and Chris Henry jumped in the back. Within a couple miles from the house, Henry came out of the back of the truck and died from the injuries sustained from the impact with the ground. (Listen to the 911 call made by a woman following the truck just before the accident HERE.)

Henry’s fiance Loleini Tonga is speaking publicly for the first time about the incident and claims he wasn’t thrown from the moving vehicle but instead had elected to jump, apparently assuming he would be able to survive. Here is the interview with ESPN’s John Barr

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