MUG SHOTS That one about AC/DC and getting arrested 4 times in 26 hours

Mugshots Joyce Coffey arrested 4 times in 26 hours

That is not the first mug shot composite I’ve done but it most definitely is the only one I’ve posted that all happened within a 26-hour time period.

Our lady of the mug, Joyce Coffey, hails from Epping, New Hampshire and girl just wasn’t gonna turn down her AC/DC for anyone. Because of a steadfast defense of her 1st amendment right to rock, Joyce jammed the “Highway to Hell” right on to the off-ramp to the highway to jail. Lemme break it down and leave you thunderstruck!

• Last Tuesday Joyce was warned to turn down her AC/DC. She refused and was arrested an hour later for her loud music.

• She was released but then arrested again 5 hours later for once again just rocking too damn hard.

• She was released and then just before dawn she got arrested AGAIN for blaring out her tunes.

• Yes. Even though she’d been canned 3 times in a brief period of time the police let her go and this time she switched things up but still ended up getting arrested. It turns out a nephew tried to remove some of his belongings from the rockin’ residence and Joyce decided to fling a frying pan at his dome!

A judge went deep into his law books and suggested that in the future Joyce use headphones. This one’s for you Joyce, but please, for the love of neighbors, put on some phones girl!

I hope your Labor Day weekend rocked as hard as Joyce’s random Tuesday did!