Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers: New details on Remy Ma and Tara Wallace feud

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The newest Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers involve Tara Wallace and her still-controversial third pregnancy by Peter Gunz. That might not come as a surprise to fans of the show, but what’s new is the direction the drama came from. When Remy Ma was asked, straight-up, what she thought of Tara’s decision, Remy didn’t hold back her true thoughts.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for the triangle of Peter Gunz, wife Amina Buddafly, and long-time lover Tara Wallace–and that’s not even counting the Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers from the taping. Amina chose not to buckle to public pressure and ditch Peter; instead, she called him “a good man” and her “favorite person” in a new interview. Then, Tara Wallace gave birth to son Gunner a few days past her due date, and Peter blew up an Instagram hater while simultaneously promising much more drama to come from his post-LHHNY press tour after the season ends.

Then, of course, there’s the Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers we already knew about: namely, that Amina is three months pregnant with another of Peter’s children (his tenth overall). In addition, Remy Ma and Papoose are expecting a child. And, brawl-wise, there were already reports of Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers in the form of Mariah and Lexxy throwing down, thanks to Mariah calling out Lexxy for being “a petty thief.” The two reportedly had to be separated, at which point Moe called Mariah’s mother a thief, and Mariah burst into tears.

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Now, thanks to King of Tea, we have a fresh set of Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers–and they involve a seething argument between two of the three mothers-to-be. The site reports that Remy Ma and Tara Wallace got involved in a near-brawl, thanks to Remy’s response when she was asked, point-blank, what she thought of Tara, Peter, and Amina’s relationship. “Remy Ma kept it real,” the site states, “and told Tara she should of been smart and left him alone. Which set Tara off…

“Maybe Tara was upset because she was pregnant while filming the reunion,” King of Tea went on. “But things got heated when Tara told Remy to shutup. Sources say Papoose stepped in and escorted Remy backstage before she had time to pop off.”

In addition to all that, there’s another report from All About The Tea which alleges that there was yet another fight at the LHHNY reunion–this one between Rah Ali and Yandy, “over who’s the best manager.” VH1 hasn’t announced when the LHHNY reunion will air, but it sounds like there will be no shortage of fireworks to end Season Six.



(Photo credits: Love & Hip Hop reunion spoilers via Instagram)

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