UPDATE Big Ang fighting for her life, receives last rites as family keeps vigil

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There were numerous reports earlier tonight that Mob Wives star Big Ang had died, but a rep for the much-loved reality star took to Big Ang’s Twitter account just moments ago with an official statement intended to debunk the “Big Ang dead” rumors and stories:

According to an Entertainment Tonight report from only a short while ago, Mob Wives star Angela Raiola had passed away earlier today when her battle with cancer took a turn for the worse. It was said that Big Ang died just one day after revealing publicly how dire her chances of survival were: during an interview with Dr. Oz which aired yesterday, Ang shared that her treatment had only a 30 percent survival rate. (The Dr. Oz segment had been filmed the first week of February.)

Big Ang revealed that her cancer had returned this past December, shortly before Mob Wives Season Six began airing. However, it was only two weeks ago that Big Ang told fans her chemotherapy treatments were not working, and that her cancer had advanced aggressively, spreading to her brain and lungs.

And it was only three weeks ago when Big Ang became a grandmother once more:

It looks like there might still be some misinformation floating around regarding Big Ang’s health; we will update this story if there’s any more word from Big Ang’s official social media accounts.  

UPDATE–The New York Daily News is reporting that Big Ang is suffering from pneumonia in addition to her cancer battle. She has reportedly received the Catholic sacrament of last rites, and her family–along with Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano–is keeping a vigil at her hospital bed. 

Graziano addressed the “Big Ang dead” rumors with a strongly worded statement: “At this time,” she said, “that is a false rumor. I am here with the entire family and all her friends and they ask for your continued support and prayers. We will keep everyone updated.”  

(Photo credits: Big Ang dead via Instagram)

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