VIDEOS Teen Mom OG finale preview clips for Amber, Farrah, Maci and Catelynn

Teen Mom OG Season 5b finale preview clips

Next week is the two-hour Season 1F (just kidding — Season 5B) finale of Teen Mom OG, and MTV has shared four dramatic preview clips for each of the moms to wet the whistles of impatient fans who simply cannot wait until Monday night.

Here are each of the preview clips, arranged alphabetically by the third letter of the ladies’ first names (we can’t be showing any favoritism!), followed by a brief summary for each video:


It seems Farrah isn’t the only one in major conflict with the Teen Mom OG production crew! (See Farrah’s preview below.) Producer Heather asks Amber about her text conversation with ex Gary Shirley and Amber BLOWS UP! “So Amb, I heard you texted Gary?” Heather asks.

“I’m not talking about all that right now!” exclaims Amber.

Heather explains that she just wants to catch up. “What is there to catch up on?” Amber asks. “There’s nothing else to talk about! Don’t ****ing try that ***t with me when you know g0ddamn well what you’re talking about. That’s the ***t I don’t like right there!”

Heather starts off with “But…” and Amber interrupts as she stands up and starts to leave the room. “Don’t! No! Don’t try the director ignorant bull***t with me. You know I’m not ****ing stupid, and you know exactly what you’re talking about. You start doing that **** **** and I’m done! I’m not talking about this every day!”

Heather looks confused and surprised. “Don’t look ****ing confused either!” says Amber.

“I am confused,” Heather says.

“I’m ****ing done with it,” says Amber as she exits.

Mean mommy Maci kills Bentley’s giggle buzz when their conversation about keeping the house clean gets very serious very fast. The whole thing starts when Taylor and Maci tell Bentley he needs to keep his room picked up and he laughingly points out that “momma puts her shoes scattered.” Maci doesn’t think it’s funny at all and eventually goes on a parental diatribe.

“No, my shoes are all right there,” Maci says and points. “And hey, this isn’t about me. I’m really tired of you –” (Taylor starts laughing with Bentley) “Taylor! Bentley, I’m not — this is not a joke. I’m serious.” Bentley continues to giggle, but Taylor is smart enough to stop.

Maci continues: “Bentley! Hey, dude! I’m seriously being for real, because every time I tell you something, you say ‘You do this!’ I can do whatever the hell I want to. You know why? Because I take care of you and I’ve paid for us to live this life. So. if I want to take my shoes off and put them somewhere I will. OK? So don’t ask me or tell what I do. I’m not a child, I’m a grown up. Stop doing that. It’s very disrespectful.”

Bentley is then sent up to his room without his mic.

This is the now-infamous scene in which Farrah goes off on Teen Mom OG producer Larry after refusing to film. Farrah is angry that MTV wouldn’t allow her to participate in the Family Therapy reality show with Dr. Jenn because it would be too similar to Teen Mom. Fireworks, profanity, screaming, and shoving ensue.

Actually, this clip cuts off before the shoving and before this infamous quote from Farrah:

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom OG trashy show quote

Catelynn talks about her anxiety issues, revealing that her therapist thinks she was suffering from postpartum depression. While Catelynn remains doubtful, Tyler says he thinks it is depression that Catelynn is struggling with. Catelynn gets very emotional as she confesses that she doesn’t want to go through this for the rest of her life — much less have it broadcast on television.

The two-hour Season 5b finale of Teen Mom OG airs Monday night at 10/9con MTV.

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